Well, this is the last chapter of our story. It's a little short, actually really short compared to what the lengths usually are, but I had less to write for this then I thought. Okay, enjoy.

Chapter Nine: Probably

Two days later, it was time for Nat and Rosalina to go on their first official date. And sure, it was for a TV show, but it was still a date, and the cameraman was only going to be there for ten minutes to get some footage, and then he would be gone. Leaving the two completely alone with no bumper, like camera people or Cooper and Patty.

In the end, Nat and Rosalina had agreed on just choosing the first restaurant that was on the list You're So Random gave them, which just so happened to be a Mexican restaurant.

"So…" Nat said awkwardly.

"So…" Rosalina said awkwardly also. She smoothed out the hem on her purple dress before she suddenly sighed in annoyance. Rosalina turned to the cameraman that had his little camcorder almost right next to her face. "Okay, I'm sorry, but doesn't that have a zoom on it or something?"

The camera guy, Casey Mcllvaine- assuming Rosalina remembered his name right -, shook his head but backed up slightly. "Broken," was his one word reply.

Nat and Rosalina smiled several times for the camera, discussed the weather, talked about the upcoming summer tour, and prattled on about movies they'd seen recently until Casey finally said he had enough footage and left.

The funny thing was though, as soon as he left, things just got more awkward.

Finally, after they had eaten their food in silence for about ten minutes, Rosalina decided it was time to get it over with.

It's now or never… You can do this. Rosalina took a deep breath after her internal pep talk and set down her fork. She planned on just coming right out and saying it. "So, you know when I said that a kiss on the cheek didn't mean anything?" she asked. Okay… so it wasn't the direct approach, but…

Nat looked up from his plate and nodded slowly. "Yeah… How come? You haven't brought it up in a really long time. Not that I mind, though, because I still disagree with you."

Rosalina took her time chewing while she thought about whether or not she could actually do this. "Well… you know… some people… don't think that it means nothing…" Rosalina mentally hit herself on the forehead.

"You mean people like me?" Nat asked, smiling.

She shook her head. "No… well, yes, but…" Rosalina ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "Uh, okay. You know how Miranda and I were fighting during the show?"

"Yeah, and I couldn't believe that you were actually that competitive," Nat said.

"I had a good reason for it. Sort of…"

Nat nodded, encouraging her to continue.

"Well… you remember how before the show started and we were taking our pictures and one of the guys said that Miranda was hot and you agreed with them?" Rosalina asked, talking really fast.

Nat shook his head slowly with a confused expression. "I remember the picture part, but I don't remember the part about Miranda. I wasn't even paying attention to them."

Rosalina hid the frustration she was feeling. I can't believe it! I went all crazy for nothing! Okay… focus… "Well, I thought you agreed, and sort of thought that you liked Miranda. And then when Miranda told us that she liked someone on the show too, I thought she meant you, so I guess I got a little overly competitive."

"But what would it matter even if I did like Miranda?"

Rosalina took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She had been hoping she wouldn't have to spell it all out in black and white. "I was… jealous."

"Yeah, I got that part, but why?" Nat asked, completely clueless.

"I was jealous because I like you, okay?" Rosalina admitted in a hushed voice.

Nat's eyes widened and he dropped the fork in his hand. "Seriously? Because if this is the guys' new version of a practical joke, then-"

"Nat, I'm not kidding. I've sort of liked you, like that, for a while now. Since… the Battle of the Bands incident probably," Rosalina said, forcing herself to not drop her eyes and avoid eye contact.

"Okay… so what does this mean for us?" Nat asked hopefully. He didn't want to count on anything because of the annoying age difference problem that only really mattered when you were in your teens.

"Well, we could… date. I mean, if you want to," Rosalina said shyly.

"I do if you want to…"

"Bring it on."

So... I know the ending wasn't the best, but I couldn't think of any other brilliant way to end it, so, yeah. It was fun writing this story, and I can't wait for the new NBB episode that's coming... sort of soon. I wish they hadn't spaced the episodes out so far apart. But anyway, if you like the Disney show, Sonny With a Chance, that's what I've been working on also, and will continue to work on next, so check it out on my profile if you want. Thanks for reading! Bye!