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Prologue: Unexpected Letters

A few days after she had seen her beautiful young daughter off to school Hermione received an unexpected letter. The owl that delivered it was one she did not recognise; an ebony Hawk Owl, with tan detail in its plumage. She stroked it absentmindedly before detaching the letter from its foot. The parchment was heavy and felt expensive and had a slight silver sheen to it. The simple words Mrs. H. Weasley were written on the front of the letter in emerald green ink. The writing was neat and slanted, the 'y' was curled back on itself elegantly and on the other letters there seemed to be extra, extravagant and frankly unneeded curls. She recognised the hand but could not place it. She turned the heavy envelope over to see that it was sealed with wax of the same bright emerald of the ink used to address the letter. The stamp was a complicated cote of arms that she had seen before but could not name. She opened the envelope carefully so as not to rip the elegant parchment and read the letter inside.

Dear Mrs Weasley,

I am writing in concern of both of our children and their welfare. I noticed that you and your husband were at the train station with your family and that your daughter was getting on the train. I have received a letter from my son recently to inform me that she, along with her cousin, is in his year at school. I have tried hard to teach my son that some of the old ideals that his grandfather taught me were wrong and I have tried to make him as open minded as possible about anybody's background.

I know that you would probably remember me as someone who did not believe this in school and I apologize for any hurt I may have caused you during our time at Hogwarts. During the war however I saw what these types of ideals can lead to and did not wish it to happen again. I therefore hope that, even though I do not expect your forgiveness, you can understand that this letter is written because I do not want the same rivalry between my son and your daughter and nephew, which occurred between me and yourself and friends.

I wrote this letter to you as I knew that you would be the most understanding of why I have written this letter. I also do not expect us to become friends suddenly as you cannot change the past. However, I believe now that you can carve the future and I hope that in teaching my son never to use the labels I used in school and the principles I was taught that maybe there would be a chance of civility between both ourselves and our children.

Yours Sincerely,

Draco Malfoy

Hermione couldn't help but stare at the letter in shock. It seemed that Draco Malfoy had grown up and the letter seemed not to exude the egotistical self that she remembered from school, although she had no doubt that he still had an excessive amount of pride. She then set about writing a reply to the letter she held in her hand. She would act quickly so that when her husband was told about the letter there was no way for him to argue.

Dear Mr Malfoy

Thank you for your letter, it was very insightful. I feel that I couldn't agree more with you. Our children should be allowed to make up their own minds about people, without the idea of whether their parents would disapprove or not. I personally feel that if my daughter was to form a friendship with your son, it might help those less open than ourselves to realise we are equals. However, I also agree that we should not give the pretence that we are now friends, this would not benefit the children as they need to form opinions of their own and by forcing them into a situation where they would be required to get along, would not help them.

I hope that we will be able to talk civilly to each other one day as a result of our children but would not force nature.

Yours Sincerely

Hermione Weasley

Hermione then put the letter into an envelope and addressed it to Mr. D. Malfoy before placing it on the owl's foot and releasing the bird, instructing it to go back to it's master.

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