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Alright, this is just a prologue; I'm not really sure if I should pursue this story till the end. This is a MinatoXNaruto fic: fatherXson not slash!

Swirling colors, flashings shades, warping reflections confusing his vision and making him feel sick. Unsynchronized sounds and voices that murmured unintelligible words that gave away nothing but inflicting pain from the serrated edges of the unrecognizable syllables. A dizzying sensation that swirled around him while mocking laughter tore him to pieces with his most deeply buried fears and darkest emotions. He felt like chains were coiled around him, encased in an iron grip that held him no matter how hard he struggled against the hot searing metal.

The mentally and physically agonizing torment continued as he felt heated flames lick his body, feeling his flesh melt at such an abusing touch. He sealed his mouth shut, half in pain and the other in defiance; refusing to give whatever it was that it was demanded of him. The feverish sensation increased in intensity and a bargaining plea for release rose to his lips.

His limit was finally breached.

But then something clearer came through the hazy mist of sensations that alerted his sedated conscious. Someone was shouting, begging, but he couldn't hear it clearly over the roaring storm. He tried to focus on that sound, attempting to find a stable support to regain control. The voice was getting louder, accumulating power behind it. Soon, what could once have been considered begging became a harsh demand from one that was used to taking command.

The restraints around him grew increasingly tighter, squeezing the air out of his lungs and silencing any confession that was rising in the back of his throat. Adrenalin surged through him as his last resort energy kicked in, forcing him into fight-or-flight mode. However, all of his expended effort brought no results while a sense of panic thoroughly set in and took hold.

Taking in his last shallow breath, he tried to yell but nothing loud enough came out but strangled gasps that searched for wholesome oxygen.

He was going to die.

A sharp sounding command echoed around him, eerily distorted but filled with strength none the less.

Suddenly, he was let go.

Naruto quickly sat up in his bed; he was panting, and perspiration beaded his forehead, running in droplets down his neck to the saturated shirt that he wore. The nightmare that had awoken him left vivid blurry images ingrained into his conscious that continued to make his heart race, creating a fast paced drumbeat in his ears.

Naruto closed his eyes and the mental pictures faded away to be replaced with relieving intakes of breath. He often had nightmares, and that was unfortunately a common occurrence; but this particular one plagued him like an irritating itch. It kept coming back much to his endless agitation harder and with stronger power than he could have imagined.

Retracting from his inner thoughts, he shifted his focus back to the physical world around him. Naruto wiped away the cooling moisture on his face with the back of his hand and took stock of the collateral damage; the sheets were soaked to the point of transparency and his nightclothes were also damp enough to make the fabric change shades. He stepped out of bed and threw back the top sheet so it wouldn't become a wad of foul smelling blankets, he'd have to wash them later with the other laundry.

Naruto slouched to the tiny bathroom in his cramped apartment and flicked the light switch on. Shuffling his feet across the cold tile, Naruto approached the sink and twisted the cold water faucet. He washed his face and arms clean of sweat before stripping down to put on a clean pair of boxers.

Turning back around to glance through the open door to the alarm in the bedroom, he swore when he realized how little time he had before being late by even Kakashi's rather stretched and unreasonable standards.

Naruto pulled on clean clothes and quickly walked into his kitchen. He hurriedly choking down a cup of instant ramen, not exactly certain what flavor it was, and tossed the empty container in the trash. He made a quick check to make sure that he had everything before grabbing his forehead protector that gleamed with pristine under the light.

As Naruto tied his headband he had the unnerving sensation that he was being watched. He glanced around, seeing that he was indeed alone, and decided he was just paranoid; must have been left over from the remnants of his nighttime terror. Scolding himself for being so stupid he pulled on both ends of the cloth to form a solid knot at the back of his head.

The blond shinobi grabbed his keys sitting on the edge of a countertop and opened his front door, which squawked pathetically for lubrication, and felt the fresh morning air open his senses for the new day.

Just as he slid the lock in place behind him, ready close the door, Naruto shifted his head to both sides when a peculiar noise reached his ears. He shook his head, deciding he needed to focus on the objectives ahead, instead of neighbors' conversations; Naruto slid the portal shut with a quieter thud.

However, he couldn't shake the feeling that the words were coming from his own apartment, slipping quietly over the threshold by a leaking draft. For from within the room that was dimly lit by the morning light, whispers fell from the unseen lips of shadows painted across the walls that said his name for only him to hear.

'Naruto …'

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