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Chapter Twenty-Two

The Best of Endings

Abby had always loved fairy tales as a kid and even more as an adult. She tried to impress the same love on her son and for the most part he did like them as well, but not as passionately. He liked adventures more. She blamed his father for that.

Anton was nearly three years old now. He was walking and talking like a pro and he loved to be around people. Abby was comfortable with the decision she made in her life, after years of handling it as best she could. She was still enjoying her job at NCIS but there were some things that were very different.

For one, she was pregnant again.

This time, it wasn't a plan that she worked out months in advance and there was not scheming involved, it was a surprise and a very pleasant one that she had just confirmed with four pregnancy tests.

Now she was sitting on old stairs, peeking down into a well-lit basement where there was a row boat, upside down with her son standing on a step stool with sandpaper in his hand while he followed the actions of his father, who was standing behind him to make sure he didn't fall.

He was explaining the finer points of sanding, why it had to be done a certain way and not any other way. Anton had a surprising attention span for a three year old and Abby was very proud of him. She was always proud of him no matter what he did.

She tried to be as quiet as possible while she thought about how she was going to tell Anton and tell her husband. She was mindlessly spinning her wedding ring around her left-ring finger while she watched them work so effortlessly. She didn't want to interrupt them just yet, she liked watching them but while she was busy enjoying her view, Anton turned and saw her hiding.

"Mommy!" He squealed. She had been gone all day running errands so he clearly missed his mother.

Her husband turned to the stairs and smiled. "We've got a spot for you, right here." He smiled.

She couldn't resist either of them. She made her way downstairs, carefully, and found herself between Anton and his father rather quickly with her husband kissing the back of her neck.

Anton quickly started rattling off everything his father had taught him while she was gone. She played with his long black hair and clenched her husband's strong forearm.

"I've got a surprise for you guys." She told them, losing her resolve with her news.

"What's that?" Her husband asked quietly, since Anton was too busy sanding.

"I'm pregnant." She whispered and she felt a huge smile break across Gibbs' face and he chuckled lowly. Abby finally had her happy ending.

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