A lone figure stood watch on a planet far from where any mortal could reach. His long flowing white hair rustled slightly in the wind, the red vest and blue undershirt he wore perfectly crisp and smooth.

If any man had seen him, especially with his purple skin, the figure would have been thought of as a mere alien.

But this figure is far from such a simple alien. He is the last god and protector of the entire universe, the guardian of the east quandrant.

Atlast, with a frown, he blinks his eyes and turns to the side. "The time has come. The threat of Frieza, if left unchecked, will grow to encompass more than just a single section of the galaxy." he said in a quiet tone.

"The resistance against Friezas forces are simply too outmatched in every regard. Even that earth-raised saiyan, regardless of his potential, will be able to stand up to the final threat."

With a sigh, he turned back in the direction he had been looking. He locked onto the feel of the life forces upon Namek and vanished a moment later.


Gokus space ship landed on Namek and the door opened with a hiss of pneumatics releasing steam.

Instantly he could feel how weak his friends and sons powerlevels were. "Hold on Gohan, daddys coming!" he muttered, sensing the precise direction they were at, then kicking off and soaring through the air at a blinding speed.


The kaioshin, having reappeared among various henchmen of Frieza, pauses a moment. "Whos this dude?" Recoome questioned, blinking in surprise at the new arrival.

Almost right afterward Goku arrived. He looked between Recoome, the kaioshin, and his fallen friends and family. Both Jeice and Burter looked back and forth between the trio in surprise.

After a brief click of the scouter on the second arrival, Jeice shruggs. "You don't have much to worry about from the orange geek; he's a lowly 5000!" he laughed. Turned towards the purple skinned figure he clicked it on and, after a couple of seconds, the device exploded.

"Wha??" flinching and dragging the remnants of the device off his face, Jeice looks in surprise down at it. "Have to have been a glitch. Had to have.." he murmured, then glancing up at the fastest member of their force, he said "Scan the first dude. I think my scouter was malfunctioning."

Burter sighed in annoyance and clicked his on, and two seconds later, it too hit its peak and exploded, left overs showering the ground around him. "N-no way..." he stuttered, taking a step back.

Recoome, having waited patiently for the others to read out the other guys powerlevel, finally called over "Well? Whats th' deal with 'em?"

"I-its nothing! Just a malfunction in our scouters! They're picking up Lord Frieza!!" Jeice called over, forcing himself to believe in his own words. Recoome shrugged and turned back around.

To his surprise both shrimps were back on their feet, and even Vegeta was standing upright now. The orange dressed arrival was tying a bag of some kind back to his belt as he approached.

"This has all been very amusing, but the time has come for Friezas empire to fall." the kaioshin stated. "If you intend to survive, now would be the time to turn in your resignation. Refuse and you won't be leaving this planet alive." he added, voice becoming more serious.

Recoome snorted. "Didja hear that? Fools talkin' in his sleep!" he called over one shoulder to the others. Their brief worried looks that quickly became ones of confidence were missed by him.

Goku finally paused between the two and turned to the kaioshin. "So, you aren't one of Friezas servants, but that begs the question: are you here for the dragonballs as well?" he asked calmly, just as unaware of the difference between their respective powers as Recoome was of his own and Gokus.

The kaioshin turned to him. "Son Goku, take your family and return to earth. This planet holds nothing but failure and death for you." he stated softly, as though saddened by the news he had to give.

Goku looked puzzled. "How would you know that?" he asked. "Your reserves of strength have increased dramatically since your fight on earth, but you can not match Friezas own." the kaioshin responded.

"Now, leave while I cleanse this planet of Friezas disease. I do not wish to force you." he said in his serious tone again. Goku frowned. "Thanks for the warning, but I'll take my chances." he responded. "These guys are no match for me. Even if Frieza IS a little stronger, I've still got a little trick of my sleave that'll put things in my favor." he added confidently.

The kaioshin sighed, and was about to say one final warning, when Recoome grunted and threw himself at the distracted pair, growing tired of waiting.

Simply looking at the charging Ginyu Force member, he narrowed his eyes and shouted "HAH!" the kiai slammed into Recoomes body, crushing his chest cavity in with the power behind it and sending him rocketing backwards into a nearby hill.

When the dust raised by Recoomes body smashing through the hill settled, he was no where in sight. Goku spun around to face him. "What did you just do?!" he demanded.

"You mortals refer to is as a kiai. Move, Son Goku." he ordered, raising a hand and throwing the saiyan aside in time to avoid a Crusher Ball.

Stepping force he caught the attack in one hand and clenched it into a fist, destroying the ki attack instantly. With that he vanished and reappeared directly before the other two Ginyu Force members.

"Your time is up." he said flatly, raising each hand and catching them with his psychic powers, he focused and kiai'ed both directly into the ground, nearly a thousand feet down. Little was left of their bodys afterwards.

He looked back to where he had thrown Goku and paused. "I see you are unhappy with my methods. Then let me inform you of something, Son Goku." he said.

"You were trained by the North Kaio, Lord of the Worlds and watcher of the North galaxy. Above him stands the Grand Kai, overseer of all four Kaio. But above even the Grand Kai once were the race I am of, the Kaioshin, Supreme Kais, watchers of the four quandrants of the universe itself. I have watched Friezas empire grow steadily over the decades. It will continue to grow if left unchecked any longer, and you will never be capable of stopping it." he finished.

Before Goku could remark on that, or any of the others, King Kais voice appeared. "Son Goku you must not argue! Do not provoke the Supreme Kai! I have spoken directly with the Grand Kai himself and verified this story." he said quickly and almost in a panic.

Goku frowned again. "I don't agree with how you killed them, especially if you had the power to defeat them and leave them alive... but if King Kai says you're a good guy... I guess I don't stand much of a chance, do I?" he asked.

"If you attacked me with every last ounce of ki at your disposal, not one scratch would be left upon my form." the kaioshin responded. "Henh... thats a bit hard to swallow, but I guess I've got to take it as the truth... but, I'm not leaving. Not until Friezas threat has been dealt with." Goku said honestly and seriously.

"... So be it. I see great potential in you, and I would not want to slay you as I will Frieza. But enough of this chat. Come, if you can keep up." he stated, and a moment later, was but a distant blur.

Goku blinked in surprise, then smiled. "Someday I'll catch up to your level, Supreme Kai." he stated, then kicked off from the ground with a cry of "Kaioken!" and shot forward.


Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin were left behind in their dust. "Unbelievable!" Krillin sagged, "What kind of power! I feel like an ant by comparison!" he said. "I-I know." Gohan responded.

Vegetas face had been a still snarl. "Damn you, Kakarrot! I won't let you get any further ahead of me!" with a shout he powered up and shot after the two.