A/N: And now, a special fanfiction (dot) net exclusive mini-saga, Dr. Gero's Revenge, set roughly two hour's following Cell's retrieval of Son Vegetto, Son Trunks, Frieza, and Kuriza from Earth to the end of the Cell Saga.

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Tien let out a low sigh as he ascended the ladder high enough to reach Karin. It had been a few hours since Vegetto told him what was going on and then was whisked off to fight for the sake of the universe on a far away planet.

'Just like Namek all over again.' he had thought at that point, grimacing that even after all of his training with King Kai and the occasional sparring match with the others that he was still too weak to help out.

It was for that reason that he had come to the decision to seek out the Room of Spirit and Time... after some advice from an old friend. It wouldn't do him any good to speed a year training by himself or even, regrettably, with Chaozu if the increase he could gain was too small.

The aged cat looked over the edge as Tien gradually forced his fingers to make grips and pulled himself along the outside of the small platform, swinging up somewhat delicately with such a lowered power level. "Ah, Tenshinhan. What brings you to my domain? Alone no less!" Karin greeted him in quiet surprise.

The man sighed. "I was hoping to get some advice from you." he began. "Ah?" Karin turned and settled into one of the chairs nearby, placing his staff upon the surface and giving his full attention to the other.

"And what kind of advice do you seek? I'm afraid you have long since surpassed any training I might hope to offer you, but if perhaps you need something more... theoretic?" Karin tested. Tien shook his head and looked up toward Kami's lookout above.

"I want to know if I should go forward and train like Son Vegetto and Son Trunks did. I want to know if you can tell me what chance my potential still has for growth." he admitted with reluctance.

Karin frowned. "Well. You are certainly not going any farther restraining your strength so far. Do not make that mistake if you choose to keep going for it will surely stunt your power level once returned to your normal strength." the aged cat stated firmly.

The man nodded wearily. "Another failure." he murmured quietly, though at least he could rule out such an exercise if it came to that and at such low levels the rest of the team wouldn't sense him. "So can you do it? Is there any point in trying if the threats continue to rise so far beyond even Vegetto?" he asked.

Karin considered him in silence for a time, drumming his paws along the small table until at last standing up and gripping his staff again. "Come. I sense your hesitations in powering up so far at this point. Let us take to at least the depths of the lookout before making any further choices." the cat stated quietly.

Tien blinked a few times in surprise before nodding his head slowly. Karin hopped up onto his shoulder and gestured for the man to go, and taken by surprise again at the unexpected addition began to ascend into the air.

The various spy-bugs filtering throughout the sky reconfirmed for him what was needed and the computer system spoke it aloud. "Prime target, secondary target relocated off-world. Designated changeling race relocated off-world."

Turning from the singular screen within the depths of his laboratory, the scientist Dr. Gero looked upon the large round tube filled with green liquid and a tiny pulsating mass of cells and genetic matter. 'My greatest enemies are captive at the hands of you, my one true child, Cell.' he thought to himself with a wry smile playing across his lips.

He ran one hand over the incubating machine where even now the core was being grown from numerable DNA cultures of the greatest warriors the earth and the visitors to it had given to him unawares, longing to physically touch his proudest creation.

It was a true shame he did not have the resources to watch what was going on off world, for such a thing would put his last worry at ease. He would have thoroughly enjoyed watching the cursed saiyans terminated first hand, but simply knowing that his life's work would pay off in the end was rewarding enough under his circumstances.

But even still, perhaps there was something that could be done to satisfy his urges for vengeance in the meantime. "Computer. Tell me where the human companions of Son Goku are at." Dr. Gero ordered.

The screens around the lab room dimmed for a few moments as all of the spy-bugs flickered and rotated toward the general radius of the computers command signal, rapidly relaying the information they were picking up and passing it back before returning to their prior observatory duties.

After several seconds those in the proper areas settled into position and the images of Tien, Chaozu, Krillin, Muten Roshi, Ginyu, and lastly Yamcha appeared on the monitors within the lab.

"... Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity to test out Androids #13, #14, and 15. Only a few modifications remain on their energy absorption drives." he spoke to himself quietly, considering. It would not do him any good if his enemies were able to survive and escape the world again, let alone slip into the future and out of his reach entirely only to return after so many decades to exact just misguided justice.

"Computer. Verification code A22." Another dimming of the lights occurred as the computers soft voice spoke aloud, "Confirm: Finalize EA Drive system and install within subjects #13 #14 #15?"

"Confirmed." he answered. "Acknowledged. Estimated completion time of 7 hours, 28 minutes, 59 seconds. Estimated installation time of 2 hours, 10 minutes, 41 seconds. Estimated awakening time of 9 hours, 29 minutes, 44 seconds."

Tien settled within the open doorway as Karin placed his staff in between door and the hinges, blocking it from closing once Tien was motioned to back further inside. "Now, power up to the fullest you can. I will judge how your strength compares, and if your potential has peaked or nearly is there." he spoke firmly.

Nodding once Tien focused, rapidly drawing out his power and letting it rush up to the surface. In only a couple of minutes he had driven as high as his power level would allow without factoring in the Kaioken or his Kikoho.

Karin arched his eyebrows and concentrated. He gestured for the man to go higher. "I can't." he stated flatly. The aged cat sighed. "Utilize King Kai's power." he ordered.

"How would that demonstrate my potential?" Tien argued. "Because it would show me how far you've surpassed your last known showing of control. The greater you can take it without crumbling beneath the strain of tearing your ki apart so many times to falsely increase the amount will tell me if you're there or not." Karin countered flatly.

Tien's eye's widened. "Tearing it apart?" he demanded. Karin shrugged. "Of course. You're putting so much effort and concentration forward that the individual ki is forcibly fissioned into slightly smaller pieces, going farther and farther until... boom." he answered.

The man swallowed. 'And Vegetto said he had mastered this state?' he thought incredulously. 'Unbelievable...' blinking as Karin snapped his fingers to get his attention again, Tien grimaced and began calling out each Kaioken level he could access.

His energy peaked at the third degree. "Further?" Karin asked. Grunting Tien's face settled into a fierce scowl as he pushed it one step more despite his concern over exactly what was being done to his ki, finishing so close to a million that he could practically taste it. Karin withstood the barrage of wind and nodded his head, calling over the noise for Tien to power back down.

Wearily the human did so, dropping down on his haunches and staring at the old martial arts warrior. "Well?" he questioned. "Hm... difficult to say, difficult to say." Karin began, smiling good naturedly at how the man's expression cooled several degrees in silent frustration.

"I am merely kidding you, Tenshinhan. Your growth is nearing the final peak, I am afraid, and I dearly advise you not to combine the Kaioken with your Shin Kikoho again unless you will die without it anyway." he said.

"But in the mean time.. yes, this is the most viable option. Take a year within this place to bring out as much of your potential as you can, and I would advise perhaps taking along one of the others if you think they can help. But before long, you must dedicate your strength to fully mastering more than just your power level. You will need to ensure your arsenal of moves expands beyond the Kikoho or it's step up or you will never be able to compete and live through the experience. I am sorry." Karin finished on a sad note.

Tien grimaced. "... Thank you for the honesty." he said slowly. Karin only nodded his head. "Good luck, Tenshinhan. I hope you will succeed." and with that the aged cat turned and waited to hear if the man would follow or not. Tien did so after a moment and pried the staff out of the doorway for him, focusing his thoughts on what to do from here.

The sun was high in the air when the door to the kame house was torn off it's hinges and thrown aside, revealing three men just outside the frame. Ginyu was the first to take note and likewise the first to suffer for it when half his guts were ripped out in a single split-second blow, destroying any chance he had of being of service if he didn't bleed to death in the mean time.

The others gathered around were equally stunned by the seemingly instantaneous movement and assault, rendering one of their team useless in a seconds time from over a dozen feet away. The other two still standing outside slowly crossed the entry and looked around. "#14, do not forget our prime intention. Killing the purple one can be forgiven as his value to Son Goku is zero as of this point in time, but the others must not fade so quickly." intoned the slightly taller yet less muscular Android #13.

Krillin swallowed as Yamcha shook himself free of his shock, going into a three fold Kaioken and slipping into the stance for his Wolf Fang Fist. A roar of energy from outside blew the roof clear off the kame house and sent a tremor through the small island, knocking everyone around from the shock-waves.

A panting Tien landed somewhat roughly on the sands with his fingers still locked into the position of the Shin Kikoho, all three eyes rapidly looking through the crumbling walls. 'I knew coming here was the right choice!' he thought, having boosted his speed once Ginyu's ki faltered and Yamcha's began to rise.

He had been feeling uneasy ever since noticing the mechanical bug hovering over his and Chaozu's location and soon discovered just who it belonged to. He was thankful that he took flight so soon, and the sight of two figures striding past the broken door only confirmed the fact that danger was involved here.

He didn't feel anything at all until the ki attack was rushing straight at his chest. All he had time to do was begin to call out "Kai-" and try to drop back before it pierced through his shoulder narrowly where it met the chest and cut cleanly out the back, rendering that arm useless as tendons were cut and bone melted through.

"Gyaah!" the man shouted as he fell to the ground, right arm rising to grip the lefts bleeding wound painfully. Android #14 crossed the threshold again with the right half of his body crushed inward from the earlier Shin Kikoho crashing down upon him, but both legs remained functioning enough to propel him forward awkwardly.

Shouts emerged from the inside where the large silver machine blocked Tien's vision, but he watched helplessly as white energy began to gathering into the all but ruined right hand. Sparks flared as the internal wires attempted to convey his command and only slowed things down, but the expression of determination on #14's features could not be denied.

Yamcha was thrown through a wall and collided with the machine, the force snapping one arm at the same time it crushed in the spinal collumn on the android, sending it tumbling down to both knees and the good arm.

The scarred Z-Fighter moaned weakly as bones protruded in several places, his aura wavering. #15 slowly stepped out as a low hum filled the air, coupled by a panicked cry of "Kamehameha!" from Muten Roshi. #13's dull laughter echoed out as a soft crunch escaped from within, driving the old man to whimpering in pain.

'No.. no! This isn't going to happen!' growling to himself, Tien pushed to his feet as one of the theoretical abilities he had been considering since speaking with Karin many hours ago returned to his mind.

"Spirit Burst!" he shouted, white energy gathering around his body and filling in his third eye entirely. #14 chose that moment to throw his Murder Ball forward and watched in silent approval as it pierced whatever attack the human was gathering himself for, exploding bright enough to override both machines ocular senses temporarily and throwing Tien far out to sea.

#13 looked over toward the destruction and frowned, noticing the backlash of damage had erased the front quarter of #14's body, and their smallest member was thrown bodily end over end to collide against the taller machine's side heavily.

Krillin struck while the chance was available. His terrified Kienzan gathered underneath the couch exploded forward at the duo, and he cried out in despair when #13 jumped aside, allowing his lesser comrade to be cleanly cut at a diagonal angle.

From ribcage to the middle of the skull on the right side was shaved off and collapsed in a pile of smoking circuits on the ground, leaving him blinking as his power nosedived. "What do you think you're doing, #14, #15? They're just humans. Get up." the last unharmed member of the trio ordered flatly.

#14 slowly pushed up from the dirt as the Kienzan shot around and finished him off, dancing back and forth along his skull and shoulders to make sure nothing of the machines brain endured to keep functioning.

Krillin was knocked through a wall by a low powered kick a moment later. "Pathetic." the android stated in disgust, picking up his fallen comrade and neatly dodging the wildly thrown forward saw-blade of ki. As it passed the machine spun and kicked it in the center where the attack was flat and smooth, sending it careening even more wildly off in the direction the small human had been thrown.

"Don't think this is over." #13 intoned as he looked around at the three, the old man somehow still alive despite his grievous wounding. "We'll be back soon." rising into the air he shot off back over the ocean waves toward Dr. Gero's laboratory with the still functioning but ultimately useless #15 in his arms.

Krillin panted in agony, his collarbone snapped into a dozen tiny fragments jutting up from the skin, while Yamcha slowly rolled onto his knees in abject pain. Out in the waters Tien's unconscious form surfaced with Turtle beneath him, terror on the sea-creatures face. "Where are you, Son Goku?" he asked.

Narrator: Ginyu dying, Muten Roshi barely alive, and the last three Z-Fighters rendered unable to fight in the slightest! Turtles words were never truer than at this point in time, waiting direly for hope to return.

But with no senzu left to them, and Android #13 unfazed by any of their assaults, what hope is there for these battered fighters to cling onto? Part I of this exclusive minisaga is over, but Part II is still to come! Keep on waiting for the exciting conclusion to Dr. Gero's Revenge!