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Summary: This takes place after Usagi becomes Sailor Cosmos. The grief of losing her Senshi overwhelming her, Usagi seeks a new life in a new place. A quiet life in the small town of Forks, Washington, but what happens when life there isn't so quiet?

Find out as the story turns in…

Moonlit Twilight

Chapter 1: New Life

There was darkness.

My eyes flashed in each direction. My Senshi were standing around me, posed and ready for a fight…the essence of evil surrounding us.

Our bodies were beaten, our uniforms torn. The light in our eyes had left long before. There was not much left, and our energy was depleted.

Chaos had won. I never dreamed this day would actually come. Mamoru stood the closest to me…the warmth of his body being the only reason why I was still standing.

Chaos' laughter filled the void. We could not see the entity, but the energy was everywhere. "It is finished. Do you think you can stand against me for another second?!?" The shrill voice questioned.

Finally, Chaos appeared in front of us. There was only a dark figure at first, but then it quickly formed into the shape of a demon. Bat like wings protruding from its back. Red eyes burning like fire. There was a quick motion of the demon's arm, and we all went flying back, screaming from the sheer force of the blow.

As we attempted to merely sit up, our bodies shook violently. Chaos could only laugh at our pain before saying "Admit it Moon Child! You have nothing left to bring! It…is…OVER!!!"

Tears began to stream down my face at the realization. One by one, my Senshi began to look at me. Mamoru's hand was placed on my shoulder.

"No" a shaky voice stated "it's not over." It was Mars. She looked at me, her eyes shining from her tears. She then began to glance toward everyone else and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry Usagi."

Mamoru squeezed my shoulder. I looked up at him in confusion. I didn't understand what was about to take place.

"You are our hope Usako." Mamoru said in an exasperated voice "I love you."

Everyone's body began to glow in their own respective colors. Mamoru burned bright gold. Soon everyone's insignias were visible, and their star seeds made an appearance.

I began to shake my head rapidly…not believing what was happening.

"No!" I sobbed "No you can't! It's not suppose to be like this!" My voice becoming shriller with each sentence. "You can't leave me!"

"Be brave Usagi." Mars said in a feeble voice. "Always believe in yourself."

I was crying hysterically as one by one their star seeds entered my body. I could feel my body changing with each added power. It was overwhelming.

"No, I won't allow this!" Chaos yelled, but it was too late. I saw each one of my Senshi, my friends…die. I held Mamoru in my arms, unwilling to let him succumb to this.

"No Mamo-chan. I can't…I can't live without you."

In a mere whisper he said "You can, and you will." And with that he was dead. I screamed as my body was surrounded by silver light.

I shot up in my bed, once again disturbed by the nightmares of my past. Sweat was poring from my body, and I knew in an instant that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for a while.

I looked at the clock, and it read 3:43am. With a defeated sigh, I rolled out of bed. I walked into the bathroom, turned on the sink and splashed some water on my face. Drying it off slowly with the hand towel that always remained by the sink.

I glanced up at the mirror in front of me and stared at my reflection. My ice silver eyes shown so much sorrow, so much pain. My silver hair was a complete mess. I quickly took it down from the two heart shaped buns on the top of my head in an attempt to straighten it out.

It had been three years since that battle…three years since I became Cosmos.

Once the transformation had been complete, I was able to leave that place in order to prepare myself for the next and final battle with Chaos.

The problem was that everywhere I went people quickly grew suspicious of me. I tried so hard to blend in, and I even tried to just stay to myself, but eventually I was always forced to move.

The thing is, ever since that day…I have been completely broken. I have literally had to drag myself to do every action of life. From simple tasks like eating, or, more importantly, training for the battle I knew would eventually come.

I just could not get up the enthusiasm to really care about anything. In my mind there was nothing left to live for. I could care less if I was to die right at this very moment, but I could not bear the guilt of letting everyone down. I knew I would eventually have been placed in this situation; I just never anticipated it being so soon. It seems I am never meant to have a happy ending. My kingdom had come and gone, along with my family—destroyed by Chaos.

I thought about returning to the past, and attempting to convince myself to destroy Chaos then when the entity possessed Galaxia, but I knew that I would never change what I had done during that battle. I could not bring myself to kill another Senshi…no matter how much misery I have to suffer.

I did however end up in the past, but in a completely different location. Away from everything that could remotely remind me of my loss. The destination was Forks, Washington. A remote town with a small population. I could tell upon my arrival that nothing happened in this town, and with its amazing amount of land and wood, it should be the perfect place for me to begin a life and my training.

I was certain that Chaos would not be able to surprise me here.

I rented a small home out in the country not too far from town. It had a nice patch of land, and was perfect for just me. The landlord I have not even met due to the fact that he and his wife are living in a retirement community in Florida.

The real-estate agent who rented me the home was perfect. He was not even a resident in the area, and with a few smile and blushes, I was able to convince him that I was 25 with a very wealthy inheritance. I also confided that I just wanted a simple life away from my past—a new start, which was, all in all, completely true.

The things is though, I still look incredibly young, even though I'm much older than what I told the realtor. Using this to my advantage, I decided to register at the local high school in order to fit in to the community, and maybe gain a little bit of the old Usagi back.

I kept looking into the mirror realizing how much I missed her. I needed to compel myself to get reacquainted with society, that way I might actually give a damn about my life.

I poured a glass of water and took a quick swig. Walking back to the bed, flashes of the nightmare kept reappearing in my head. I laid back down and curled up in a ball. I would have cried myself to sleep, but there were simply no more tears left within me. My companion was the loneliness and the pain.

I looked at the clock again—it read 4:53am. I forced my eyes shut, determined to get a little more sleep. After all, tomorrow was the first day of my new life…as Serena Moon.

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