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Chapter 18: At the End of Eternity

Everyone gasped at his revelation. His heart was beating? How was that even possible?

Edward's eyes found mine. He was looking for an answer. He couldn't understand what was happening to him. I thought back to when I healed him. That must be why…

Could it even last? Honestly, I didn't think it was possible. Perhaps this is just an after effect my Tiare had on vampires. It's not like I had ever used it before on an actual vampire.

"You healed me." He said in a whisper, drawing my attention away from my thoughts.

What could I say to him? Should I tell him my doubts of the healing lasting? Being human, being normal, meant so much to him, and I could completely relate to that. I wanted normalcy more than anything, but sometimes we have to wake up to reality. Just like I had to wake up to the reality that my time here was limited.

"Edward…" I began slowly, not exactly sure of how I could put this into words without hurting him "…I'm not sure if this will last. I have never had this happen before."

His eyes lost some of the light that had been in them. His eyes, they were blue. A much lighter blue compared to my original dark blue eyes. They were beautiful. Almost completely innocent looking. "Is there a possibility that it will last?" He asked. Hope ringing throughout his voice. It was then that I noticed that his usually smooth, melody like voice was gone. Instead, it was replaced by a voice that sounded very young, and very unsure.

"It is possible, but I don't want you to get your hopes up Edward. You can't escape what you are, and vampire runs in your veins now. It is in your body, and I don't think any amount of magic can heal that." I felt as if I was breaking his newly restored heart, but I knew these were words that needed to be said. He wasn't a child. He could handle the truth.

"I know this is sort of a touchy subject, and I do hate to interrupt, but we have a situation." Emmett stated, ending the conversation between Edward and I.

"He's right." Alice began. "The Volturi are on their way, and now with Edward in the condition he is in…"

"And what condition is that?" Edward asked angrily. He was obviously offended by the way in which Alice had stated that sentence.

"Edward, it's wonderful, I am jealous, but let's look at this logically." Alice said, trying to reason with him. "The Volturi are coming, and you are an important asset to us. I am happy for you; I really am, but I fear for the rest of us. For our family."

Edward calmed down at her explanation. He had not thought of all the complications this now would cause. If it had been at any other time.

"How long?" I questioned.

"Morning." Her voice melancholy.

I nodded. "We don't need to worry about Edward, I will take care of them, and I will not need much help more than likely." Edward began to protest, but I held a hand up halting his arguments. "I am going to try and talk with them. See if that gets us anywhere. I do not want to start a war with them, nor do I want to disrupt your family's peace. I have more important issues to deal with." Edward stared strangely at me. It was as if he didn't recognize me at all. I couldn't blame his perception in this. I was cold now and quite standoffish.

Silence engulfed us before I stated in an even tone, "we need to prepare."

We were gathered at the Cullen's. There was a fear that loomed around. I could sense that Jasper was trying to sooth everyone, but even his own apprehensions got in the way.

"We're going to need reinforcements if this turns into an all out war." Carlisle stated. I nodded my head in agreement, and I thought back to a certain wolf who made a promise to me. "I think I can get the werewolves' support." I stated.

Everyone looked at me as if I had just lost my mind. "They won't help us." Edward said definitely. It was times like these that I wish I could just strangle him. To be as old as he was, he was so oblivious to things around him. It also took him a long time to learn his lesson it seemed like. He should trust me. I stood up and started to make my way outside. It was no surprise that Edward began to follow me.

"Where are you going?" He questioned as he caught up with me.

"Why do you even need to ask?" I said coldly. I almost flinched at my own voice.

"The wolves, will not help us." He said as he grabbed my arm, forcing me to turn and look at him. He was obviously bothered by my demeanor towards him, but he said nothing of it.

"I have to try." I said, looking him dead in the eye. "Edward, if this turns bad, we won't have a choice but to fight. You are human now, so you need to stay away from the battle, and we need all the help we can get!" I screamed at him, unsure of where my anger was coming from.

"I will be there, human or not. I have to be there to protect my family."

"Protect!" I said with an incredulous laugh. "From who? How can you? You will only be putting yourself in danger. Do you not see the flaws in your thinking? What you are saying is illogical!" I turned to go, but his voice stopped me in my tracks.

"What's happening to you?" He questioned. I could feel the uncertainty in his voice.

I held back the tears before I said, "Nothing you can fix Edward." I took off running, knowing that, in his human form, he couldn't follow me.

I ran. Longer than I probably needed to. I had to clear my head. Things were happening so fast, and the end was near. The end to this life. When I felt like I could keep it together, I searched out Jacob's energy.

In no time, I found myself approaching him in the same spot we first met. He was standing there, looking out at the sea.

"I thought you would eventually come." He said, not even turning to look at me. I approached him slowly, until I was standing right next to him. "I need your help Jacob." I said in a quiet voice. The sounds of the waives bringing back the memories of our previous encounter. The night I needed to find someplace away from Edward. I almost laughed at the similarity in the situation.

He turned to look at me. His eyes studied me for a long time. He took in my appearance. He could see that the light of the moon was once again illuminating my skin. His eyes softened. "When?" He asked.

"Tomorrow morning."

He remained silent for a moment as he studied my face. Finally he said, "I relayed the information to the others. It was a fight at first, trying to convince them that we needed to fight alongside the blood suckers, but eventually they caved."

"How did you convince them?" I questioned.

"Reason." He said matter-of-factly. "In the end, it was as simple as that. They know what kind of threat the coven poses to them and to this town. They just had to come to terms with that reason, and get over themselves."

I smiled at him, and he returned it. His hand slowly came up to caress my face. I closed my eyes at the gesture. It didn't feel romantically promoted, it was as if he was trying to comfort me. As if, he felt the inner turmoil that was going on under the surface.

As soon as I felt the warmth of his hand, it was gone. His arms came around me and embraced me. "Things will work out in the way they were meant to." He whispered into my hair.

I laughed. "How did you get so wise?" I questioned. He was so young, but he held himself as if he had lived a long life. I could feel him smile as he answered, "Call it understanding instead of wisdom."

He pulled away from me and looked at me. "I know the stories, about you. I know that your life has been a series of who you were meant to be instead of you actually are. I can relate. I know I'm young, but I also have always known my place among my people. It is in my blood. I tried to run, but eventually destiny caught up with me."

"How old are you again?" I questioned sarcastically.

"Hey! I'm still a teenage boy. Still have a short attention span, and still think way too much about sports, girls, and avoiding sappy emotions." He said with a chuckle.

I busted out laughing. It amazed me. After all that had been placed on the shoulders of so many, destiny could not take the essence of who they were. Not even myself. I shouldn't be so cold towards Edward. It wasn't his fault that I was stupid enough to land myself in a time paradox. He loved me, and I loved him.

When my laughter subsided, I looked intently back at the boy. "Thank you Jacob." I said softly.

"Your welcome Serena." He said, just as softly. I gave him a curt nod before I took off running. I made my way back to the Cullen's. I had a new fire lit in me. What Jacob said, it had been right on track. I just need to accept things as they were. I couldn't change them, and the more I try to the more frustrated and alone I will feel. I needed to embrace the life I have now, and just let tomorrow happen as it should.

I approached the house, and immediately felt worried. I saw Alice standing on the front porch. She was looking for me. Her eyes were filled with worry. I approached her quickly. Before I could even ask, she said, "It's Edward." It was then that I heard the scream.

It felt as if my heart had stopped. I rushed into the house, and my eyes quickly settled on Edward. He was laying on couch. Screaming and writhing in pain.

"What's going on?" I asked in a voice filled with panic as I approached Carlisle. He was by his side.

Carlisle looked at me, and then back down to Edward. "He's going through the change again." I closed my eyes at the revelation. "It seems as if you couldn't heal him completely." He stated, his voice sounding a bit defeated.

I knelt down beside Edward, and quickly took his hand into mine; holding it into place. I began to cry. I felt terrible. I caused him this pain. He wouldn't have had to go through this if it wasn't for me. I allowed my tears to drip onto his hand that I was clutching. I brought it to my mouth and kissed it. I could already feel the original coldness returning.

"I'm so sorry Edward." I whispered.

"The process seems to be moving faster than it did the first time around." Carlisle said as he studied my face. "I guess it's because it never really left him. It was just put at bay for awhile."

I didn't reply. I prayed. Edward was screaming, and he continued to scream. It was ripping my heart apart. "Please, please, please…" I whispered over and over.

A warm light began to develop at my chest. My star seed. It enveloped Edward. My tears streamed as I continued to pray. As the light continued to work it's magic on Edward. Soon, the screaming stopped. Edward was still.

I opened my eyes. I stared at him. No one spoke. After what seemed like an eternity, his eyes opened. The blue that was there was replaced by gold once again. His skin was pale; his hand icy. His eyes found me, and they showed such regret. Such deep regret. I bent down and kissed him swiftly. I placed my forehead against his, and I just cried.

"I'm sorry." I sobbed out. I couldn't think of anything else to say.

He was silent. Trying to digest everything. His arm came slowly around me, and pulled me towards him. He breathed in deeply. His eyes locked onto mine.

"It isn't your fault, if anything, you allowed me a chance to feel, even for a brief moment, what it was like to be human once again. You warned me that it wouldn't last." The melody in his voice returned. He kissed me lightly as he sat up from the couch, still clutching me to his side.

"Could you give us a minute?" He asked his family before they disappeared into the other parts of the house.

When they left, I pulled away from his embrace so I could look at him. I studied his face. It was amazing to see the difference between the human and the vampire. We sat there looking at each other before I said, "They will help."

Edward's eye's blinked a couple of times. Not sure if he heard me correctly. "Are you certain?"

I nodded my head in response. "How did you convince them?" He questioned.

I smiled. "Reason." It was the same response that Jacob had given me, but it answered the question fully.

"Are you alright?" Edward asked timidly. He didn't want to upset me again, but he knew something was going on.

I took a deep breath before I said, "Honestly? No, I'm not."

"What is it?"

I couldn't very well tell him the conflict within me. The conflict that was mainly centered around him and the thought of losing him. So I settled for the obvious answer; the one he would be expecting.

"I've just been thinking about the events as of late. It really is amazing my luck. Things can never go right for me." I let my hands cradle my head. Emotion welling up inside of me. I tried to control it as best I could. I couldn't help the few tears that escaped.

"I'm such a crybaby." I stated with a small laugh.

"You know, for some all powerful warrior, you do have a point there." Edward said in return; trying to lighten the mood.

I chuckled. I lifted my head and looked outside. Dawn was approaching. I saw it in the sky as the moon slowly began to fade. Without even looking at him, I whispered, "I love you." I felt his hand under my chin as he forced my eyes to his. "And I you." His lips came down to catch mine in a passionate kiss.

I allowed myself to be consumed by him. I allowed my heart to open. To feel the love. To feel the pain. It reminded me that, aside from my duty as Cosmos, I was still, in a way, human. I still felt. I still loved. I still feared. The fact that I had not lost that was overwhelming. It was liberating, and I embraced it.

We slowly made our way to the clearing. The one in which Alice saw us meeting the Volturi. I was already in my Cosmos form. Edward was by my side; his hand holding onto mine. Jacob did not falter on his word. The wolves had joined us. They did not speak to anyone, but they lowered their heads respectfully toward me. Jacob must have told them who I was.

Our footsteps were light. One could barely hear them as they made contact with the ground. It was the sound of a solemn march. A march into the unknown. I did not fear the Volturi. I knew very well that they were no threat to me, but what they did pose a threat to was the safety of Edward's family.

Alice stopped in her tracks. "It's here." She said as her eyes began to focus back on the present.

Waiting. I find it worse than the battle itself. The anticipation of what was to come. You couldn't think. You couldn't rest. All you could do was simply wait.

I took one last look at Edward. He was staring intently at me. His grip tightened on mine. The battle, I knew, from Alice, was a blur. She just knew where we would meet, and she knew how events would unfold, but without me in them. Which made things considerably more difficult for her to read. Her power always got confused when I was thrown into the picture.

My eyes tore from his as I felt a powerful energy heading our way.

"They're coming." I said. Everyone began to tense up. Unsure of exactly what was about to take place.

The energy. It was powerful. Much more powerful than what I have felt from the Cullens. A dozen or so vampires emerged into the clearing. I began to study each of their faces. All of their eyes were red, a trait that I immediately recognized from my previous dealings with vampires.

Carlisle stepped forward as the coven came to a halt in front of us. I stayed aware of what was going on. Edward had already filled me in on exactly what kind of powers these vampires possessed. I knew to keep a keen eye on Jane and Alec.

"Carlisle!" The one whom I assumed to be Aro stated. "It has been too long."

"Aro." Carlisle stated evenly. Not even betraying his nerves. "What brings you to us?" He questioned.

Aro laughed. "I see you were prepared for our coming. How interesting." He stated with genuine curiosity. At this point, I assumed that he had no idea of the power that the Cullens actually possessed. I prayed that it would remain that way.

Aro's eyes wandered the crowd that was gathered. "I am assuming this is your coven." He stated before scanning yet again. He took a look at the wolves before giving a small smile as his face made a grimace. He continued to search. His eyes then fell directly on me. I tensed up only slightly from his gaze. His eyes did not waiver from mine, and I dared not look away. I wanted to make sure he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

"And who is this lovely young creature?" He questioned. His eyes never leaving mine. I stepped forward; breaking the contact between Edward and I.

"This is her." Victoria stepped up from behind the crowd. "This is the murderer."

My eyes snapped to her. "You have some nerve calling me a murderer, blood sucker." The silver in my eyes twinkled, and she flinched. I held my hand out and allowed my staff to form. I looked back towards Aro and spoke.

"I am Sailor Cosmos. The balance of the universe, and the enemy of Chaos."

"Cosmos?" He questioned. "It seems that you possess some extraordinary abilities, and yet you are not a vampire. That much is obvious. Your aroma is intoxicating, even to a vampire as old as I. We have been informed that you have murdered one of our kind. What reason did you have in this?"

"Self-defense." I stated sarcastically. My eyes quickly went to Jane's, and I could see the change in her demeanor. I heard a piercing scream, and then I realized that the sound was coming from me. It felt as if my entire body was on fire. As if it should combust. I kept screaming, but I needed to keep my wits about me. I just had to think; I have felt worse pain. My star seed being ripped from me. Dying. I bit my lip, refusing to scream out again. I grasped at the power of Saturn and pushed Jane away from my mind.

I stood up from the ground. My body shaking violently. I could see the shock written in their faces. I took several labored breaths before I regained my composure. I focused my eyes on Jane once again. "You will regret that you ever did that."

I held out my hand. "You will know what pain feels like little girl." My voice, void of emotion. I stated in a calm, soft voice, "Dead Scream." I sent the power of Pluto at the girl, and she screamed at the impact of the purple light. The power sent her flying.

Aro's eyes widened at my ability, and he took a sudden step back. That is when I noticed Alec's change. I was too quick for him. I lifted my staff in the air and screamed, "Silent Wall!!!" It blocked his attempts at getting to me. He could not break the barrier of Saturn. I pushed the wall out slamming him. He went flying like his sister; falling right next to her.

Both made their attempts at standing up, but I was having none of it. I needed to prevent this from becoming a war, and to do that those two needed to stay put. I called on time. My eyes focused on the two, purple now glowing behind my eyes. "Time Freeze." And with that, they were frozen in time.

Silver returned to my eyes as I focused back on Aro. "As you can see, it is not wise to mess with me. Surely Victoria's memory would have taught you this."

"Who are you? What are you?" Aro asked, appearing as if he were afraid for the first time in his long life.

I sighed. "I don't want to fight. I want you to take your coven and leave. The Cullens have done nothing, and I killed in self-defense, as stated before. I am no threat to you or to your coven. I do not want your power. I want peace, and I want normalcy. Two concepts far from power."

Aro stared at me disbelievingly. I had to let him see. He had to see that I was telling the truth. I needed to set things straight. I took a step towards him. He took a step back. It reminded me a bit of Edward's first reaction that day in the woods near the school. I almost laughed at the memory. It seemed so far away, but it wasn't that long ago.

I spoke again, trying to ease Aro's discomfort. "Carlisle tells me that you can read minds by touching." I reached my hand out. "See for yourself."

He did not take my hand. The others of the coven began to gather around him in a protective stance; ready to attack. Those behind me did the same.

"Please." I stated desperately. "No more fighting. I mean you no harm. Trust me." My eyes locked with his. He studied me, and as his eyes got lost in mine, his defense softened. He held out his hand and took mine in it.

There was a brief moment where he just stood there, holding my hand. He breathed in the air around him, and I could almost bet he was taking in my scent. Soon, I felt the familiar probes into my mind. Instead of having to remember everything, like I did with Edward, Aro moved swiftly through my mind. He started from the beginning.

Once again, I was reliving pain. This time though, I held back the tears. I did not want to lose face in front of this man. He continued to search. Brought himself up to the present day, and to the present moment. His red eyes met mine. He knew. He knew I would be leaving soon.

Please, don't say anything. Allow me to tell them in my own time. I don't pose a threat to you. I will be gone, and time will resume as it should have.

He nodded. For a brief moment, there was an understanding between the two of us.

He slowly took his hand away from mine. "You're a lonely soul." He said softly. "A beautiful, lonely soul."

I didn't blink, and I didn't allow emotion to cross my face. I knew what he said was true. I have had to face that truth time and time again.

He continued. "I see the purity in your heart. It is so bright. It's as if nothing but love exists there. I envy it." He bowed slightly towards me. There was a collective gasp around the clearing. Upon seeing Aro bowing towards me, his coven followed in the same suit, although a bit more reluctantly.

He stood to his full height once again. He grabbed my hand and kissed it softly. His eyes met mine, and there was a hint of amusement behind those eyes. "I would love to collect you. I am very curious to see what kind of vampire you would make. Very powerful to be sure."

I could feel the sudden change in Edward's demeanor. It made me realize how closely I was linked to him. I just stared at Aro, allowing him to finish his thought.

"However, even I could not destroy something so beautiful." He let go of my hand and bowed once more. He turned back to his coven, signaling it was time to go. His curiosity had be sated. He turned back to me. "Could you kindly unfreeze my two guards. They are quite an important asset to me."

I chuckled. "As long as you teach them some manners and control." He smiled and nodded at my suggestion. I dropped the power of time around them, bringing them back to the present. They immediately tensed up at the sight of me. They were ready to attack again, but Aro held up his hand. "Our presence is no longer needed here."

Disbelief was evident in their eyes, but they followed orders. Soon, the coven disappeared into the woods once again. I turned back to the Cullens and the wolves, and they were all standing there in shock and amazement.

Edward was the first to approach me. "He wanted you. Badly."

"I kind of gathered that." I stated with a chuckle.

"He stopped though. I've heard stories of Aro's quest for power, and here is the greatest power he has ever come across, and he just walks away. He thought you were too beautiful. He couldn't do it."

I nodded my head. I stepped away from Edward and walked toward Jacob. He was standing there in his human form. A pair of shorts thrown on to cover important areas. The rest of the pack stayed in wolf form.

"Thank you for standing behind us. It shows your true desire for peace." I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck. He embraced me. "Goodbye." I whispered into his ear.

He pulled away. He looked at me before he asked, "Destiny calls?" I nodded. He kissed my cheek. "Goodbye, Princess." He whispered. He turned back towards his pack. He transformed, took one last look at me, and then bolted off into the distance.

"I'm surprised you got the dogs to cooperate." Emmett said with a laugh. I hit him in the chest and immediately regretted it. Stone met my hand once again. "Ow." I grumbled. Emmett could only laugh.

"Well, I guess we should head home." Esme said. We all nodded in response, and then took off towards the Cullens.

Everyone went inside. Laughing about their almost encounter with the Volturi. I stood outside, looking at the house. This was it. I had to leave. Edward turned back towards me. "Are you coming inside?" He questioned. I didn't respond.

He was by my side in an instant. "What's the matter?"

The tears flowed freely as I met his eyes. I opened my mouth, and then closed it. How could I tell him? I took a shuddering breath. I couldn't stay. It was as simple as that. I had to tell him.

"Edward." I said, my voice shaking. More tears came. "I…it's time for me to go." He didn't understand. His eyes showed that.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I have to leave. My time here is over." I all but sobbed out.

Edward's eyes widened. "No, no. You have to stay. Just awhile longer. Please." His voice panicking. His hands coming up to cup my face. I cried incredulously. I had to be strong. Yes, I loved him, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to keep me here. Cosmos had a job, a destiny to fulfill.

"I can't. I cannot risk the past revisiting me again. I cannot risk putting your family in danger anymore, and I cannot put off my encounter with Chaos anymore." My voice becoming stronger as I spoke. "This is my destiny, Edward. I cannot escape it. The only thing I can do is embrace it. It was foolish of me to come back to this time. Stupid of me to get so involved, but it was the best decision I ever made."

I smiled up at him. His eyes held such sorrow. "I met you. I realized that I still hold a part of who I use to be."

I held out my hand and allowed my star locket to form. I opened it and allowed the sweet, haunting melody to play. A sense of recognition crossed Edward's face as he remembered the melody I played him once on the piano.

"I want you to have it." I said. Fresh tears still falling, but the sobs had subsided. I took his hand and placed it there. He clutched it.

"Don't leave me." He begged. "How can I lose you? You are the warmth that I have been looking for all my life."

I closed my eyes. "I wish I could stay, but you know that it is impossible." He said nothing in response. I opened my eyes and looked towards the house. "Please, tell everyone I said goodbye. I cannot bear to say it to them as well."

I took a deep breath and said, "You have to move on." He opened his mouth as if to protest, but I held up my hand. "Edward, please, move on. Remember me, but continue to live your life. Please." Seeing the sincerity and determination in my eyes, he nodded.

"He was right." Edward stated. "Aro. You are a lonely soul. A beautiful, lonely soul."

I gave a small smile. I reached up and touched his face. He brought his forehead down to mine. We savored in the moment. His lips came down and kissed me fiercely. His arms coming around to crush me to his frame. Tears continued to fall as I kissed him back. So much passion, so much pain hidden behind it. I felt everything he was feeling.

Eventually, the kiss slowed. It became soft. Loving. He broke it and stepped away. His eyes found mine, and I was amazed to see the slightest tear trickle down his cheek. I reached my hand out and wiped it away. "I thought vampires didn't cry."

"Maybe a vampire has never really had their heart broken before." His voice cracked.

I caressed his cheek. "Maybe, at the end of eternity, our paths will cross once again, and we can find true happiness."

His eyes closed as one more tear came falling down. I pulled away. He looked at me.

"I love you Edward."

I called once again on my Time Senshi. My body began to glow, and then I was gone.

Time. It's a complex thing. One can never understand the true power of it. How it kills every man. How it has the ability to pass quickly, or to even pass slowly. How painful, and how liberating it can be.

Time can heal all wounds. The saying is somewhat true, but what about for those wounds that keep reopening with each passing life, each passing second? What about for the one who wields time?

A lonely soul. She looked to the end of time and could only pray. It was the same prayer that had been in her mind since the start of all this. The hope, the wish, that one day her soul would be free.

She licked her wounds. She stood tall. She knew who she was. She would continue her path because it was who she was meant to be, but she will never forget who she really was behind destiny. She smiled.

"At the end of eternity." She whispered.

-The End-

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