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Faith's Temptation –

Chapter 1: A Walk in the Night

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Faith's Temptation

"There you are B," Faith said as she walked into the cemetery. "Why ya here all by your lonesome?"

Buffy turned to the dark haired slayer and felt her heart speed up a little. She really was glad to see Faith. She had been at the slaying business going on three years and was tired of facing the demons alone. Yea, she had the Scoobies, but they could only do so much. Half the time she was distracted making sure they didn't end up as dinner for some vamp they were fighting, when trying to help her. But she couldn't tell them that. It would just make them resent her even more and increase the distance she felt building between them.

"Hey Faith, just looking for a little slayage to take the edge off," she replied smiling.

"I hear that. How about we double up and do some real damage." Faith said with a smirk of her full lips.

As Faith moved closer, Buffy said, "That sounds like a plan. Though, I thought you were out looking to get some and get gone?"

Faith blew out a breath, "Well that didn't work out to good, seems like all you have around here are jocks, wannabe jocks, and never be jocks."

"Yea the never ending supply of lameness that is Sunnydale does wonders for a girls options," Buffy replied with a sigh.

"So have you actually found a nest? Or are we just gonna troll?" Faith asked.

"I figure I'd just walk through the cemeteries one by one, looking like a defenseless little blonde until a vamp or two tried to take me. Then I'd get to work out some of my issues," Buffy said, "I like to think of it as proactive therapy."

Faith wasn't sure if Buffy was purposefully giving her an opening to question what was going on with the older slayer or if she just didn't care anymore, so she took a chance.

"B, I know things haven't been that great between you and the Scoobies since they found out Angel was back. And I know it must of hurt like hell when you realized it could never be the same with Angel, but you shouldn't keep going out on these kamikaze runs. One of these nights your gonna find yourself with your back against the wall and no way out. Unless, that's sorta the point?"

Buffy looked into Faith's dark brown eyes and once again wondered how she could have kept pushing the younger slayer away when she first came to town. "Nah, that really isn't the way I want to go out. Although, going down in a blaze of glory does have its merits. Like being thought of as a heroine forever, you know, statues built in my likeness, but not as cute. National holidays, Greeting cards being made to commemorate the event, yada,yada,yada."

Faith laughed glad to see Buffy showing a sense of humor. "I'll tell ya B, I can't see them ever making a holiday to honor you, I mean come on, all the malls being closed? Shoe stores shutdown for the day? It just ain't gonna happen."

"Yea, well, I can always dream, huh?" Buffy replied.

By this time the two girls had walked completely around the cemetery with not so much as a squirrel rustling through the brush.

"How about this Faith, lets head on over to Holmstead cemetery and see if there is anything shaking there. If not we can go back to my house and have a double chocolate chip ice cream feast and watch bad horror movies?" Buffy said as she headed towards the front gate.

"As plans go, I've heard worse," Faith said. "Are you sure you're alright?"

In a low voice Buffy said, "Like you say, five by five."