High school. It's usually the same for every girl. You have your studies, friends, and of course…boys.

My life isn't exactly like that. You see I go to an all girls' school. You know, that really isn't so bad…my friends are nice…I have no distractions…my uniform is really cute…and…um…

Okay, okay, it sucks.

My name's Aerith. I am fifteen years old. I have been going to an all girls' school since I was thirteen…so that is about…two and a half years. Also, I have never kissed a guy or held hands—most girls here haven't yet—I am extremely jealous of those who have…

My routine is pretty boring…get up, go to school, come home, go to bed, get up again…

Well, it's not exactly that boring, but you get the idea, right?

My favorite part of my school is that not only do we have a pool we have a track field. I absolutely love to run and I am the fastest runner in the whole entire school. (Meaning: most people in the school run as slow as heck.) Nobody I know of can beat me at a race…if there is I have yet to meet her.

Of course, the track field is the place where this whole mess began. By 'this mess', I mean Tifa—my "best friend"—attracting people to watch our afternoon gym class…and by "people", I mean…THEM.

I was never fond of THEIR group…I met THEM and at one unfortunate spring break party. Sadly, because Tifa is the leader's best friend's girlfriend…I am constantly in knowledge that we are all being watched.

THEIR leader is very vexing. This leader seems to watch every girl through the fence with extreme curiosity. I think he must be perverted. I call this perverted leader, IT. IT is the reason why I dearly love going to an all girls' school…because IT goes to public school…even though he is clearly skipping right now to watch the girls' gym class…

"Aerith! Aerith! C'mon! We need to time your run!"

I turned from the group of boys clinging to the fence to go stand at the starting line. I only had to rush a few feet, touch the ground, and come back. No big deal, but I hated that. I have issues stopping because once I get going I just cannot stop.

Tifa stood next to me, stretching her arms behind her head—making her boobs look even bigger (how does she do that?!)

"I wanna try to beat you at that run," she giggled. "What's your time now?"

"Uhm…" I breathed, copying Tifa's stretch, "fourteen-ten."

Her eyes widened. "Fourteen seconds! You're so fast!"

I am not fast…everyone is just slow.

I bent my leg backwards and stretched it over my hip. I heard one guy behind me whistle.


What pigs. They're all a bunch of pigs.

I looked over to Tifa to see what her reaction was to those dummies and she was looking right back at her blonde-haired, blue-eyed, stupid second-in-command, boyfriend, Cloud Strife. He grinned at her and waved. She waved back.

IT nudged Cloud with his elbow and Mr. "Second-In-Command" turned the deepest shade of red that had ever existed.

I turned away from the scene. "Time me, okay?"

As soon as I said that, I was off down towards the second line on the track that was drawn lightly in the grey dirt. I skidded to a halt, touching the dust, and then I quickly turned around and dashed back down past Tifa holding the tiny black timer. I listened to the beep coming from it and I told my feet to stop. Of course, they didn't listen so I just threw myself against the fence.

Of course…

I spent two seconds staring at IT. Did you know it only takes half a second to make an impression on someone? My first reason for pausing was that I was out of breath from running. I was immobile.

My second reason was…well…I think there is a reason for IT being the leader. He was gorgeous…bright violet eyes, shoulder-length jet-black hair, and despite the color of his hair and eyes, he was so pale. There must be another reason he the leader though…he's not running all on just his looks. He must have something else going for him.

Brains? Ha, that couldn't be it… he looked dumber than a box of rocks. Strength? No, he was too willowy. What else is there beyond brains and brawn that anyone looks for?

I snapped out of the moment—longest two seconds of my life, I might mention. Turning around, I asked, "Ti, what was my time?"

"Thirteen fifty-seven!"

I sighed, bending over and resting my hands on my knees. I was a bit faster…but not fast enough to knock off the whole second…if I took off that second I would have beaten a record.

Walking back over to the side of the track, I timed Tifa's run. As she passed me, I yelled out her time:

"Nineteen twenty-two!"

She skidded on her heels to a halt. A tiny frown crossed her face. "I'm still not fast enough…"

I laughed, shaking my head, "we'll race again! I know there's somebody who will beat me, and that's you. You're the second fastest!"

She suddenly grew instantly bored of me and walked over to the chain-link fence. Of course, Cloud was right there waiting on her.

I thought about listening to what they were saying to each other…but of course, that was rude. Also, most likely it was the same thing as always: Tifa would reach her small hand through the fence. Cloud would avoid her at first then… they'd start up a pointless conversation, with the nicknames and the talking in circles...

Groaning, I decided to walk the track alone…again.

Somewhere into my second lap around, I heard something.


I ignored it.


He said it again. I tried very hard to ignore this boy for a whole year. I don't even know his name. He's IT: the biggest jerk in town.

"Fast girl! Yo, turn your head!"

I sighed. He is just so…loud. I was hoping to get a chance to think today.


That made me stop. I turned my head to look at the boy on the other end of the fence. He grinned.

"I just figured you out," he told me with a smirk.


Laughing, he bounced himself of the fence. "It's nothing…I just learned something about you."

I looked at him, "Well, what did you learn?"

There was a short pause as he ran his hand through his hair, "Hm. Well…What's your name?"

That didn't answer my question. I stayed quiet.

"The name's Zack; and you are…?"

Why was he giving me so much attention lately? I see him almost every week…Why now is he talking to me now?

I swallowed, "Aerith. My name is Aerith."

He was fell quiet. Chuckling he said, "Latin, right? I should've known…"

I threw him a funny look. He grinned, "A dead language. Nobody speaks it anymore. My guess is you're unique and old fashioned because of that name."

"Hey!" I yelped, ready to defend myself, "I'm not old-fashioned!"

"Oh really, Miss Aerith?"

I felt my face get hot. "Where are you going with this?"

"You think you're pretty fast right? I think I know someone who can beat you."

"Who would that be?"

He smiled and looked up at the sky, "you get out around three thirty, right? Meet me outside and I'll walk you home. We might meet this person on our way."

I started walking again and he followed beside me behind the fence. "What, no goodbye?"


He stopped, "you are coming, right?"

I looked at him again. This time I considered going. "Ask me like you mean it and I'll consider."

Slight surprise crossed his face. When I said earlier about how it only takes a half second to make an impression; I think his impression of me is constantly changing. I smiled at him and the look of surprise turned apparent.


He just asked me right out of the blue. This'd be my first time walking home with a guy and I wanted it to be totally special.

"Ask me like you mean it," I said back in a singsong voice.

He paused for a second, "You know…you aren't like the other girls I met." He sighed and twined his fingers around the chain-links. "So, Aerith…Do you want me to walk you home today?"

I could feel my face turning bright red. Why do I always have to get brave then get quiet? Why do I have to attend an all-girls school? I need more practice with this!

Gently, I nodded. "Y-yes…" I found myself mumbling.

He smirked. "Okay then."

I don't think my mood swings are beginning to confuse this guy…he's very adaptable.

Chapter 1 is up guys! Haha! I really hope that this story is popular because I think it's going to turn out so sweet. It is my usual Zerith teens again...high-school kids. (yay! Teenage Zack) So...I don't own Final Fantasy VII or any of the main characters or else I'd own them. In the next chapter we are going to learn about Zack's social life and the trouble his roomates get into. (gasp! Call the police, Midgar is going to burn down!)