Jedi Sokka

Sokka could not believe he was doing this. He was sitting in his car, dressed up like a Jedi, with a plastic lightsaber in hand. His mission, go into a gas station and try to convince someone to give him free stuff using the Jedi mind trick. His reward, concert tickets. Well, they were tickets to see his favorite band, and they were giving him backstage passes. So maybe making a fool out of himself was worth it.

He walked into the store and got a lot of weird looks from the customers.

"You will mind your own business." He told a gawker. The said customer just laughed at him. He decided to grab a Coke and a Snickers bar to see if he could get said items for free. He laid the purchases on the counter.

"Good morning." He said to the clerk.

"Hi." The clerk said back.

"You will give me this stuff for free." He said as he waved his hand.

"Um, no." The clerk said.

Well, he knew that was going to happen. The dumb DJ in his ear said to share the stuff with the clerk.

"You will share this Snickers bar with me." He said and attempted to cut the candy with his toy lightsaber.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" The clerk shouted.

"You will not shout at me." He fingerwaved at the clerk.

"You're one fucked up piece of work." The clerk answered.

"You will not swear at me." Sokka finger waved again.

He could hear the dumb morning show DJ laughing in his ear again.

"Ok kid get out of there, the tickets are yours."

Sokka left the Coke and Snickers on the counter and ran out of the store as fast as he could. He did not want that guy calling the cops on him. He got into his car and took his Jedi get-up off and drove to the radio station to claim his prize.

And life was sweet for Sokka.