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Chapter One

One day when she got home, Serenity got a package in the mail, there was no return address on it, when she opened it, and she found a bizarre statue.

It looked almost like a woman with a knife in her hand, and on the statue, she found a small note, it read, "Caution: Do not remove the label, handle with care."

She thought it rather strange, but she left the label alone, and she placed it on the coffee table and went to her room to do her homework.

Serenity went about her daily routine and forgot about the statue. Then one day her brother came over thinking she was at home, and using his key he let himself in.

When he found out that she wasn't at home, Joey went and got himself something to eat and sitting on the couch, he saw the statue.

He placed his sandwich on the table and picked up the statue and he looked at it and read the label and laughing to himself he, then he removed the label and when nothing happened he ate his sandwich and when he was done, he put the plate in the sink and left and he relocked the door.

That night when Serenity got home, she unlocked the door and went inside. Little did she know that her brother had been there until she saw the plate in the sink, she went to her room and put her books on her desk and went to get something to eat.

She passed the coffee table and then she noticed that the statue was missing, she looked all over the place and when she couldn't find it, she called Joey.

"Joey, when you were at my apartment today, did you see a statue on the coffee table?" Serenity asked.

"Sure I did, I thought it was stupid but then I figured you bought it so I left it sitting there while I ate my sandwich." Joey told her.

"You didn't by any chance take the label off the statue did you?" She wanted to know.

Not wanting to get yelled at by her, Joey lied and said, "No, I just looked at it that's all I did, why?"

She went on to tell him, "When I got home a little while ago, I noticed that the statue was missing and I can't find it."

Joey thought that it was strange, so he said, "I'll be right over and I'll help you find it." She thanked him and she hung up the phone.

She then went to her room to take a shower and change clothes, while she was in the shower, something was creeping around her bedroom, it stopped right outside the bathroom and when she stepped out of the shower, it ran into the other room.

After she got changed, she heard the doorbell and went to see who it was and saw Joey standing there, she opened the door and as he walked in Joey said, "Lets see if we can find that stupid statue, Mai has dinner waiting for me."

"You check in the kitchen and I'll check here in the living room." Joey said. They searched for an hour finding nothing and Serenity said, "Where in the heck could it be?"

Joey sighed and then he said, "Alright, go look in your bedroom one more time, if we don't find it then I guess maybe it walked off by itself." He said jokingly.

When she didn't find it in her room either, Joey said, "Listen, I've got to get home or Mai's going to wring my neck, I'll come by tomorrow and we can look again." Serenity kissed him and said, "Thanks for coming by." Then he left and she closed and locked the door.

She went into the kitchen, fixed herself a sandwich, took it and a glass of milk, and went to her room to get some of her homework done. It was late and she put her things away, turned off the light and went to sleep.

In the darkness, a figure stalked around the apartment looking for something, but what was it looking for? Then the figure walked into the bedroom, climbed up onto the bed, and walked up to Serenity's face, then it started chanting some strange words and Serenity woke up screaming.

When the alarm went off the next morning, she reached over and pushed the button, got up, took a shower and got ready to go to Domino College. When she left the apartment, there was something very strange going on inside, there on the bed was the statue, and the face of the statue had this terrified look on it, as if it were possessed by another person, but who could it be?

When she got to College, she went to her first class and as she sat down, she had the strangest feeling, it was as if she was being drawn by something to find the one person responsible for her being put into that statue, but who was she looking for?

She sat there looking around, then she got up and walked out of the room, not knowing where to go, Serenity wandered around the campus, then she headed for downtown Domino, maybe what she was looking for was there.

Joey had talked to Yugi about the strange looking statue and when Yami heard what he was saying, Yami turned around and hurried to the phone, he called Bakura.

"What do you want Pharaoh?" Bakura asked.

Yami then told him what he had overheard Joey telling Yugi and there was silence on the other end, then Bakura said, "Are you sure that's what Wheeler said?"

Yami said, "Yes, and if what he told Yugi is correct, then you're in a world of trouble." Bakura then said, "How in the hell did Wheeler's sister get hold of that damn statue?"

Yami said, "I don't know, but we've got to get over there and get it and make sure that it hasn't caused anyone to suffer the hell that I could cause." Bakura agrees, then he says, "I'll meet you there; make sure that Wheeler is with you, we may need to question him."

When we get to Serenity's Apartment, Joey lets us in and the smell of Shadow Magic reeks in the apartment, when we go into the bedroom, there on the bed lies the statue, but when we get closer, Joey screams, "No, it can't be."

We walk closer to the bed and the statue is lying on the bed, the eyes are open and instead of dead eyes, the eyes of the statue are green, just like Serenity's eyes.

Bakura picks up the statue and then he yells, "We're too late, it's already begun." Then Joey asks, "What's begun, and where is Serenity?"

Yami then says, "It's a long story, but right now we need to find Serenity and get her and this statue to Ishizu and find out if she can reverse what's happened."

Bakura picks up the statue and as he head to the front door, he says, Wheeler get the hell out of here before I kick your ass, Yami we to contact Marik and tell him what's happening and he can tell Ishizu, I pray that we're not too late."

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