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Chapter Five

Shadi opened the portal to the Shadow Realm, and then with the help from Bakura, Marik and Yami they took Arkana's body to the Shadows Realm then taking him to the deepest darkest part of the shadows.

There they placed Arkana's body on the ground where the shadows came crawling and one by one they ripped Arkana's body apart piece by piece and when that happened, the spell keeping Serenity in the coma was broken.

When Arkana was destroyed, Shadi said, "We need to get back and make sure that Serenity is going to be alright, that we weren't too late." So they left the shadows and went back through the portal.

In the Hospital:

When Serenity asked her grandmother, what would happen if they couldn't stop the one responsible for putting her there, her grandmother told her, "That's something I can't tell you."

Then when Arkana was destroyed, Serenity's grandmother smiled and said, "It's time for you to go back, you need to wake up."

Serenity lay there on the bed, it was almost as if she were dead, Joey stood on one side of the bed and Ishizu were on the other side, then Serenity's eyes opened and Joey rang for the Nurse.

When the Nurse came into the room, she noticed that Serenity was awake, "I'll go get the doctor she said." Then the Nurse ran out of the room and when the doctor came in, he too was baffled when he saw that his patient was in deed awake.

"I'm going to have the Nurse remove the breathing machine, and after it's removed, you won't be able to talk for at least two hours, do you understand?" Serenity blinked her eyes once and Joey said, "She saying yes, she understands."

Then the door opened and Shadi, Bakura, Marik and Yami walked into the room and upon seeing Serenity awake, Shadi said, "Thank the gods we were in time."

When Serenity was able to talk, she looked at Joey and said, "While I was asleep I saw grandma and she told me that all of you were trying to help me, thank all of you for what you did, I don't remember what happened, and I don't want to, but again I want to thank all of you."

Serenity and Joey's lives went back to normal, neither of them remembered what happened, and for that Bakura was glad, he still remembers in nightmares what his ancestor The Thief King did and for that he'll always regret what happened.

Deep in the shadow, when Arkana died, K'Jut disappeared and in her place Luta appeared and her body started glowing and it floated up out of the shadows towards the heavens, her memory was erased and as she opened her eyes there stood her family, she ran to them and it was there she remained.


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