C H A P T E R O N E | S E E I T

Okay well this is a little different from my other stories, so here goes. I got the idea for the story from two experiences. One is from class. We were talking about this one film that was an experiment about brain washing. Apparently a decade or so ago producers arranged for the words coca cola to flash in the middle of a scene, so quickly that you couldn't even really catch it. And, well next thing ya know all these people are leaving the movie real quick to get a coke. Freaky, right? Well the second experience, is obviously seeing the movie Push. My friends and I were all joking around and stuff and saying that maybe that movie was a government experiment to awaken people capable of physic abilities. And, I was just like, hey thats a cool story idea. So here it is.

Anyway this first chapter is short. I KNOW!!! But, this is how I like to write the first chapter: More mysterious and confusing than informing. The next chapter will have more info and hopefullly be up within the hour!

Enjoy! And please... REVIEW!!!

"Sshh. Guys shut it already!" Heather whispered to the rest of us as the movie began.

'I was giving up my only ten to see this movie, Push, so it damn well better be good', I thought to myself as it began.


2 hours later

"Well I thought it was good." Brian said as we all talked about our opinions on the movie.

"You would." I mumbled. He gave me a look and I grinned back.

"I gotta go, guys." I said already leaving.

As I walked away I heard them all call out some forms of good bye.

I smiled. Life was good.


I collapsed on my bed a little after eleven o'clock, completely hammered. God, I could still taste the gunnies on my tongue. Wow, I'd never gotten this drunk before like this. I mean I'd been to parties and gotten more drunk than this. But this time, I was at a bar and everything just seemed to be going my way. I remember suggesting to the bartender to pass me a drink and what was odd was that he didn't even argue with me about or ask about my age. He just handed the drink over with a smile. Whatever, it was still one hell of a night.