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Nadeshiko pushed herself out the doors of the hotel just in time to grab Kukai's arm before her got into the taxi. She slammed the cab door shut with her foot and gave the driver a motion to go ahead and leave.

"Kukai, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Nadeshiko shouted. Kukai looked at her, eyes wide. She was definately not the type to curse. Kukai slapped away her hand. She grabbed it right back in a bit of a struggle and slapped him across the face. His hand met his face and he gritted his teeth. He grabbed the wrist connected to the hand holding his and forced it to let go and held it above her head.

"What do you think," Kukai stated. "I'm leaving. This trip was a fucking mistake from the begining." He let the girl go, turned around towards the road, and began walking.

For once in her life, Nadeshiko was actually terrified of the usually playful boy. When he let her go, she fell to the snow covered ground, realizing she had no strength left in her legs.

"Wait." She whispered.

"Woohoo!" Yaya shouted with a huge grin on her face. She had beated Nagihiko to the elevators.

"Yeah, yeah. You won, alright? Calm down," the male twin laughed. He was about to hit the 'up' button to notify the elevator that they wanted to go up and that they were waiting for it. Before he could though, the elevator dinged, catching both of them off gaurd.


"Well, Utau is probably in a fit because I'm not back yet. It's been fun, Amu," Ikuto smirked as he moved closer the her face and gentally kissed her neck.

"I-I-IKUTO! Not here!" Amu blushed so hard. Said boy just started laughing.

"Alright, alright," He smiled. "I should get you to your room though."

Amu pouted slightly. "Okay, fine."

The two got up, payed their bill, and walked towards the elevator where there was a group standing. Amu raised a brow. "What's going on?"

"Tadase, thanks for coming with me tonight. I was a little embarrassed to go alone," Utau confessed. She was attempting to dry her pigtails.

"Utau, we only went to the pool. It's no big deal," Tadase smilied at her. He just had a towel around his shoulders.

Utau giggled. was in nothing but a yellow bikini, and he was in just a pair of royal blue trunks. The two blushed at each other. A few romantic things had happened while being at the hotel pool.

The pair was walking to lobby, on the count of Utau wanted to buy herself a drink. They had to walk past the main elevators which happened to now have a bit of a crowd around them. Tadase spotted familiar characters. He grabbed Utau's hand, taking her by surprise, and ran to see what was happeneing.

"What's going on?" Tadase asked when reaching the group. Everyone was there except Nadeshiko and Kukai.

"I wanna know that, too." Amu stated.

"Well, Kukai came back from the hotel bar, and we got into a huge fight. I got in the elevator and closed it before he could come in. I thought he was right behind me though, as if he was waiting for the next elevator. I got to our room and no one was there!" Rima explained.

"Yaya, Nadeshiko, and I went out for ice cream. We wanted to cheer up Yaya," Nagihiko added. Yaya nodded in agreement.

"I waited for like half and hour, and no body came back! Not even Kukai!" Rima continued.

"What!" Yaya asked out of shock. 'But-But Kukai wouldn't-'

"And now we can't find Nadeshiko! Yaya and I were racing here to the elevators. She was with us when we got into the lobby. And now she just, like, vanished!" you could tell by his voice, that Nagihiko was deeply concerned.

A moment of silence went by.

"I should never have yelled at him."

"I shouldn't have left her alone."

"If I didn't suggest that-,"

"If I didn't leave, than-"

"If I never would have came."

Everyone looked up from their depressive 'if' revisions. Yaya had her fists clenched. She was holding back tears.

"Yaya, it's not your faul-" Amu started.

"Shut up!" Yaya screamed. "If I hadn't come, none of this would've happened! And you all know that!"

Amu stayed quiet. She knew that Yaya had emotional issues ever since she was left behind during elemenatry, back when they were guardians. Amu couldn't say a thing now. There was only one person who could ever make her smile when she was like this; only one person who could bring her back to think clearly. Unfortuantly, that person, was usually the one who always caused her so much pain.

"Kukai, what's going on." Nadeshiko stated. The two were hiding out behind a shed owned by the resort that was supposivley off-limits to custumers.

"You and Yaya-chan are always so happy together. You're always smiling and goofing off with each other. What's the matter? This whole trip has you two fighting constantly."

"It's just that, I don't know. I feel really tense around her recently. I just-" Kukai was cut off.

"Shut up, Kukai. I know you like her," Nadeshiko smiled sweetly. "She's just really stressed right now, because...She likes you, too."

Kukai's eyes widened. "You're not serious are you?"

Nadeshiko wanted to punch him in the face. Was he seriously that dense? "Kukai, shut up."

"Well, than, I guess it's because I got intimidated by seeing some old classmates of mine. They know my weaknesses."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I got mixed with the wrong crowd. A few people helped me out, though. Basically, I didn't want any of them knowing about Yaya. And when they saw us almost kiss at the mall, I got really scared," Kukai hugged his knees. It was freezing outside but that didn't stop the two from just sitting out there and talking.

"How do you think Yaya felt? She was probably more terrified than you. Especially since one of them hit on her," Kukai's eyes shot open. He turned to Nadeshiko fast.


"What do you mean what? That's why Yaya has been so upset!" Nadeshiko scolded him.

"No, no! I mean, who did?"

"Um...I think his name was Kai?" Nadeshiko said.

"That bastard. God damnit!" Kukai yelled.

"What? What's going on Kukai!"

"He's probably thee worst person that could have gotten involved with Yaya! Oh my god! I should have known!" Kukai face-palmed himself.

Nadeshiko stood up. "Kukai, I don't know what the hell is going on, but you need to figure it out! I'm going back to the hotel though. It's freakin' 4 in the morning, and I want to go to sleep!"

"Ahh, but Yori said that today was their last day here, so there's nothing I can do about it now."

"Then, all you can do, if comfort Yaya. Tell her how you feel. Now, come on. Let's go back."

Kukai stood up too. He smiled to himself. They both walked back the hotel.

As the two walked inside a small girl was sleeping in an oversized red chair in the lobby. Kukai stared at her.

"Are you coming?" Nadeshiko walked to the elevator.

"Yeah, I'll be up there in a bit," the boy walked over the girl and smiled sweetly at her. It was Yaya.

After a while, the girl blinked herself awake, as if knowing someone was watching her.


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To Be Continued...