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Entry Number One:

I am a nice person.

…No, really, I am…

It's just that I have to be perfect, and it's not easy to be perfect.

Entry Number Two:

So I think I have finally figured it out.

To get Takuya's heart, which we all know I will eventually, I …

…actually, no, I haven't figured it out yet. But I'm trying to be perfect for him, and he still doesn't get the clue!

Entry Number Three:

Must stroke each side of my hair 100 times for that extra special shine.

Entry Number Four:

Stroke 57

Entry Number Five:

Stroke 58

Entry Number Six:

"Zoe, your grades are perfect, but you have no extra curricular activities, which may be a problem…So, after discussing this with your parents, we have decided to enroll you in an after school sport…"

-- Without my permission? Who does my Guidance Counselor think she is?

"Which sport, Mrs. Yamada?" Maintain that smile, Zoe!

"Well, the only sport that was willing to take acceptances so late into the semester was cheerleading…"


Maintain that smile, Zoe!

Entry Number Seven:

I wonder if twirling my hair around my finger makes me look dumb. Hmm…Takuya seems to be noticing.

Entry Number Eight:

Yes, Takuya, that's it. Look away from our boring English teacher and at me with my beautiful blonde locks. You know you want to…

Entry Number Nine:


"Si?" The accent totally turns guys on.

"I was wondering if…"


"Umm…this is kind of embarrassing…"

"Just ask, Takuya!"

English class isn't very romantic, but at least he's finally asking me to--

"I forgot my pencil pouch at home. Could I possibly borrow a pencil?"


Entry Number Ten:

Yolei's ochre eyes are gorgeous…

Are they better than mine?

What if her eye color is more attractive than mine?

Entry Number Eleven:

I wonder if you can get your eye color surgically changed.

Entry Number Twelve:

How many ways am I perfect?

There's too many to count…


Entry Number Thirteen:

"She said she reads all that she sees."

"She zaid she readz all zat she zeez."

Curse this accent!

Entry Number Fourteen:

"Zoe, Aoi, I'm pairing you two up for Botany!"


Entry Number Fifteen:

"Zoe, what's this plant called?"

Aoi, read the label under the plant.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you didn't know how…


"It iz a zhisul, Aoi."

"A what?"

"A zhisul!"

"What's that?"

"The plant's name!"

"Oh, but Zoe, the label under the plant says that its name is 'Thistle', not zhisul. You goofy little Italian thing! Can't you read?"

Laugh it up, Aoi. You're just jealous that you're not as perfect as me.

Entry Number Sixteen:

Do all my friends know that I am the dictionary definition of perfection?

Seriously, when they look it up in the dictionary, they see my name.

Entry Number Seventeen:

I'm too perfect for my car…Too perfect for my car…

"Zoe, are you singing that 'I'm too perfect' song again?"

"No, muzzer!"

Entry Number Eighteen:

"Oh, Takuya! You super hot thing! Take me away!"

o.o "Zoe?"

Oh god…please tell me I didn't think that out loud.

"I was umm…rehearsing for Romeo and Juliet! Wasn't that our assignment?"

"No, we're supposed to be reciting lines from Hamlet, and I'm pretty sure that there's no character named Takuya in any of Shakespeare's plays."

"What if I changed the story to you as Romeo and me as Juliet?"

Zut! Tell me I didn't think that one out loud too!

Entry Number Nineteen:

"Ahh…Zoe, you're our new cheerleader?"

…………….Aoi is the head cheerleader?

Entry Number Twenty:

I should have figured.

Entry Number Twenty-One:

Eek! Here comes Takuya, Kouji, Kouichi, JP, and all the other guys!

Please tell me that they don't normally watch cheerleading practice!

Entry Number Twenty-Two:

This cheerleading outfit is really tight.

Entry Number Twenty-Three:

Feels. So Tight. Can't breathe.

Entry Number Twenty-Four:

Eww…Aoi is talking to Takuya.

"So, Takuya, will you be coming to the game tomorrow night?"

There's a game? They wouldn't possibly expect me to perform at it.

"Yup, Aoi, because cheerleaders are the only things worth watching at football games."

Entry Number Twenty-Five:

Hmm…Takuya likes cheerleaders. Maybe extracurricular activities aren't all that bad.

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