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Inner Turmoil

Chase Young sat on his stone throne, tapping his fingers to a steady rhythm, making a slight booming noise that also made a sort of rapping or clicking sound to it. He was thinking about certain things that had transpired between him and a certain Xiaolin monk, the female one to be exact. Or the one that he could also call Lian-Li.

His mind was irritated with the fact that for some reason her words stung deep, something that he could not easily explain away. He thought very carefully about the situation and realized that he had been surprised with the whole situation. What he couldn't figure out was whether or not the girl was trying to fool him or not. He remembered some specific words to her in the past.

"You surprised me Spicer, and I am rarely surprised, but never fooled. By the way, love the perfume." Of course, that had been before the girl had become Lian-Li when she had been drawn to the past due to something that had been partially due to Chase Young's past-self's fault. His memorieshad been foggy until he realized that Kimiko and Lian-Li was the same person, then they had come rushing back to him.

He also couldn't help but remember the promise that the two of them had made with each other, something that had in turn forced him to choose between losing his freedom to the Xiaolin monks, or her losing her freedom forever to him. He had made the choice to throw the showdown in a way that would hopefully not look like he was letting the Wind Monk win.

Kimiko paused at first, and then carefully choose her words. "We can be friends… with the understanding that friends don't put up with their friends doing things they really shouldn't do. I promise that."

Chase blinked a couple of times. The girl had been very careful as to how she worded what she did. "I promise that. Always be friends… and look out for each other… even if it means turning their back on the other."

"Seems my jungle cats, that I have finally backed myself into a corner and I need to find a way out of it… and this is one that I don't think I will be able to without breaking my promise… which is something I will not do… a challenge perhaps… but unlike the others I do no like this one,"

However, there were some of the girl's words that bothered him. The reason that she had made the promise that she had was so that he would not entrap her with the friendship that they had actually formed in the past. She had specifically told him that it was never intended to entrap him into his current predicament, which he actually did believe.

Of course there was another part of the conversation that was still making his temper boil, for some odd reason that he could not place his finger on. Typically, he could place his finger on such things, but for some reason he felt that his mind was trying to hide what the truth was because he had the feeling that the truth was not something that he wanted to hear.

This caused Chase to smirk. "Should have known. Ching is dead… as I've said, there is no soul there."

"Chase Young, Ching's soul was formed from his honor. That was who made him who he is. You still have your honor. Do you really think you have no soul?" Kimiko smiled.

Chase frowned at this, realizing that what was going on was that the girl had actually suggested that he might still have a soul inside him. Either he was angry that she might be right, meaning he had thrown away a good deal of his life, or that he was of the opinion that because she believed this, she might try to redeem him. As he did not care for others, it had to be the second one.

More words echoed through his head, ones from yet again when he was young and at the level that the monks currently were. "When ever I will have the picture of Ching kissing me, I'll imagine Chase kissing me. What if I didn't want you to be my first kiss?" Chase had been contemplating these words for a long time, and had when younger, not realized the meaning of them, but now the clues all fit.

He had misinterpreted the meaning of the words to mean she was thinking about the two names he was called by them, Ching being the childhood nickname that a couple of other monks had called him, their names long forgotten. In truth, it had been a comparison to his past-self to his now self, which meant by reacting the way he did, kissing her again, he had done wrong by her… caused her dishonor, when he was trying to repair a previous dishonor.

"Let's face it… one's younger self never has the full knowledge that one now has to not make the mistakes that one eventually regrets, and unfortunately, I want to kill my child self for this mess it's put me in, but then where would that leave me," came Chase's sarcastic joke.

Then he thought about what she had said about not wanting him to be her first kiss, not that he could blame her. Only a fool would attempt to kiss him without fear of death… thankfully Wuya was not that foolish… yet. But the fact that she had said these words meant that she had someone else in mind for her first kiss likely.

He quickly guessed who it could possibly be and called his eyeball glass and sent out his little spies, though he rarely did this, but he felt that he had to know more. "Bring into the eye view the Wind Dragon."


Raimundo was leaning against a wall, watching the other monks eating their food with relish… or in Kimiko's case, with mannerisms. He still couldn't guess why Kimiko was still angry with him, but then the other two monks still were, as so seemingly was Master Fung. Then again, Master Fung was not mad, more of stern about the whole matter.

He had made the decision, instead of giving up one friend, that he was to give up both so that he wouldn't have had to choose. He thought carefully back to what had been going on and tried to think hard about how he could have made a better choice in this whole matter.

First option, as he was the youngest, would have been Omi. If he had chosen Omi, then Omi might have gotten the idea that Clay was being chosen because if Raimundo lost, Clay would be more formidable in the rematch that might necessarily be needed in the future. As for Clay, the cowboy might have been miffed with the fact that Raimundo picked the younger monk to go into the mix.

The second option was Clay then. If he had picked Clay, Omi's mind might yet again have drifted off to thinking that Raimundo didn't think very highly of him and his ability. As for Clay, the cowboy might have taken it as a sign that their friendship was not important at all. This left Rai thinking of any other solutions to the problem.

The third option he came up with while standing there was to put Dojo into the pot, but then that would likely have literally put Dojo into the pot. The last thing that Rai needed was to have handed over Dojo to a crazed psychopath like Chase Young, who happened to have a liking for Dojo soup.

The fourth option… the fourth option would have been to have refused. Raimundo had never heard of the terms of a Xiaolin Showdown being refused before, so he was rather baffled about this one. How was it that he could just leave Kimiko there at the mercy of Chase Young to do the same thing that he had done before.

Thought that he had done before, as Kimiko stated that wasn't the case and the Heylin monk was quite affronted by the fact that Raimundo had gone and accused him of such an atrocity. Also… by picking what he had… did that not mean that he choose Kimiko over the other two. That meant…

Before Raimundo could think about what it meant, he was interrupted by Omi. "Raimundo… what exactly was that thing that Chase did to Kimiko?"

Raimundo watched as Kimiko's eye twitched a bit; however, the Wind Dragon beat her to the punch, literally, his fist coming down on Omi's head. "Omi… I was wrong, all right. It is also not something for Omi ears."

"That was mean!" Omi had tears welling in his eyes and ran to hide behind Kimiko.

"I wasn't mad at Omi Rai," Kimiko turned away from him, still in a huff about earlier. "I am still mad at you for accusing Chase of doing that thing… and speaking of it in front of Omi!"

"Hey… how is it that your taking sides of that psychopath!" Raimundo protested.

"Rai… it wasn't just his honor that you brought into question, but in some ways mine. Did you ever think of it that way?" the girl snapped.

"How…" Omi suddenly had his mouth covered by Clay.

"Partner… this isn't a discussion for Omi to hear, all right," Clay started as Omi got a very disappointed look on his face. Sometimes he was too curious for his own good.

"Also Rai… what are you going to do now? His freedom was at stake here! He's now like a slave to us!" Kimiko ranted.

"Heads up, but a certain somebody is spying on us again," Clay suddenly commented, pointing to the object that transmited Chase Young's video signal. Kimiko narrowed her eyes at this, remembering something that Master Dashi had told her earlier.

"But he was told not to attack us," Omi pouted.

"He's not attacking, he's spying. He's like a peeping tom," Kimiko snorted, being sarcastic. It was then that everything went black as a fire ball sped that way.


Chase Young closed his eyes as the signal disappeared. He knew that Kimiko's comment was supposed to in some way sting and tell him that she didn't want him spying on the monks. He had to think carefully about the words that had come from her mouth and what she might have possibly meant from them. The tone of her voice was sarcastic, which meant she also had a reason for using those specific words.

Then it clicked, and quickly too. The Fire Dragon had come to realize that she no longer had anything to fear of Chase Young… and it was because of that one promise that he had made to her so long ago. She knew that he was powerful and could do major damage, but also that he would hold true of his promise.

It wasn't an arrogant lack of fear either, which was what Chase Young typically found. It was one that had respect to it, most likely due to the fact that she found that his ability to keep his word to be something that was worth respect. Of course, that she had picked her words carefully with him also came to be something that needed to be held in respect… she had probably come to the conclusion in that three way showdown to do such with the warrior any time she dealt with him, not realizing the chance she would get.

"What exactly are you doing?" a voice called out, causing Chase's head to snap up and glare at her.

"Really, it is none of your business," Chase muttered.

"I think it is, as I live here too," Wuya cooed at him.

"I have no time for your games witch. You are a guest here, not a resident, and even if you were a resident, I can easily evict you. Consider your eviction notice given,"

Wuya shrugged her shoulders. "Chase Young… you say that, but you welcome me and the others back so easily… Jack… Katnappe… you name it…"

"Leave! You've bothered me enough for today!" Chase snapped, changing to his dragon form, if one could call it that. Wuya gave him a glare and hurried off.

Author's note – A little bit of catching up the first chapter, even though it is posted soon after the first one being finished. It is a form of good writing. While I tend to be having the same tone with this fanfic, it is going to be a little darker. Also, a running gag for a few chapters is Omi finding out what they meant by this… don't worry, I won't let him really find out… and I won't kill any characters in this fanfic. :)

Inner Turmile