The next thing both boys knew they were helping the other two Xiaolin monks to clean up the bathroom. Omi kept running back and forth at a very fast speed and nearly knocked Raimundo over when he came in. The dark skinned male raised an eyebrow at the site. "What are you doing in the boy's bathroom Kimiko?"

"I'm helping clean up to make sure that they do clean up." The female pointed at the two boys that were helping clean up despite the rather disgusted looks on their faces.

"First, I've got to use the restroom. So you can step out and I'll supervise." Rai sighed. "Second, who are they."

Kimiko stepped out of the bathroom and spoke up so that he could hear her while he went to the restroom. "They're a couple of guys I met when I traveled into the past. They were teaching Omi some rather nasty things and when they suggested there was a water dragon in the toilet Omi decided to flood the bathroom in order to get the water dragon out. I've got to go let someone else know they're here."

"In my defense I was using my imagination." Omi held his ring finger in the air in defiance.

"How is that a defense?" Rai grumbled from inside the bathroom. The toilet flushed and he stepped out of the room.

"I didn't know that the water wouldn't go down the toilet as I poured it in!" The small boy continued to hold the one finger up.

"Keep cleaning. You know this is the punishment you would have gotten in Master Fung had caught you. Actually, it might have been a lot worse. What came over you?"

"I made new friends. They're hip and cool."

"Umm... Omi..." Rai leaned against the door frame.

Doan's head popped up. "What is this hip and cool thing?"

"It's a modern day saying in reference to something that is the latest fad. Omi is actually misusing it."

"I am not."

"You misuse a lot of modern day sayings."

Tao glanced up, his eyes narrowed. "What is with the dark skin?"

"I'm from a country half way around the world from here." Rai frowned at them. "Is my skin color an issue."

"So... you were brought to China as a slave and the monks bought your freedom?" Doan continued working at cleaning up the floor.

"Excuse me?" Rai felt a twitch coming on.

"Well, how else would you come to be in China?" Tao picked up the bucket and dumped it out the window.

"Yeah... that tells me how out of the loop you guys are. It doesn't take a lot of time to travel around the world anymore. You might want to say there are mechanical Dojos flying around now."

"Amazing..." Doan looked up with a big grin on his face.

Tao though simply turned to Rai. "Yeah, I'm sure all of that is true."

"They have the magical bathrooms though." The bigger of the two looked over at Tao and folded his arms across his chest.

"They aren't magical. It is technology."


A few hours later Rai led the two to the eating rooms where a lot of tables were. Tao frowned, but Doan had a smile on his face. "This is so much nicer then what we had!"

"Yeah..." The other boy folded his arms just as Clay came out of the kitchen carrying some trays. "What is with all of the apprentices not being Chinese."

"I'm Chinese!" Omi raised his hand, only to have it pushed down by Rai.

"He's being raciest Omi. Don't encourage him."

"Should I be thankful I don't know what that word means?" The boy piped up just as Kimiko passed him.

"It has a similar meaning to sexist, which you are." The female stated. "I see you two have found your way to the dining area."

"No thanks to you. You said you would show us once we were finished." Tao turned to glare at her.

"Would you like another beating?" The girl narrowed her eyes at the young man. "And no, you don't have the right to say that I'm weaker then you when you don't even dare to lift a finger. How insulting can you get."

The boy's eye twitched before he suddenly turned at her. "I know that the Japanese prize their female warriors, but that is why Japan is weak compared to China. Go be a shrine maiden already!"

"He didn't..." Rai slapped his head.

"He did..." Doan shook his head. "And yes... you could say that Tao is raciest."

"What is this about Japan prizing their female warriors and thus being weaker then China." Omi clutched his head suddenly. "I've not heard of such things. All the television shows only male warriors."

"Yeah... I don't recollect seeing any male Samurai in any of the programs I've watched."

Doan crossed his arms. "You don't know? Japan has always had a long line of female Samurai, as they call their warriors. There aren't many, but we heard stories of them from master Dashi. He spoke highly of them, but Tao took that as a sign that Japan was week."

"So... its kind of like the Amazons." Rai nodded his head. "Cool!"

"What are the Amazons?"

"They're a legendary warrior group from the country I come from. Nobody knows if they were real or not though. Well, they may not have come from my country. They're part of Greek or Roman mythology." Rai let out a laugh. "But their fun to talk about."

All three watched as Tao went flying across the room and out the door. Omi then piped up. "Just to let you know, saying, "No he didn't tends to indicate that someone is going to get pummeled by Kimiko."

"Except you. You just get your head bonked." Rai sighed. "Clay and I learned not to cross her a long time ago."

"You guys talk of her as if she is indeed a formidable fighter." Doan twiddled his thumbs. Omi said no while Rai said yes.

Clay walked over letting out a deep sigh. "Omi only says no because of his views on women. Omi, would you like to cross Jessie?"

The small boy suddenly paled before scurrying off. "I suddenly lost my appetite."

"Who is Jessie?" Doan asked.

The cowboy suddenly tipped his hat down. "My sister."

"Believe me... you do not want to mess with Jessie." Rai found his mouth twisting up. "Not only is she tough, she's butt ugly."

"Excuse me!" Clay suddenly tackled Rai to the ground. "Don't you dare talk about my sister like that!"

Kimiko came back carrying two trays of food and jumped nimbly over the boys. "Truth be told, Jessie's problem is that she doesn't wear the right clothes for her body type. She's trying to be something she's not."

And with that Doan was left with the two boy's tumbling on the floor while Tao came back in. "She's gone?"

"You're scared of her..."

"No I'm not! I'm not afraid of nobody!"