Own Business

"All right. What ever you say." Kimiko hopped down from the roof and headed back towards the kitchens to see if she could help clean up. She paused when she realized that Chase was following her.

"I apologize. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." The ex-Xiolin monk's tone of voice remained rather emotionless.

"No... I was just surprised that you were following me. You're not the most sociable person and tend to keep to yourself. But you're free to come with me." The female monk continued forward and felt a smile twisting up on her face. She arrived with him at the kitchens and saw that the other three were busy already. "Do you guys need any help?"

Rai glanced up. "No, just keep Chase busy."

"Excuse me?" The armored man crossed his arms.

Kimiko folded her arms. "You make it sound as if Chase is a disaster waiting to happen Rai."

"No... well, I can see why you would say that." Rai let out a deep sigh as he set his cleaning item on the ground as he sat back on his heels. "We have things handled here, so we don't need your help. That said, I think it is best to keep Chase away from those two morons as I think they would..."

"What two morons?" The group turned to look in the direction that the voice had come from and all of them saw that Tao and Doan were standing there. "Are you talking about us?"

Doan raised a finger and pointed it at Chase. "Umm... who are you?"

"Who cares? He's obviously not a monk so he should get the hell away from the temple." Tao folded his arms across his chest.

Rai let out an irritated sound. "You don't recognize him, do you?"

"No, why should we?"

Omi frowned. "They are morons."

"Excuse me brat?" Tao started forward only to have his head grabbed by Chase. "Oi... mind backing off?"

"Tao... perhaps you should apologize to Omi," Kimiko frowned.

"What?" The young man turned to look at her. "Why should I take orders from a female whose willing to whore herself out to a weak monk just so she can have some sort of status."

The corner of Chase's eye suddenly twitched and the corner of his mouth turned up. He then brought his arm back so that it was bent at the elbow before pushing it forward and shoving Tao out of the room. The next thing he knew he was being grabbed by the four modern monks of the temple and being dragged backwards.

Omi shouted from his grip on his leg. "No! Don't fight him!"

"Come on, back off Chase." Clay held onto him by the arms while Kimiko and Rai held onto his waist.

Tao had landed hard on the ground and brought a hand to his mouth before spitting. "Did you say Chase?"

"Chase?" Doan had a rather dumbstruck look on his face. He then held his arms forward and went rushing forward. "You're alive!"

The next thing the five knew they were being knocked to the ground and an exasperated sound was heard as the group found themselves in a pile. Kimiko peeked up while a slight growling sound came from Chase's throat. Tao though however walked over and there was a dark look in his eyes. "Doan, let go of him."

"But he's alive! Aren't you glad he's alive?" The bulky Chinese teen found himself being shoved away by Chase's hand. As the other male pushed on his face he turned to Tao. "Well, aren't you glad?"

There was a bit of silence before Tao spoke up. "You are right about one of us being a moron. Let's go to another part of the temple where they aren't."


"Doan, Chase isn't a Xiolin monk anymore." The lithe Chinese teen watched as Doan pulled away.

"I don't understand."

"I'll explain it to you one we're away from these..." The young man closed his mouth before turning. "Let's just go."

The two then disappeared and Chase felt the young monks relax their grips on his limps. "Why did you have to stop me?"

"Because we can't have you tearing the temple apart because of some grudge match from the past."

Chase stood up before reaching down to help Omi and Kimiko up. "I apologize for not avoiding them like you asked."

Rai took a deep sigh. "Don't worry about it. From the looks of it we may not be able to stop you guys from getting into a fight the next time around. That Tao person looks right mad at you."

The ex-monk crossed his arms. "I don't see why he would care as he never liked me in the first place. Unless he is simply mad because I misplaced Dashi's trust in me."

"You're actually admitting that?" Kimiko blinked a couple of times.

Air came out of Chase's nose. "Master Dashi... never mind. If you don't mind, I will be finding some place quiet to meditate in hopes that they don't bother me."

The ex-monk then left while Rai pulled his knee up so he could rest his chin on his knee. "I thought Chase would be a problem for us simply because we we're taking him off the soup, but goodness knows that those two are likely to be a bigger problem at this point."

"They've always been a problem Rai. It's really not anything new. Chase could though be an even bigger threat if he goes manic on us, and those two may make him go that way sooner. Perhaps we should have Master Guan take them away?"

Rai folded his arms across his chest. "If we have to deal with Chase become manic sooner, we deal with it sooner. It may be better for all parties around. The one problem I have with getting those two to push his buttons so we can maybe get Chase back is that he may tear them into shreds in the process."

"It would serve them right."

"Kimiko!" Clay shook his head at the small female as she turned to leave.