First Genesis Special

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Part 1

Five, four, three, his fingers took over, two, one. 'You're on'. He pointed directly to the two young ladies across, sitting comfortably side by side on the twin cushion sofa.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen!" The girl with a dark wavy shoulder-length hair began. "Welcome to E-Fanfic Special!"

At the sight of the turned on sign just direct above the stage, the audience clapped as instructed. Of course, nobody would want to break the rules and get kicked out from one of those rare specials done by the famous duo, A-ko and B-ko, on their top-rated E-Fanfic Talk Show.

Nobody actually knew their real names. Some speculated that it's Akane and Ban but who cares about their names, they were good with their mouths and their guest picks. With the bubbly B-ko and a more reserved A-ko, they manned their show like there was nothing else in the world.

"Wow!" B-ko responded, her long red hair tossed around, as she waved heartily to the crowd. "We sure have a powerful audience tonight, A-ko."

"Of course," She smiled prim and proper. "They are watching out for today's special. There's no other day or talk show, you know, where they will be able to see our guests today."

"By the way, come to think of it, how did you get those two to come here, anyway." B-ko was scratching her head convincingly.

"It's all about asking the right questions, right?" A-ko giggled, winking at the audience. "Well, let's not waste anymore time, shall we?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome to the show, Ms. Haruka Tenoh and Ms. Kaioh Michiru."

Claps became steady and upon sight of the hovering well-suited blond in a loosely-collared cream shirt with matching tan pants and a blazer walking calmly together with a smiling companion on who could be described as lithe and elegant with her perfectly fitted blue green sundress tracing every curve there was in her body. For a second, they were like two characters directly ripped out from a romantic anime movie. Even the room seemed to cheer their entrance, the walls reverberating the howls and whistles that the watchers couldn't contain.

Michiru bowed properly to the hosts and the audience while Haruka supposed to have intended to do the same when shy, prim and proper A-ko took the advantage to shake the blond's hand, much to the visitor's surprise. But Haruka gladly responded, throwing out her one of her TM charming smiles. And it never did fail because A-ko was ridiculously obviously blushing in front of the camera's lens.

The taller woman sat firmly straight in a way that her broad shoulders were very much emphasized compared to the other woman who was looking friendly and more approachable with her lady-like crossing of her legs just below her knees. It couldn't be helped to ignore the well-trimmed fingernails topped with a natural color for Haruka and an adorable hue of green for Michiru. Haruka may be stiff yet from time to time, she never faltered to have this simper on her eyes that unexplainably sparkle whenever she gazed at a person.

Amusingly, it took at most ten minutes to calm the audience down. "You surely are not Tenoh-san and Kaioh-san's fans, are you?" B-ko had a weird smile toward the audience who only replied with a louder cheer. "OK, OK. Let's keep quiet now, class."

Michiru's smile clearly showed how please she was at her fans while Haruka was a bit composed than how she was perceived to be.

"So…" A-ko started off with exhaling what was left of her sanity. "… wow!" Her smile's from ear to ear. "I… mean wow!"

B-ko could not help but make a funny look on her face as her eyes bulged in entertainment with her partner's speechlessness. "A-ko is a huge fan of you two." She reasoned out well which is pretty hard to miss. "How are you two?" She took the liberty to start.

"We're fine" It was the smaller woman who replied.

"We really are so glad that you accepted our invitation."

"Thank you for inviting us." Haruka replied in her normal boyish tone.

"Well, you two are very incredibly famous. Do you know that?" B-ko was the only one breathing between the two hosts.

"We did know that Naoko Takeuchi-sensei's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon was a huge success internationally." Michiru continued. "So, it is really an honor to be part of such great endeavor."

"But your fame does not stop there, you know. You two did a lot of fanfics especially A/Us. That's alternate universe by the way, ladies and gentlemen."

"So it seems." The statement earned a gentle chuckle from Haruka.

"But I want to talk to specifically talk about working with First-GeNeSiS-sensei. After all, this is what the special is all about. How is it like doing FG-sensei's story? By the way, does she mind calling her FG-sensei?"

"I don't know about that." Michiru giggled. "We actually call her Gen, for short."

"OK. OK then. Gomen." B-ko stuck a tongue jokingly. "Gen. Let's call her Gen! How does it like to do stories of Gen?"

"What do you think, Haruka?" Michiru retreated to her partner as if telepathically forming a strategic battle plan with their mysterious smiles.

The blond could only laugh, her fingers brushing her hair sleek before strands dangled again across her forehead. "Well, it was… for me, it was a different experience each time. But overall, it was challenging enough. I mean it first turned out to be easy but as time passed by, she tend to sometimes push us to somewhere really… umm… unique world."

"They were mostly alternate universe." Michiru commented. "And she has these sometimes very emotional conflicts that are very hard to do at first take."

"Indeed. I remember there was one time that I have to do a particular scene over and over again because I was not emoting enough and Gen was like 'can you be more expressive with your face, Tenoh-san?' and I was really tired already because if I remembered correctly, I had to scream as well or perhaps make my voice really loud for that scene."

"Wow!" B-ko was pleased. "You know what, we have here some random questions that we are supposed to ask each of you. Different question for each person, but what I just heard is I guess more interesting."

"Oh, oh," Haruka teased. "What are you planning to have us do, B-ko-chan?"

It seemed that Haruka has an effect on B-ko as well, making the host's face a little bit giddy.

"Haruka, sometimes, you need to identify the boundary between reality and fantasy." Michiru playfully tilted her head toward the other woman. "You just can't go hitting girls on live TV."

The blond just had to cough in reply.

B-ko shook her head back to reality, personally witnessing the two's short conversation. It was like having the front seat of a movie theater. "Well…well… so, I have here, lists of the different fanfics you did with First-GeNeSiS. I am going to read a fic, and each of you shall tell us your unforgettable backstage or behind-the-scene experience with it. OK?"

"Sure." Michiru was quick to respond.

"A Feat of Revelation"

"That was the first fanfic, ne?" The blond asked her partner.

"Hai. But I only played a supporting role on that one while you, Ruka, seemed to enjoy that story very well. Come to think of it, I think your character on that story truly reflected your true self."

"Eh? You're exaggerating things, Michiru."

Michiru chuckled while telling the show the truth. "Haruka effortlessly hit two girls in a single story."

Everybody on the set laughed with the blond blushing to her ears. "The script called for it."

"Yes, Minako and Usagi didn't have to act to get the story done." The wavy-haired woman seemed to enjoy teasing the other.

"Shall we proceed to the next, B-ko-chan?"

The hosts could only laugh in amusement. "OK. Journey Through."

"Wow!" Haruka reminisced the moments. "That was a very hard piece to do. Character development was truly a big deal. Oh, by the way, are we talking about the first Journey Through? I am recalling the whole trilogy of that fic."

"Telling the trilogy is fine, Tenoh-san."

"The story was really emotional. It has love, joy, angst, guilt, revenge, sadness, well… there were really really really… a lot… of emotions put in there so being able to portray everything was truly difficult. In the later part of the trilogy, my character ended up this really confused person and totally bothered with almost everything. My character and Michiru's truly evolved throughout the trilogy."

"Well, Haruka, my character was not really that 'evolved', you know. I just, well… changed… literary (physically)."

"How is it like playing two different characters in one story, Kaioh-san?"

"There was a lot of adjusting done. My characters – even though they looked alike, they are still two different characters. The first one was the damsel in distress type who was a bit feisty to potential suitors while the second one was more mature and worldly, who knows more about life which Alexandr missed."

"Any special preparations for that story?"

"I don't know about special preparations but Haruka did fall down from the horse once." Michiru giggled.

"Oh~ Was it serious?"

"Nope, it was not serious."

"Hey! You pushed me from that horse, remember? My butt became sore for a week."

"Ara~ Did I?" The smaller woman's innocent face was still covered with soft giggles.

"She was to sit upfront and she sort of stretched, pushing me off. I don't know what she was thinking." The blond could only sigh in defeat. "I met a lot of bruises during Journey Through. My arm got bruised during the door scene. Then, Seiya accidentally knocked me over during the sequel. He was truly sorry after that because I was really ready on that time to take my revenge."

"And you were amply rewarded from those bruises, ne Haruka? Minako gave you special treatment in one of those scenes."

"Hey now!" It took a while before Haruka could remember the exact scene.

"But you were really enjoying that one. Minako pushed Haruka to the floor and gave her some loving."

Haruka sighed, murmuring, at the never ending comments of her partner. "It was hard to enjoy it at all with you always staring across us."

"Let me just clarify, Tenoh-san. Does Kaioh-san watch you while you do your scenes?"


"I do not."

"Yes, you do."

"Well, I did not watch you when you were acting on the blue screen for the Land of Unknown."

"Yes, you were not. You were flirting with Seiya."

"I did not."

"You were backstage, drinking tea with Seiya, discussing your love scenes."

"Well, flirting and discussing are two different things."

"Oh, really?"

"Ano… excuse me?" B-ko intruded cautiously. "What are we talking about?"

"My Red Angel" Both replied.

"I'm sorry for asking this but I don't remember Seiya in My Red Angel. Was he present in that fic?"

"Yes." Haruka remained her calm. "He played Kuro, Michiru's brother and lover."

"Oh, I see. So that was Seiya."

"Gen said that he fitted the looks. She just put on a lot of make up on him to make him more evil-looking."

"I know that we are really heating up on the subject here but as a host, I feel compelled to follow what I originally planned." Though she said it but her subconscious was asking differently. Nevertheless, the show must be organized. "Before jumping on My Red Angel, let's first discuss about the fic before that, The Project. Kaioh-san, you played an agent who protects a top secret project. Later, you ended up protecting Tenoh-san, the project's scientist. But halfway through the story, we know that there was more than science involved. There were these supernatural past lives you two shared."

"You've really done your research, haven't you?" Haruka winked at her.

"Umm… well… ah… oh… a… I do read the fics, personally."

"Tenoh-san, Kaioh-san!" Finally, A-ko was able to talk. "May I ask both of your opinions?"

"We're here to answer your questions." Her aquamarine hair moved elegantly along with her pleasantry.

"In… in… well, near the end of the first Journey Through trilogy, there was this well, scene, umm… a love scene to be exact. First-GeNeSiS-sensei made it so graphic compared to the others I've read from her. So, how did the two of you make it that 'hot'?

The visitors fell silent for awhile, looking at each other with a questioning face. But they were not alone. The audience, as well, including the crew, could only drop their jaw at the audacious question.

"Hot?" The blond leaned back casually, her arms spread with no care on the sofa. "…perhaps because it was the first in a long time."

Everybody grew wide-eyed.

"Haruka!" Michiru looked amusingly upset.

"Just kidding." She jested before sitting up straight. "We were made to do it over and over again on that one. Because Gen was quite meticulous with the details and actions and there were just moments that we couldn't get it right. However, she clearly stated to us that we should do it at whatever most comfortable to us. It took us days to get that scene done, by the way. So, how did it get 'hot'? I totally have no clue."

"Everything was feinted though." The smaller woman added. "To hear that it seemed hot is indeed a compliment."

"Lucky for First-GeNeSiS-sensei, huh?" A-ko sighed.

Totally getting the idea, Michiru seemed excitingly pleased. "Gen was rather shy directing us for that scene. Probably as shy as Haruka."

"No way! Tenoh-san?" B-ko suddenly sprung her curiosity. "But she was so good, not to mention, so bold for that scene."

"Michiru…" A soft voice called up.

The smaller woman couldn't help but smile giddily talking to what happened for that scene. "I guess I'll leave the rest of the storytelling to Haruka."


"Shall we continue now on 'The Project'?" She had a smug smile covering her whole face.

"Aaawwwww…" The audience was the one to react.

Michiru's giggles were more audible than before while Haruka suffered with a flushed face, making her looked much cuter every minute. Girls were screaming at the farthest side of the seats.

B-ko cleared her throat. "Let's continue on 'The Project' before we get our medics busy with the fainting fan girls, shall we?"

Indeed there were really a lot of girls ogling over the blond on the stage.

"And, let's not forget the silent dudes." B-ko added, pointing to the gentlemen who were busy checking out the cheerful-looking Michiru. "Snap out of it, boys!"

Both the guests laughed at the commotion going on in the small room. Everybody was commendably active and attentive to the two women on the stage.

"From historical angst, the gear shifted to sci-fi action with Kaioh-san carrying the big guns."

"Yes, I was this cool agent with all the weapons and kicks, you know what I mean. Oh, but the thrill was on the adventure. We had to go to this jungle and we made all the scenes outdoors. The props men were a marvel to do the design with the plants, altar, and everything. It was a new experience."

"Did you really have to carry heavy loads during the jungle adventure?"

"The bags and cases were practically empty. They just stuffed a lot of useless light things in there to make it bulky. And yeah, Haruka also had a share inside that bag. One day, I was carrying our luggage for that scene and I thought that the bag was heavier than the usual. It took me about almost a mile until I realized that Haruka had stuffed her energy drinks in them."

Haruka laughed at the memory. "Thanks for carrying them for me, by the way."

"You were not welcome."

"That's getting back for the horse."

The smaller woman could only shook her head in disbelief.

Meanwhile, A-ko was still paying close attention to the two. Somehow, slowly, she began helping B-ko sorting out the questions they initially prepared. From the looks of it, things were going a little bit astray.

A-ko cleared her throat, prepping for the next question, in her most innocent-sounding voice. "Tenoh-san, how does it feel raping Kaioh-san several times in 'The Project'?"

If all the people in the room were drinking something, they could have sworn they'll choke it out right at that instant.

"A-ko-chan," Whirling her hands, B-ko mildly gave a sign of restraint to the other host.

The two guests could only gape questioningly at the brown-haired host.

"A-ko-chan," Michiru started calmly as if intently holding a lecture in a very silent and attentive classroom of a university. "Honestly speaking, there's really not much of a difference with the love scene we had done in Journey Through. If you're asking the exact difference, well, in The Project, both of us had to use force with each other which is, of course, tiresome sometimes because Haruka is really strong and I had to really fight her with all my might. I believe Haruka also exerted as much effort as I did."

"I guess, that's about it." Haruka became relax again.

"Oh~ that was a little awkward." B-ko tried to regain the liveliness of the crowd back, alternately jesting to her co-host.

"You truly ask such amusing question, A-ko-chan." The blond shot her a smile. "You never fail to catch our attention."

A-ko responded quite shyly enough. The show was far from over and Michiru and Haruka was indeed getting started to warm up. More and more they felt at home inside that little studio, together with all the audience cheering at them from time to time.

"Anyway, what was the most difficult scene to portray in 'My Red Angel'?"

"Ah! My Red Angel." Haruka gleefully hinted at her partner, glancing at her sneakily. "Do you want to know the most difficult scene to portray in fic?"

"It was the first few chapters, actually." Looking indifferent, Michiru broke it immediately.

"Michiru playing the seductress was quite awkward for the two of us."

"Yes," she was a bit exasperated. "Haruka always end up laughing or chuckling at me. So, acting it out was agonizingly prolonged because of the number of outtakes."

"Really? I thought you two were really good with the innocent angel and the seductress. I mean, Tenoh-san seemed the innocent type, isn't she?"

Michiru could only sigh. "Innocent, eh?" Glancing at her side, Haruka indeed was putting on her innocent looking face, totally having no clue on what Michiru could have meant. "A scene called for me to feel her shirt and the focus was on my finger. It turned out Haruka to be making all sorts of faces when I did that. That ended obviously in a retake."

"Did I do that?" The blond was still acting her role.

"I don't know if you remembered this." Michiru completely ignored her partner, shaking her head in disbelief as she remembered more surprising happenings. "But at that time when I was supposed to manipulate Chiba-san, for some reason, he and Haruka both had a giggle attack on that scene. I don't know about them but it actually made me think for a second if I was really right for that role, you know. I mean, I totally asked myself over and over again, 'am I not fit for the seductress image?'"

There were soft chuckles by the blond, looking so amused at the seriously bothered Michiru.

"Hmmm…" B-ko tried to analyze. "Don't you think, perhaps, that you might be too good for the role, that's why they were trying to shake you off out of it as to not let you seduce them in front of the numerous viewers."

Haruka fell silent.

"Nevertheless, those are in the past." Michiru continued. "I don't want to hear their side of the story anyway."

"Michiru was outstanding as a seductress. So, everytime I looked at her, I got these chills all over me so I just had to distract myself. She was really, really scary." Haruka took her time to discuss it thoroughly. "I didn't tell you that, did I?"

The woman shook her head.

"And during the scene with Mamoru, he was teasing me with my bold lines of clearly and unconditionally stating that Michiru was my woman. He restated that the correct line should be Michiru saying that I was Michiru's woman. We just kinda laughed it out, actually. Then, he was telling me how that scene would look if it was played by him and Usagi which is of course, well, there's really no need of explaining it."

"Yes, yes." B-ko agreed. "I totally understand. What do you think Kaioh-san?"

"As I said, I already put all those things behind me."

"How do you find the action sequences, by the way? It's a bit crude and gruesome in my own opinion."

"You mean, my eyeball gauging and fire-throwing? Or the melois prelude?" She joked.

"You can tell us both, if you want."

Haruka just laughed. "It was exhausting. I was put into a lot of work. The sweat was real, by the way while princess, here, just had to sit there like the princess she was – having the front row tickets of a death match."

"Cast as a royalty does have some privileges." Her wavy hair tossed.

"Fighting with Kuro (Seiya) was awesome especially with the super powers. I liked my black wings, the shouting, and the angst. The scene was very powerful and I totally lost it for a moment."

"What's your inspiration for it?"

Haruka thought for awhile before giving off a suspiciously looking smile, sheepishly looking at the crowd. "…Michiru?"

And the room was choking with the loudest applause and cheers.

The hosts looked as pleased as well. Even the crew was grinning tremendously with the two guests giving each other the looks that only they knew on what those eyes could have meant – perhaps they were teasing each other or perhaps they were effortlessly playing with the mood.

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, there's the double meaning there." B-ko, still had her mouth dry, calmed the crowd. "Tenoh-san perhaps considered Kaioh-san as the inspiring inspiration or maybe she just wanted to secretly punch her that's why Tenoh-san was so good at punching Kuro." B-ko shrugged. "Who knows, right?"

The crowd booed at the bluff. Of course, nobody would believe at B-ko after seeing how the two guests responded witch each other.

"Truthfully, I was hoping that Haruka and I will have a good physical violence scene with each other. Like maybe some cool struggles beyond the clouds or shooting laser beams with the fists."

"What? Your gun-shooting during 'The Project' was still not enough for you?"

"I just thought that it would be truly fun to once in a while kick your… umm… well…" she cleared her throat. "… behind."

Everybody took it as a joke, obviously.

Suddenly, A-ko began to move. There she was again! The place fell abruptly silent. Including the floor director was sweating unconsciously upon seeing A-ko preparing to ask yet another question. Hearts thumping were a decibel up inside the sound room.

"Kaioh-san?" The question was directed to Michiru.

"Yes?" Nobody knew if it was all a façade but Michiru didn't look at all bothered.

"Do you mind if I kiss Tenoh-san?"

"Eh?" It was the blond who answered.

"Sure!" She was smiling. Even her blue eyes were smiling. "Go right ahead."

"Why is she asking Michiru instead of me?"

"I want to kiss her on the lips." The taller woman was completely ignored. "Is it OK?"

"No problem."

"Michiru…" Haruka sounded worried, her voice softly, barely audible to the audience, called out to her partner.

"Are you sure?" A-ko reassured.

"Be my guest."

"You wouldn't get angry at me?"

"Why would I be angry at you?"

"On the lips?"

"Yes. She's right there."


"I'm going to kiss her now." A-ko stood.


The smaller woman was calm as ever, waiting for the host to walk to her partner.

"Wait!" A whistle stopped A-ko at her tracks. B-ko mediated grabbing all eyes to her direction. "Wow, look at the time! Let's take a break and thank our sponsors."

All the crew felt relieved.

"Now, don't go away. Later, we will be meeting Tsukino-san, Chiba-san, and of course… we will have a more in-depth talk with the author herself, First-GeNeSiS. By the way, don't forget to prepare (post) your questions for our guests. A-ko-chan and I, will personally, ask them for you so, fire away!" And the lights dimmed for a break.

"B-ko-chan…" A-ko pouted. "You stalled my kiss."

"Ah… eh… um… well… you see…" Her eyes were scattered everywhere. Her index fingers were pushing each other, nervously.

For a sharp-tongued host, the brown-haired girl sure looked down for this segment of the show.

"A-ko-chan," Haruka stood in front of the small woman, and discreetly placed her lips on the younger woman's cheek. "'Guess I owe you this one."


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