First Genesis Special

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Part 2

"Everybody! Welcome back to the show."

On the stage were the four women same as before, all ready and refresh to start the second segment of the program. A-ko looked a bit loose now while B-ko remained to be as energetic as before.

An extra couch, where Haruka and Michiru were moved to, was placed across the hosts.

"Earlier today, we listened to Tenoh-san and Kaioh-san talk as well as they answered some personal questions." As A-ko butted in, the whole stage suddenly fell into dead silence. It could've sworn that a cricket could be heard like the sound into the depth of the night. "What?!"

Everybody had a weird look toward A-ko as if uninterestingly suspicious toward the host based on what she had been doing in the show for the whole first part. Even B-ko was equally apprehensive on A-ko's sudden lax of tone.

Meanwhile, the couple was unaffected and continued to be amused at both the show and the crowd.

"Anyway, for this part of the show, we are inviting two of First-GeNeSiS widely used characters and the author, herself. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome Chiba-san, Tsukino-san, and the one and only First-GeNeSiS!"

As the three entered from the left stage, the hosts, Haruka and Michiru, immediately stood in welcome. Smiles and grins were exchanged as claps continuously showered the set. Well, it might be because the 'Applause' sign was lit from high above the stage, visible only to the audience, but nevertheless, the sound felt warm and soothing.

Usagi looked lovely in her blouse and skirt, all shades of pink. Usagi was a placard of cheerfulness. Every person could easily identify her with eyes closed, just hearing her voice and the unnecessary but cute sounds and comments she made with her fellow guests and the audience. The man, on the other hand, wore soft dark jeans, a shirt, and a black jacket. His attitude was as lenient as what everybody thought him to be, with a mix of humble and smug smiles across his face. First-GeNeSiS looked petite, wearing only a fitted green and cream-patterned dress shirt, a pair of black jeans and her trademark converse sneakers. Her long brown straight hair was let loose down her back as the lighting on stage accentuated her dark brown eyes. She seemed to enjoy the ambiance as well.

" 'ya, koneko-chan." Haruka greeted the smaller blond who responded with a worldly smile.

" Haruka-san, Michiru-san!" Usagi waved and bowed alternately. "I'm so happy, you're here."

Knowing Usagi, Michiru and Haruka found it both weird and adorable exchanging greetings to the other cast. Mamoru and First-GeNeSiS were occupied as well, shaking the hands of the other guests and the hosts.

When all the guests found their respective seats, Usagi suddenly fell into an awkward silent, a portion of her face could tell that she was indeed a bit nervous to be sitting there in the show.

"Chiba-san and Tsukino-san are always together, ne?" A-ko started.

"Hai!" The answer came from Usagi.

Mamoru smiled in response, clearing his throat.

"How are you today, Gen?" A-ko turned to the author.

"I'm fine. Thank you. I'm just a bit nervous."

"What? You're nervous. Now, why on earth will you be nervous?"

She just laughed hesitantly. "This is my first fic-related interview." She sat the closest to the hosts followed by Usagi then Mamoru. Same as before, Haruka and Michiru, were positioned on a separate couch across the two hosts.

"There's always the first time to everything, right?" A-ko did all the talking this time. "If you don't mind, Gen, I want to ask the questions first to our couple here, Chiba-san and Tsukino-san. Let's leave the in-depth questions for you later." There was a wink which was certainly uncalled for, but the author had put on a reserved smile.

B-ko organized these small cards she had been holding unto in a way that it looked like she was shuffling them ready for play. "Tsukino-san, the first fic you did with First-GeNeSiS, was A Feat of Revelation. Minako was supposed to be the main character on that story but it ended like you and…" She coughed it a little, trying to emphasize the statement. "…but it seemed like you and Tenoh-san had the most 'interaction' or time with each other. Did you enjoy it?"

Usagi became flushed, more flushed when Haruka, casually gazed at her. Well, if you say Haruka gazing, then, a mere casual one means a deep and intent one to a normal person's eye.

It was certainly a trick question. How on earth could Usagi answer it, truthfully or not, when her fiancée was close to her side? Did she really enjoy the flirtations with Haruka?

"Uh… well… Mamo-chan is still the best!"

Haruka could only laugh at the Usagi-branded reply. Even the rest of the cast were amused and felt lenient to the innocent girl.

"Oh c'mon, Tsukino-san." B-ko continued. "Most of the fics you did with Gen, had you and Haruka having this connection. Especially with Journey Through… you were good at the tavern, by the way. Very pure and innocent."

The blond girl blushed, stammering, more nervous than before, but still one could see a pair of cheerful-looking eyes.

"Tell us, Tsukino-san, were your scenes with Haruka a result of hard work of did they just come off naturally?"

"Usagi-chan was very hard-working in her scenes." Haruka interrupted. "But I believed that she felt more comfortable doing it with her boyfriend."

"Oh no! no! Haruka-san, I do enjoy being with you."

All eyes suddenly diverted to the long-haired blond. Mamoru was confident enough to close his eyes and pretend he never heard it.

"Umm… well… uh…" Her fingers became suddenly restless, clasping and unclasping each other. "Haruka… taught me a lot of stuffs!"

"Eh?" B-ko had turned to be very much attentive now. "Teach you, eh? Like what kind of stuffs?"

"Eh?!" Usagi's defenses were all over the place. "Well, umm… ah… like for example, during Journey Through, she taught me to be calmer and more docile than I was to get into the character because she said that I was just too cheerful. And…and… and I really like doing scenes with her because she is just so professional. You know, she really gets everything perfectly." Usagi's expressions changes rapidly with her words that the audience including the hosts themselves were quite amused just seeing the young blond talk about Haruka enthusiastically.

"I see. That's good then. Chiba-san?" She diverted to the man. "Earlier in the show, we talked about a scene in My Red Angel wherein you and Tenoh-san, well… had a giggle attack. Tenoh-san said that you both giggled because you tried to shake off the effect that Kaioh-san had for the both of you. Is that true?"

"The scene at the apartment?"


"We did laugh a lot on that one despite the seriousness of the scene. I believe Usagi also had her share of the laughs. Thinking of it now, the scene was rather scary and tense because there were piles of emotions built up between Tenoh-san and Kaioh-san. I, the poor me, was caught in the middle of it all. So, I was like the spectator for the both of them. Of course, I already worked with them before and the dialogues were just too direct to begin with. That was new on the plate."

"New, huh?"

"The previous ones with me in it were, the first fic, A Feat of Revelation wherein I got to be an extra on that one for Usako; Masquerade Night was a historical drama and my role expanded a bit more on that one; The Project, on the other hand, had some mysteries, and I got to be involved in a lot of action, conspiracies, and those kind of thrills. Comparing them to My Red Angel, the fic was rather bold and provocative, if I may say it." He glanced at the author who was contently and silently listening to the cast's comments.

"Any comments, Gen-san?"

"Everybody was so cool to work with and making stories for them was quite an exciting as well as a good learning experience on my part."

"So, you don't get into trouble with the cast?"

"Nothing is perfect, of course. There were times that the cast were quite hard to manipulate and bend or accentuate more their personalities. Because I did challenge them as well as myself that they could be put in every bit of genre there is. I did contemporary, historical drama, adventure action scifi, supernatural fantasy, and lastly, comedy."

"Oh, I see. Wow! I just know that now. So, are there other genre you want to venture to? Horror, perhaps?"

"My Red Angel can be categorized in that one – supernatural, fantasy, horror."

"I see. I see." The host nodded saying as if it was indeed educational.

"Gen did push us to the limits, ne?" Michiru smirked at her partner.

"I never thought that Michiru could squeal like a high school student in Within These Belts."

"Hey! I didn't squeal in that story and my role was a university student for your information."

"But you were head over heels in love with me."

"Weren't you, too? But, you have right timings on the punch lines."

Gen reservedly laughed, remembering her experience on Within These Belts. It was one of those stories that, she, herself didn't expect to complete. After all, it was comedy, and well, comedy was not really her forte and to have Haruka and Michiru do comedy was a risk, putting on the line their reputations.

"How do you exactly create your fics?"

"I write them metaphorically from my experience in an annual basis if I may. As a matter of fact, for The Project, the name of a tribe mention in it is an anagram of my instructor's name. Then, a name of a thing in that fic was the last syllable of my nickname. As for plot and events, I try my best to be original on that one but the inspiration came from real life situations converted to a fic-compatible event."

"Oh…. Is that so? Gen," the host resumed. "Of all your fics, what is your most favorite?"

"Hmmm…. I have to say, My Red Angel. I dunno, I just love it, the adventure and the facts that I injected into it. But if one is looking for an ultimate adventure, then I pick The Project. However, I wrote The Project as meticulously as possible, concentrating on every bit of detail, so I am not sure whether the readers find it good or just plain cumbersome. I did not use a beta reader so mistakes were inevitable."

"Don't you have any hard time writing it?"

"As a matter of fact, there were two hurdles I encountered for MRA. One was on how to describe the Land of Unknown. I wanted it to be a very unusual place, a place that I haven't seen before, in movies and such. But, I'm already injected with ideas from books and movies so it was difficult for me to come up some new ideas. What I did was to think of things that were harmful to men at present time. So, I thought about man-made pain, pollution to nature and natural pain of hot and cold. The next difficult part to write was on how innocent weak Haruka would kill thousands of minions. And until now, I didn't know where I got the eyeball-gauging idea. It just popped!"

"You really put a lot of effort in your writing, huh?"

"Doesn't every author?"

The hosts immediately laughed it off. "Everybody knows that you already have lots of HxM fics published in ff. Don't you have other fanfics you made?"

"Actually, other fanfics I made was over five years ago. They were Fushigi Yuugi fics and they were not worth reading because they're just soooooo corny --- more mushy than A Feat of Revelation. Pairings were the unconventional ones – Miaka and Noriko, then Miaka and Chichiri." By the way she blushed, she was trying hard to hide her embarrassment. "Feat was my first ever fic followed by several Fushigi Yuugi fics. After that, I began again with Journey Through, my first AU. And everything sprung from there."

"So, recently you didn't bother to create other fanfics?"

"I tried to create a Natsuki x Shizuru fic, but it only reached two pages. I couldn't continue anymore."

"Since you wrote mostly HxM fics, then, there must be some reason behind it, huh? Gen, who do you identify more, Tenoh-san or Kaioh-san?"

The author, hoping to take up a bit of the moment to collect her thoughts, glanced at the couple on the other side only to find the two pairs of eyes gazing back at her, as if asking the same question.

"Hmmm… who do I, myself, identify more? Well, I was a bit boyish years ago but I am not so sure to count that one because since it was the stage of adolescence, hormones do play big roles. I still feel comfortable wearing sneakers, slippers, or anything flat."

"I remembered you wore dresses several times." Usagi interrupted. "And… you often sat under a shade to work on the scene and you cross your legs so gently, then your fingers brushed your hair as the wind softly blew on you. I think you identify more with Michiru-san."

First-GeNeSiS couldn't help but laughed loudly. Usagi told it seriously that it was a bit humorous to hear. "Well, I guess I'm just being me. So, there's really no one that I can most identify with. If by chance I looked like Michiru-san or Haruka-san is because writing their characters and their personalities may sometimes brush these things on me and I would just unconsciously apply them as reflex or habit of mine in my every day life."

"Like how?"

"I don't know. I just told it based on Usagi-chan's perception of me."

"OK." A-ko seemed satisfied now. Though A-ko and B-ko were alternately asking the questions, they were still right on track and managed to be all hyped up still for the show. "Let's play a game. When it's your turn, I will state a specific person in the cast who is among us here, and you need to tell us something you know about him or her that is related on the Gen's fics."

"So, that's a game, huh?" Mamoru sounded bored though.

"Yes, yes" B-ko was still in the mood. "Let's begin with Chiba-san." She grabbed her chin as if thinking on who's the person that she wanted him to comment on. "Ah! What can you tell us about Tenoh-san?"

He thought for a moment before he put on an evilly teasingly smile. "She actually tore Michiru's dress on the various rape scenes in The Project."

"Hey! That was an accident! I didn't know that the dress could be easily torn."

"Hai, hai. Because she was not that forceful." Mamoru was being sarcastic.

Michiru giggled it off.

"Is that true, Kaioh-san?" Of course, the host, a representative of the greater majority, asked the curious question.

"We were supposed to feign the tearing of the dress. It turned out that she actually stripped me off." Somehow, the memory amused her.


"We had to take a break after that because Haruka ridiculously panicked and overreacted on it. If you didn't get it, then, try imagining a raging and frightening Haruka who suddenly turns to an apologetic and bowing mortal in a second."

The vivid description might indeed do it because it seemed the audience could only drop their jaw. Well, that was something new. The hosts, themselves, also nodded mindlessly, still to be awakened from their shock.

Haruka folded her arms, her face glowing red just below her eyes.

"Let's proceed." B-ko turned to A-ko.

"OK." A-ko looked at Usagi. "It's your turn, Tsukino-san. Tell us something about… hmmm… Kaioh-san."

"Eh? For Michiru-san? Oh, um… ah…." She was supposed to be thinking but somehow, she was acting as if she was posing; not with a single pose but a variety of poses that perhaps corresponded to a change of her brain's wavelength. "Michiru-san helped me brush my hair during Journey Through." A wide naive smile flashed across her face.

Somehow, Usagi's comments did manage to bring out some laughter from the audience.

"Well, I guess that was still acceptable. Kaioh-san!"

"Yes?" Even her voice sounded proper.

"What do you know about First-GeNeSiS?"

"First-GeNeSiS? I didn't expect that I'd be the one to talk about Gen."

"Well, that's the game."

"You're just deciding on your own. Isn't it a bit unfair?"

"Our show, our rules."

Michiru was all game, all reserved, and always accommodating to every question and every person there was inside the room. "OK then, let me think for a sec."

Her eyes thought, sparkling so attractively before she laid them on Gen, herself, her lips, curving in a sinister smile, a bit sly and teasing.

In response, the author could only reply innocently, not knowing what kind of plot Michiru had bore in her gorgeous head.

There were exchange stares as if conversing with their lids and brows; the movements of their cheek muscles in the most secretive way finally got the intrigue among the hosts. The tension ended with Gen's raised brows just before the author realized the exact thing the aquamarine-haired woman was thinking. "No way, you wouldn't tell."


"You mustn't."

Then, Michiru's smile widened and glistened that not long, she had felt her victory. Gen, exasperated, could only stoop, her head already beginning to grow red.

"Well, if you must know something about Gen," the woman began. "During Masquerade Night, Gen was crying the whole time during Mina's dialogue." Yes, she said it. She finally said it and so casually at that. "It was so unlikely and it took Haruka and I a long time on consoling her before she calmed down."

"Oh…" The hosts had their eyes alternately dancing between Michiru and the author.

"Guilty as charged." First-GeNeSiS sighed in defeat. "Mina did deliver the lines well enough so I found them really moving. So, I guess that's my secret, huh."

"Okey…" B-ko resumed the cheerful setting. "Now that we know something about Gen, how about you, Haruka? Tell us about," there was a short pause. "Tell us about Tsukino-san."

"Eh?" The taller blond seemed quite amused at the task relegated to her.

"Eecckkk! What are you thinking, Haruka-san?" A nervous Usagi had her face saying all she was feeling. "N…nnn…nnnooo embarrassing stuffs, O…O…K?"


Somehow, the thrill that Haruka was creating had everybody on the edge of their seats, as if waiting for the vampire to finally bury his fangs on the helpless damsel.

"Usagi-chan is…" The commentary started with Haruka's serious-looking face. "Hmmm… I apologize that I couldn't think of something right away. You see, I was expecting that I will be the one to comment on First-GeNeSiS. Hmmm… For koneko-chan…. Ah! Here's a good one. She was one of the Meloish in My Red Angel."

"EEEEHHHHHH????? That's a lie!" Usagi's eyes widened which only brought out fits of laughter from the taller woman.

Even the boyfriend was snickering as well.

"That's so mean, Haruka-san. I wasn't one of the Meloish."

All eyes were on the young lady. Everybody was exerting this aura of doubt even though Haruka was already laughing helplessly.

"Hai, hai." First-GeNeSiS came to the rescue. "Tenoh-san is joking, obviously. But we did consider the possibility of putting Usagi in one of those leather-clad suits."

"EEEEEHHHH????" No doubt, all the surprises were on Usagi this time. "I didn't know that."

"But didn't you try fitting one of the Meloish' costumes at one time?"

"Ah, well, umm… eh, ah… that was…"

"Hai, hai."

Now, Usagi was glowing red.

"That should be interesting, ne?" A-ko had her imagination all over her head.

"Anyway," Haruka regained her composure. "I have to say that Usagi-chan's dancing has improved very much."

"Is that all?"

"Pretty much, well, if there would be some secrets that I know about her, then I am not remembering them right now. Perhaps some other time."

"Last player, I think you already know."

"I am going to say something about Chiba-kun, right?" First-GeNeSiS looked up to the man as if the answers were written deep in his eyes. "Chiba-kun had always been very professional. He is a good supporting character for most of the fics. I believe he enjoyed his role in The Project with all the mystery and all including the action sequences." Each word was scrutinized seriously. "But somehow, I have a question to ask of him. A-ko-chan, B-ko-chan, do you mind if I ask it here?"


"Chiba-kun, do you wish for me to pair you up with Michiru?"

"What?" Amazingly, the calmness surrounding the question resulted on a jolt. "Ummm… I don't mind."

"Mamo-chan?" A teary-eyed Usagi suddenly turned to him.

"Don't worry, Usagi-chan," First-GeNeSiS added. "If that ever happen, you'll obviously be paired up with Haruka!"

"Eh!" It was a pleasing surprise. "That would be great."

The hosts got hold of their heads. Indeed, some characters never do change.

"It will be lovely if you'll give her a Meloish-ish role next time, Gen." Haruka teased again.

The long-haired blond stuck out her tongue childishly. "I'm not falling again for you!"

"Eh? Again?"

"Ah… no, I mean… well my character did fall for you in some of the fics."

"Oh?" She was teasing her mercilessly.

"Stop!" B-ko blew the whistle. "We're ending the second segment now." Certainly, maintaining order with all these hype-up casts with the audience enjoying what they were seeing was a bit frustrating and pleasing at the same time.

A-ko helped her partner. "But before we go on a break, let us first drop the last couple of questions on the author, herself?"

"Yes." She was all ears.

"These are a bit personal, by the way. I hope you don't mind."

"Fire away!"

"What's your outrageous FG fanfic-related experience that you experienced outside the fanfic realm, cyber world, or outside the PC?"

"You mean my personal chores or events?" So, the question turned out to be confusing after all.

"Perhaps, or let me rephrase, have you ever met a reader or reviewer personally?"

"Now, that's clearer. No, I haven't. Once, a good friend of mine whom I see from time to time read a couple of my fics. But she has gotten busy nowadays, so, that makes it impossible for her to read."

"Last question, what's your dream?"

"I have lots of dreams."

"Fanfic-related dream?"

"I always want to see or to know my fics to be adapted in some other form like in a play, doujinshi, or be interpreted in other ways. You see, my favorite doujinshi artist is Yamada Mario of Studio Canopus and one of my wildest dreams is for her to draw the story of My Red Angel as a Haruka and Michiru doujinshi. You see, I'm a visual person. Last year I even tried to gather various artists to draw me some scenes of My Red Angel, because this is the most visually-rich fanfic that I have, and then I plan to make a music video or like an opening credits or sequence of it. But somehow, I guess, it's hard to find people to cooperate voluntarily."

"Wow, we did not know that."

"Actually, I posted on several boards on recruiting graphic artists to draw for me. But it's quite impossible. I sometimes draw during free time but to do everything alone is if not impossible, is totally hard work and I still got some other matters on my plate. I have my family life, personal life, career life and I have my cyber life. I became just recently (late last year) a graphic editor for a scanlation group."

"Come to think of it, all the fanfic authors are really doing the fic writing things from their own will and to find time to do it is truly commendable."

"I agree. To tell you honestly, I already started working last year. That's the reason Rising on New Land became stagnant for quite a number of months. It is only when I quit my job that I was able to continue writing the story again. So yeah, I'm pursuing graduate studies as of the moment. Starting with Journey Through, followed by Masquerade Night, The Project, My Red Angel, Within These Belts and finally the completed Rising on New Land marks the end of my BS degree era. This special is parallel to A Feat of Revelation, a starter and the special, an ender supposed to be. But don't worry, if time permits, there is still one more story I have in mind for our favorite couple, Haruka and Michiru."

"So, you're still planning to write one more story?"

"I cannot comment on how soon though."

"But you already have an idea?"

"Yeah, but the difficult part is writing it. You see, I'm a visual person. I'm not a wide reader. I only read three complete novels in my entire life. Two of which were compulsory for my course. The third one was from my own will."

"Really? You don't read pocketbooks or novels? How about magazines? Reader's Digest?"

"Nope. But I do have a collection of Archie's Digest Magazines," the author giggled innocently.

"How about fanfics? I'm sure you do read them."

"Yes, I read some fanfics. Hey, I thought you're going to ask me only two questions."

"Oh… does that mean we have to pay extra?" They shoved it off with laughter.

"I will tell you something good. The first fic that influenced me into writing fics was something about the moon which unfortunately I couldn't remember the author and the title. It was a Haruka x Usagi fic. Following it was a fic entitled Dangerous Curves which I found a bit titillating for my little girl's mind. I forgot the author again. But these two were the one that brought me to write A Feat of Revelation which was so cheesy, I think." She paused, laughing at the memory.

"Anyway, the fun begins here. Journey Through, my first A.U. followed by several A.U.s, was influenced by And Now, Voyager by KazeGiovanni. This was a fanfic from hamena. I hope I remember everything right. So, that is me, trying to recreate the wonderful ambiance that KazeGiovanni created on that fic. If you're going to read that particular story, I think you're going to notice the influences I derived from it. After that was the birth of several A.U.s but everything was already thought about uniquely.

"From time to time, I read other fics. To name a few of my favorites: Broken Promise (Ayu no Ichigo), Calendar Shoot (kin-kaze), Boston Marriage (auraluna7), That life we had in 18th century Paris (Lyra14260), and my most favorite Kaleido Star oneshot, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (). I'm sure there will be more fics that I'll come to like in the future. But well, these are those as of the moment. Ironically, I like light fics but I tend to write melodramatic ones. Hey, I think I have talked too much already."

"No, no, not at all. It's refreshing to hear all of that."

"Thank you. I hope your audience is not bored."

"Ah! Don't mind them."

And a loud applause suddenly erupted. The sound was indeed nice. Perhaps, the applause signage was lit again.

"So, ladies and gentlemen," A-ko resumed. "You heard them and we're done with our second segment of the show. For the third installment, we will be reading your questions to any of the cast here to whom you address your question to. And they will gladly answer them. So, prepare your questions guys, have them ready, and post them here. Then, we will be right back after this break."

And out! The stage dimmed as instructed. The show will be right back for its third and final segment after the break.


Author's Notes

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