A fic by my deary Stepharius, posted here due to her lack of account. She'll adore your reviews! Virtual cookies for all reviewers!

My Fair Lady

Have you ever had those days were you fall asleep with a cat on your stomach and wake up with a naked women?

Soi Fon is out in the woods training. She chooses the grove of cherry blossom trees that has borne witness to one of her most cherished memories. Soi Fon remembers the weight on her thighs as her lady rested her head on her lap and slept. She remembers the soft, silky texture of her lady's hair as she ran her hand through it and the words her lady uttered. She remembers their promise. A promise to always be together.

She remembers the wicked sting of betrayal as she found her lady gone the next day and their promise broken. Gone without so much as a goodbye. Soi Fon also remembers the battle she had with her lady more than a hundred years later and the mixed joy she felt accompanied by bitter hatred. She had trained so hard for that day, was so confident that she could defeat her lady, make her suffer like she had been forced to suffer. She remembers now, with a hint of a sour smirk, that that was impossible. She could never make her lady suffer. Not simply because she physically COUDN'T, but because she knew, deep in her heart, that she loved her lady too much to cause her any pain.

Soi Fon stops for a moment to catch her breath while the memories continue to flood her mind. She remembers weeping in front of her lady, the clash and betrayal atop the execution site… and the explanation. It wasn't a very good one but it was something. Something to hold on to and ease the pain in her heart letting her know that she wasn't COMPLETELY forgotten. And then, not surprisingly, her lady left again, but this time it didn't hurt so much, for she knew she would see her lady again.

Feeling tired Soi Fon retires to her quarters. Not bothering to change she falls back onto her bed, eyelids already heavy. Just as she isabout to slip into the lad of nod she feels something small land and settle atop her stomach. Surely she is dreaming and the affectionate nuzzling and purring are all in her subconscious.

Soi Fon awakes to the dawn slowly coming over the horizon. She remembers the dream she had about a certain black feline coming and sleeping with her. Soi Fon tilts her chin down to look. There is no black cat. Instead, there is her lady, head resting on her flat stomach and a hand fisted closed around a gold hoop. Soi Fon watches as her lady's eye's flutter open, catching and reflecting the suns rays. Radiant. Silver meets gold in a single moment. Just as she is about to speak her lady hushes her gently.

"Shhh. It's early. Go back to sleep." Yoruichi whispers. She rises up and resettles herself down on Soi Fon's chest, nestling her head in the crook of Soi Fon's neck and shoulder, arms weaving themselves around her waist. Soi Fon timidly wraps her arms around her lady protectively, pressing her cheek to Yoruichi's brow.

"My lady has returned."