Chapter 2

Worst Day Ever

Bella's Song

I feel like I'm living the worst day

Worst Day Ever- Simple Plan

Noah's Song

I'm just a kid

And life is a nightmare

I'm just a kid

I know that it's not fair

I'm Just A Kid- Simple Plan

After Edward and I had retrieved our schedules from the office, we both glanced at the map, committing it to our perfect memory.

Unlike at Forks, from what I can remember since my human memories were becoming more and more vague, Edward and I didn't have every class together. We only had World History and Intro to Physics together, but Edward had let me known already that at least one other member of our family would be in a class with me, which was comforting.

Despite the fact that I had already went through high school, I couldn't help but feel slightly nervous. My last, first day had turned out interesting results. I chuckled at the thought and shook my head when Edward threw me a questioning glance.

The first class of the day was World History with a short, older woman that went by the name of Mrs. Small. She was shorter than me with soft brown hair that was graying. Her dark eyes were hidden by rimless glasses. It was those eyes that were watching us, her mouth slightly opened.

Edward and I took seats in the back of the class room and waited for the bell to ring. I shook my leg and tucked my hair behind my ear. It put humans on edge when you stayed completely still. Edward tapped his pencil on the desk and sighed. I elbowed him to get him to stop the tapping; it was just annoying. He just smirked and kept tapping the pencil.

Oh so that was how he was going to play it.

I made a quick glance to see if anyone was watching, seeing that the room was still pretty empty though the bell was going to ring in less than thirty seconds. The teacher had left the room. I flicked Edward's pencil out of his hand and it shattered against the wall. Edward glared at me and I just smirked.

"Real human," He hissed under breath, teasingly. I smirked as the bell rang and a couple of students rushed into the room, the teacher right behind them, closing the door.

"Good morning," Mrs. Small smiled, her voice tinted with an Italian accent. "Welcome to your first class, of your first day of high school. I'm Mrs. Small." She picked up a sheet up of paper from her desk, "And now, let's get to know each of you. I'm going to call the attendance roll, when I call out your name I want you to stand up and tell the whole class one or two facts about yourself." She started calling out names and I was relieved that my name was at the end of the list.

What facts was I going to say? Hi, I'm Bella. I'm a vampire and have two kids. Yeah, like that would work.

"Edward Cullen," The teacher called out and Edward stood up, looking much older than any high school freshman should.

"Hello," He called out in his perfect voice, "I'm Edward. I just moved here from Washington and I like to listen to music," He may not have looked like a freshman, but he could sure answer like one.

"What should I say," I asked in a voice to low for human ears.

He chuckled. "Whatever you want, dear,"

I nearly growled. I wasn't real big on pet names, especially in a situation much like this. "Thanks, Eddie." He grimaced as the name slipped through. I smirked, but then my name was called. Shouldn't being a vampire mean that I would be equipped with perfect lies ready to go in my brain?

"Hi. I like to be called Bella and I have seven adopted brothers and sisters," I quickly slipped out the information, remembering that our job for the first day was to get our family story out. I figured I do my part and make everyone aware of the fact that there were a lot of us.

I sat back down and Edward gave me an approving nod.

We got our books and the teacher went over the class syllabus. The year would be simple--and I owed that to the fact that whenever Edward went on extended hunting trips without me and the kids were asleep at night, I would amuse myself by picking out random books out of Carlisle's library. One night I had chosen the Encyclopedia as a challenge-- even Edward was surprised.

The bell rang and I headed off to English. The class was easy to find due to the easy set up of the school.

All the hallways were open, only the classrooms where actually inside. The school was divided up into four L-shaped buildings. Math and Science were in the same building as was History and Art, and English and Foreign Language. The last building was the electives building.

In the open center of the school was a large grassy area where lunch and study hall were held. To the left of the math and English buildings was the Food Prep and Line, at least that's what it was called on the map. It was where you bought food, but you could leave campus and go to the one of the many places to get something to eat. On the opposite side of the building was the library. In the back of the school there was a serene-looking path that leads to the gym.

Ugh, gym.

When I was human it was tiresome due to the fact that I couldn't stay upright, but now I had to make sure I didn't show off my new found grace.

I walked into room fifteen; yes the rooms were numbered starting at one, and quickly spotted Alice. She was all smiles for me, the earlier events in the morning forgotten.

"Hello, Alice," I narrowed my eyes at her, remembering her scurrying off before she would tell exactly why I was going to have a bad day.

"Bella," She sighed, rolling her eyes. "If I told you, where would the fun be?" She raised her delicate, dark eyebrows and smiled at me.

"You really suck, Alice," I dropped my head into my hand, leaning on it. I heard her amused giggle.

The teacher walked into the room then. She was tall with long dark hair that she pulled up into a bun.

She smiled. "Hello everyone, I'm Miss Makona." Her introduction was the same as all other class introductions, but there was something about her that made me, a vampire, uncomfortable. No, it wasn't her scent--human blood doesn't bother me. She just seemed…mean in some way. I knew it wasn't right to judge someone so quickly, but I couldn't help the vibe I got from her.

I shifted in my seat, Miss Makona's eyes shot to my movement and her eyes narrowed, for what reason, I wasn't sure. I held her gaze, not fazed by her hazel eyes. Had I been human, I would have averted my gaze, but now things were different.

She was the first to look away, but the scowl remained on her face. She set the extra papers down and then her head shot up.

"Class, I want a one thousand word essay on the importance of grammar." A collective groan resounded throughout the class. There were whispers and curses. Miss Makona smiled, pleased. "You can thank Isabella Swan for that," The bell rang and of course all heads turned towards me.

If I could have blushed, my face would have been redder than a tomato.

Alice and I left the room and I gave her a glare. "Was that," I jerked my thumb back towards the class room, "what you saw?"

Alice nodded, "Yup, sorry. Miss Makona doesn't like you," She mused. "I wonder why,"

"I was wondering the same thing," I sighed. "Alice, did you get a bad vibe from her?" Maybe vampires were just put off by her.

She shook her head. "No. Why? Did you?"

"Yeah. There is just something about her that makes me uneasy," We parted ways and I headed towards my Algebra class. Jasper, Rosalie and I shared this class. It passed by easily, though I was still puzzled over Miss Makona and her reaction to me.

It was so odd. Never had a teacher taken such an immediate dislike of me. Actually, teachers never really disliked me. I was always quiet and turned my work in. So for Miss Makona to dislike me at, well, first sight is so weird to me.

But maybe I had been disrespectful by holding her gaze. It was as if she was use to being intimidating and I was the one student who didn't turn away from her cold gaze. Whatever it was, there was something about her that put me off.

After Algebra it was an entertaining French class with Emmett. As we met up with Jasper, Rosalie, Alice and Edward at Emmett's van, Miss Makona was at the back of my mind. I quickly joined Edward, lacing my fingers through his, kissing his cheek.

"So what are we doing for lunch," I asked, not sure of the plan.

"We could go home," Jasper offered.

"Shopping is always an option," We all followed with a quick 'No' to Alice who pouted at Jasper's side.

"We could," Emmett glance around deviously, "go for a joy ride in the van." His dimpled smile was full of mischief. If there was one thing Edward was always right about, was the love and need for speed.

I glanced at Edward who had a huge smile on his face.

"Excellent," He smiled wider at Emmett who whooped and jumped into the van. Edward squeezed my hand and we all piled into the van, Edward taking the front seat while the rest of us took our seats in the back. I sat in the very back with Rosalie.

Emmett sped out of the parking lot and I cast a glance at the elementary school. There were kids playing outside and my mind tugged at the playground. My eyes darted to the strongest pull and I saw Noah and Sadie playing with each other.

"Stop," I ordered.

"Why?" Emmett questioned. I glared at him and he immediately pulled into the school parking lot. I was out quicker than a bullet and was on the playground. Noah and Sadie spotted me and ran towards me. I kneeled down and caught them in my arms.

We missed you, The answer was loud in my head and I felt Edward kneel down next to me. Sadie threw herself at Edward, who laughed as he hugged her tightly.

Is everything alright? I asked them. They looked at each other and then at Edward and I.

"The other kids aren't being real nice," Sadie admitted, biting her lip. My heart tugged with pain. I was so afraid of this. It was easy for Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice, Edward and I to deal with since we were older. But Sadie and Noah were just plain innocent children, only five years old. They didn't deserve to go in an environment where mean classmates hid in every corner, though I knew this was an aspect of every school; at least most.

"What did they do," Edward asked, smoothing down Sadie's hair. I could hear the restrained anger in his voice.

"We all had to draw pictures of our families and tell everyone 'bout them," Noah started.

"Noah and I did ours together," Sadie continued.

"They said we were freaks for havin' such a big family,"

"They all said that we don't really have a real mom and dad,"

My eyes tightened in anger and in sadness. "Did the teacher say anything to them?"

"She told them to be quiet," Sadie shrugged, her pretty brown eyes sad, hurt. It was then that Edward stood up. I stood up and told Noah and Sadie to go stand with their aunts and uncles who were only a few feet away.

Edward and I trudged up to teacher we had met this morning. Mrs. Apple.

The shocked look on her face was priceless, but my anger lapped at the amusement.

"Oh, Edward and Bella," She smiled, though she seemed nervous. "What brings you here? Shouldn't you be in school?"

"We're on our lunch break," Edward waved off her questions. "We thought we would drop by and check on Noah and Sadie."

"They were very upset. They told us that they drew pictures of their family and then the class criticized them. They also told us that they only thing you did was tell the class to be quiet." I let my statements hang in the air.

She flushed. "Oh well, I-I-I didn't real-lize that it bothered them,"

Edward raised one of his dark eyebrows, "You didn't think that an entire class of students criticizing a child's family would bother that child?"

"Well, I mean, I, well--"

I cut her off. "You should have explained that there are many different kinds of families."

She flushed brighter in anger. Her ego was wounded. "You shouldn't even be addressing me. Your parents should have called me and set up a private meeting."

"Edward was taking care of Sadie and I was taking care of Noah, long before we were adopted. Our parents respect that we take charge of them," I tell her, my voice unusually calm for the anger I was feeling.

She eyed us for moment. "How old are you?"

"Fourteen," we both responded.

"You don't seem like you're fourteen," She commented.

"Our past situations made us grow up fast," Edward told her coldly. She couldn't hold our gaze for more than a few seconds at a time.

I took a deep breath after a few tense seconds. "We can trust that Noah and Sadie will have a good day for the rest of the day,"

She nodded, her ego even more wounded. "Of course,"

"Good," Edward and I said together. "Have a good day, Mrs. Apple," Edward finished. We both turned and went back to Noah and Sadie. They ran up to us and we hugged them tightly.

"Everything should be fine, now," I told Noah as he looked up at me, his dark locks falling away from his face.

Thank you, Momma. My eyes prick with tears that will never fall.

Anything for you, I kissed his forehead and heard a bell ring. It was for the high school. Lunch was officially over for the day.

"Come here, Sadie" I gathered my daughter into my arms and hugged her tightly, brushing her wild bronze hair from her face. "I love you, we'll pick you up the moment school is over." She nodded and kissed my cheek. Edward and Noah looked like they were sharing a private, intense conversation. They hugged and Noah and Sadie walked back towards the playground, hand in hand.

Edward and I walked back to our brothers and sisters, who don't need an explanation; their anger was shown directly on their faces.

We made it back to school in just enough time to make it to our next classes which was Intro to Physics for Edward and me.

We took our seats and I was still so furious about the previous incident. I almost broke the chair I was trying to pull out and sit in.

Edward grabbed my hand and started rubbing gentle circles into the back of my hand, trying to help me relax. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on Edward and his smooth hand on mine. Soon other thoughts moved into my mind of what else I wanted him to do with his hands.

My eyes slid open and I was much more relaxed…and excited. I gave Edward a coy smile and I watched his eyes light up. I barely heard my name called by the teacher as Edward and I just stared at each other.

The calling of my name made me realize that we were in public and I focused my attention on the teacher going over all the "fun things" we were going to be doing this year.

Too soon, the class was over and I headed off to Gym.

Fortunately, the first day was a free day for us. We had a week to get our gym clothes. Rosalie and I had this class together. We sat close together on the bleachers and watched as some students engaged in a game of basketball. Only two years of gym were required at Hilo High.

"Are you better," Rose asked me.

I shrugged. "Yeah, you know Rose, I learned something today,"

"And what would that be?"

"Never trust anyone with the name Apple," We both laughed, unintentionally getting under the spotlight and catching some male students' attentions. I rolled my eyes and got back to talking until the bell rung.

We parted ways for the last period of the day. I had Art I and was eager to get to a class where I could possibly relax.

Jasper was sitting at the only two-chaired table and I took my seat next to him. I felt a wave of calm settle over me.

"Thanks Jazz," I slid further down into my chair.

"No problem," He smiled and copied my relaxed position. We looked like back-of-the class losers which was completely fine with me. The teacher, who was a young woman, came in and talked to us about all the things she had planned for us. She actually made the lesson sound more worth-while than all the other ones. After taking up half the time in class to explain clearly everything, she allowed us to talk.

"Bella, you could not have imagined how much we wanted to back Edward and you up back there." Jasper told me.

"Really, now." I smiled, my tone sarcastic. "I couldn't read the emotions on your faces at all." We both chuckled. "Thanks, though."

"We figured you had it covered. It was really interesting to watch Edward and you go into the protective parent mode which normal people would if their children are being bossed around at school." Jasper laughed, looking down at his hands.


"It's almost as if you become different people at that very second. These people that won't take anyone's shit," He smiled wider. "Then Noah and Sadie look, and feel, so worried for you two. Almost as if you two can't handle yourselves. But yet, they trust you guys to make it better,"

I sighed. "And so it is being a parent. It's hard sometimes, but it's just too rewarding in the end." I bit my lip and chewed on it slowly. "Jasper, have you ever got a bad vibe from a human before? Not just feeling their bad emotions, but there is just something about that human that makes you uneasy,"

That caught Jasper off guard. He was thoughtful. "No. I've never experienced that with a human. It's us that's suppose to give them the uneasy feeling, seeing as they are the prey." he smiled at the end and I returned the smile. "Did something happen, Bella?'

I shrugged. "I don't know. This morning in my English class, the teacher, Miss Makona was glaring at me and fully putting on the 'I-detest-you' scowl. Of course, I didn't look away, not wanting to give in so easily to some insignificant teacher. But then she was forced to look away and then she assigned us all an a thousand word essay in which she ended up blaming me for the cause of it. It was before that, though, that I got this queasy feeling. I…don't know what it is Jasper." I told him, biting my lip.

"That is very odd, Bella. Have you told Edward yet?"

"No, I haven't had the chance yet," I shifted in my seat. "But I will. I can promise you that." The bell rang ending the school day. Jasper and I met our family and I nearly yanked Edward's arm off, trying to get to the elementary school as fast as possible.

I quickly rushed to the class room where I dropped Noah and Sadie off in morning and saw that other parents were waiting outside the door.

I stood there with Edward, getting more impatient the seconds flew by. What seemed like hours were only a few minutes and then the doors finally opened. The human guardians shuffled in slowly and took their time to stride in through the doorway. Noah and Sadie were sitting together, their heads close together.

They raced towards Edward and I and we picked them up. I held Sadie close to me as we made our way out the door and into the sudden rain. I pulled two umbrellas out of my bag, thanks to Alice's prediction of the weather today, and handed one to Edward. Emmett's van was waiting for us and we hurried towards it. Once we were inside, Emmett took off, speeding down the slick roads. He had to drive slower than usual because of the traffic.

But it was only a mere ten to fifteen minutes before we made it home. Carlisle was still working, but Esme was there, ready to greet us. Sadie ran into her arms, but Noah clung to me. Esme rubbed Sadie's back, kissing her forehead.

"Noah and I are going down to the beach. We'll be back in a little bit." I gave Edward a quick kiss and waved goodbye to Esme who was occupied with a handful.

I walked at a human pace to the beach before I settled on the wet sand, holding Noah against me. I rubbed his back as he nestled his head into the crook of my neck.

After several long minutes, I asked him, "What's wrong, Noah? Same stuff this morning?" I prompted him. He shook his head slightly. "Why don't you tell Mommy what happened?"

Noah sighed and started playing with my hair, "I used my powers today,"

"Honey, you use your powers every day,"

He shook his head. "No, I used my mind control power," He hid his face in my neck.

"Oh," Noah had barely ever used his main power. "Why did you use it," I keep my voice calm.

"Those kids still wouldn't leave us alone. I got so mad, Momma. So I yelled stop and everything stopped, everyone but Sadie. I told the kids while everything was frozen, that they had to treat me and Sadie nice, that they had to stop being mean to us." He took breath, "Then I said, 'Start again' and everything started moving again. And the kids…they were being so nice."

I'm shocked hearing what Noah had just told me. He stopped and started time, and then he changed several children's ways of thinking. I was floored. We didn't know the extent of Noah's powers because he didn't use it often.

"Well Noah," I try not to miss a beat answering him. "I'm glad you told me. I understand why you did that. You got very upset and you were worried about your sister. But Noah," I took a breath. "You know that using your powers is very dangerous."

"I know, Mommy, but I couldn't just stand there and not do anything," His emerald eyes bore into my golden ones. I saw something flash in his eyes, but it was gone. His power was so much more potent than Sadie's, so much more dangerous.

It was time to steal a line.

"With great power comes great responsibility, Noah. Do you know what that means?" He shook his head, his hair flying every which way. "It means that you have to be careful with what you have. What you have Noah is a very great power. But you have to be careful with it,"

"I know," He sighed, moving so that he was facing the ocean, his back resting against me. I wrapped my arms around his warm body. We sat like that for awhile, just watching the water hit the shore and soon enough Noah was asleep. I lifted him gently, his weight was like nothing to me, and I carried him into the house.

Edward greeted us when I walked in the door. I told him to meet me in the kitchen, I was going to put Noah down.

I laid Noah down in his green bed, taking off his shoes. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. I met Edward in the kitchen a second later. He gathered me into his arms, kissing me deeply. I willed myself to pull away to ask a question.

"Where's Sadie," I gasped for unneeded air. Edward's breathing wasn't any better.

"She went shopping with Alice. The pixie is still upset about this morning," He chuckled and I laughed with him. He pulled me into the living room, pulling us onto a couch. "How's Noah?"

I sighed. "He's…I want to say well, but he's still upset and confused about today."

"He used his power."

"Yes," I whispered. "Edward, it scares me. The things that Noah and Sadie can do…"I trailed off.

"I know," He agreed, wrapping his arms tighter around me. "The only thing we can hope for is that we raise them the right way that they won't want to use their powers for selfish reasons."

"Noah's demeanor is the opposite of that." I noted, Edward nodding in agreement with me.

"He'll be fine," Edward paused for a moment. "What happened in the car this morning?"

"Noah's homesick," Shock ran across Edward's face. "He didn't say anything because we were all so happy. I told him he never had to pretend for us."

"He's too much like you," he smiled down at me.

"I know he is," I sighed. Noah really was too much like me. He worried and stressed about things he shouldn't ever have to think about. I leaned into Edward. I felt his lips at my ear, his breathing tickling it, making me laugh.

"You know, the girls are out shopping, Carlisle is at work and Emmett and Jasper went hunting," He whispered seductively in my ear, making me shudder.

I turned, stared into his eyes for a short second before I practically pounced on him. When the girls returned, we both wore ridiculous smiles.

Sadie was dead on her feet when they walked in. After I gave her a bath, I slipped her into her favorite purple pajamas and Edward tucked her into bed.

"Love you Mommy and Daddy," She managed to slur out before she rolled over and fell asleep. Edward kissed her cheek and I went over to her closet where her new clothes were hanging. They were cute, of course, and the prices wasn't too bad, but that was probably because Esme was with them.

Several hours later, Edward and I were in our room. I was reading another book from Carlisle's library while Edward updated his iPod with new music.

Suddenly, Edward's head shot up and he appeared to be in a trance, one that made me stare at him confusedly.

"Edward-" I was cut off by a scream from Sadie's room, making my stomach drop and my heart twist in fear.

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