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Summary: After saving the world for a second time and after Emil and Ratatosk return from Niflheim, Zelos decides to throw a party at the royal palace to celebrate their return. Ratatosk should have stayed with Emil and Marta because what he comes across will scar him for life literally...

Pairing: Lloyd/Zelos, Emil/Marta and hints of Genis/Presea, Sheena/Colette, Regal/Raine and Emil/Ratatosk

Genre: Romance and Humor

Rated: M (for Mature)

Warning: Yaoi (boy/boy), shojo ai (girl/girl), swearing, fluff, lemon and unintentional OOC

I'm willing to put my lemon to work...let's see how it goes...oh...there are some spoilers to what happens in the perfect ending. Also, if you don't appreciate Zelos being uke then don't read this. Otherwise, you can continue.

The world has been saved again thanks to Lloyd's group. Thanks to Emil and Ratatosk though, the world was saved from demons entering their world. They were to guard the gate until the end of time, or so they thought.

Ratatosk made a deal with Richter and the Centurions that Emil and him could live in the human world as long as Ratatosk came back to the gate every now and then. Both agreed to this and they were sent back.

Emil reunited with his mate Marta. Ratatosk didn't expect to come out looking like Emil's twin and the only way to tell the difference was by their eye color and personality. He tried to stay away from the two but Marta spotted him and hugged him hard as well. He was not use to it like Emil was, so he was speechless. The calmer of the two could only laugh at his other self.

Marta wouldn't let there official appearance be unnoticed though. She had a way of contacting her friends by using the network (Sheena). Sheena easily gave the information to everyone. It was hard to get this information to Lloyd and Zelos though because they started the journey for Exspheres again. It was mere coincidence that Sheena found them both in Meltokio.

Once got the information though, he planned to celebrate with everyone by asking the royal family if he could throw a party at the royal palace. The king had no way to refuse though and it was settled.

Lloyd did protest about the party interfering with their search but Zelos ensured him that they weren't wasting any time.

Thanks to the Rheairds (that they still kept) the group managed to fly toward Meltokio before it got dark.

Of course, it was a party for the rich so everyone (meaning the original group) was already dressed in their best clothes.

"There's no need to worry about what you're going to wear Marta dear," Zelos told her as he showed her a rather skimpy outfit, "just wear this and you'll be fine."

That earned him a punch in the back of the head from Sheena.

"You perverted Ex-Chosen!"

"Oww! Sheena is so rough!"

"Since we can't rely on Zelos, you're going to have to find another suit," Lloyd told the trio.

"Who said I was going?" Ratatosk asked as he cocked an eyebrow.

Marta ignored him and asked Regal if he knew any shops that sold fancy dresses.

"You could always borrow one of Seles' dresses," Zelos stated as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah. That's a great idea Zelos!"

"Of course it's a great idea."

Sheena sighed, "Now that's getting his ego going."

"So what am I going to wear to the party?" Emil questioned as he turned to Lloyd.

"The last time I went to a party like this, Zelos lent me one of his tuxedos," Lloyd explained, "I'm sure you'll find something in that wardrobe."

Zelos was about to protest but Marta interrupted him.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

"Do I have any saying in this?" Ratatosk asked. He was ignored by the group's cheer.

The celebration started when the moon was up in the night sky. The main gang wore what they wore to the last party. Marta wore a red dress with flowers decorating it. In order to tell Emil and Ratatosk apart, they wore the same but different color shirt. Emil wore a tight dark blue suit while Ratatosk wore a rather loose black suit.

"You look handsome Emil!" Marta commented as she winked at him.

"You too..." Emil mumbled. He quickly caught what he said though and changed 'handsome' to 'beautiful.'

"And you look smashing too Ratatosk."


The trio were left alone when the party began. Genis was trying to get Presea but it was an impossible task because he ended up stuttering every time he tried to start a conversation and Presea would keep translating his stutters. Regal couldn't enjoy himself because the party ended up being a business trip for him as the aristocrats ended up meeting with him and starting a conversation. Colette and Sheena seem to go somewhere private. Lloyd and Zelos went somewhere as well (after Lloyd dragged Zelos away from the main room looking rather irritated). Raine was the only one who stayed close to the trio.

"Emil, what's wrong?" Marta asked her date.

"It's nothing. It's just that the people here seem to be dressed at their finest and..."

"You're fine Emil. In fact, I think you're the most handsome guy here."

Emil blushed, "M-Marta!"

"I'm out of here..." Ratatosk mumbled as he left the lovey-dovey couple alone. However he was stopped by Raine. He glared at her as a response.

"I need to speak to Lloyd about something," Raine said in a serious tone, "Do you think you can get him for me?"

"Do I have a choice?"

He didn't. Raine seem dead serious. It made Ratatosk wonder what the hell Lloyd did to make her look that...anxious.

Ratatosk hated being the lap dog for Raine or anybody. He had no idea where Lloyd or Zelos might be, so he ended up wandering around the castle. Avoiding the rich was hard especially when some were drunk. One of the rich guys was foolish enough to try and hit on him thinking he was a girl. Ratatosk showed him that he was no girl but a very dangerous guy that shouldn't be messed with. If anyone hit on him again, they wouldn't just get a serious beat down…

"Dammit! Where are those idiots?!" he questioned as he ended up near the guest room. He was thinking of heading back and just take the lecture from the professor but he heard a familiar voice. He smirked.

"Lloyd, it's not my fault, I swear!"

"I thought you changed your ways when I went away but apparently, you haven't."

"You think it was my fault that that guy was hitting on me? Please! Who doesn't want to hit on the Great Zelos Wilder?"

Despite the fact that Zelos was trying to lighten the mood, it was obvious that they were in an argument. It explained why Lloyd dragged the redhead off.

Ratatosk could hear Lloyd sigh.

"Sometimes, I wonder if our temporary journey meant anything to you…"

"Bud, what are you talking about? Of course it meant something to me! Heck, if you didn't ask me to go with you…"

"I asked you because you're the one I trust with all my heart."

"Um…that's going a little too far…"

Ratatosk had no idea what they were talking about. His plan was just to barge in, tell Lloyd that the professor wanted him and then leave. Simple plans don't go as well though. The instant he grabbed the knob on the door, he froze.

"B-Bud, what are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"Becoming a rapist."

"Screw that. You know how long it's been since we had sex? I had to restrain myself from not jumping you whenever I saw you again."

Zelos chuckled nervously, "It seems that someone's gotten horny over that period of time."

"And someone needs to be tamed again."

At this point, Ratatosk would have asked his Centurion Tenebrae on what the hell they were talking about. Of course, he's guarding the gate along with the other Centurions and Richter so he had to figure it out himself.

Barging in didn't seem to be a smart idea anymore. Instead, he opened the door slowly just to sneak a peak. If he saw something that he shouldn't have saw, he would leave and pretend that he didn't see anything. (He wouldn't know what he should and shouldn't have seen though.)

Ratatosk should have just left. He only took a small peak and saw something that 'kids' shouldn't see.

First of all, he saw Lloyd and Zelos on the bed. Lloyd on the top of Zelos pinning him down on his back and kissing him roughly. The other being surprisingly submissive only moaned in response. The dominant one then slowly removed the garments off the other like they were a sin on earth preventing him from seeing something beautiful.

"L-Lloyd…not here…if you want to do this…let's just go back to…my place…"

"No one is watching us," he heard Lloyd mumble in a seductive tone, "No one knows that we're gone and I'm sure if they did notice, they wouldn't disturb us, now would they?"

Ratatosk needed to close the door behind him and leave before he got caught, but something inside him wanted him to watch the whole thing.

"No more excuses Zelos."

With the Ex-Chosen's shirt off, Lloyd began licking and kissing the others chest. Zelos tried to hold his moans in but it was failing.

Ratatosk could feel his cheeks lighting up, but from what? Not only did he feel his entire body burning up, but his heart was racing like crazy and he felt this pain where his groin was.

Lloyd was very quick with undressing his lover's (as well as his own) clothes. Once they were out of the way, Zelos' whole body was exposed. (Ratatosk had to admit that there wasn't that much muscle as he expected there would be.) He leaned back to look at the body that he was ready to ravish, very amused at the shades of red Zelos was turning that competed with his already scarlet hair. He allowed his hands to glide and map out Zelos's skin, letting his fingertips be his eyes. He would pause every now and then when the red head would release a little moan or whimper of pleasure. Soon his hands rested on either side of where Zelos wanted him, gazing momentarily at the red head's pleasured face before he sank down the bed so he was eye level to Zelos's length. Lloyd smirked as he seized Zelos' cock and placed it in his mouth. Blue eyes widened as Zelos arched his body up to Lloyd's mouth, but the brunette easily pinned the former Chosen's hips down on the mattress as his tongue swirled and lapped around the length. Soon Lloyd became bold with his actions and started to bob his head up and down the length, pumping what he couldn't fit in his mouth. Zelos was in cloud nine. It became harder to hold his moans in as Lloyd sucked on his cock. He would have to cum soon because Lloyd was sucking hard.

"L-Lloyd…" Zelos moaned.

Lloyd said nothing as the Ex-Chosen couldn't hold it in anymore and cummed. Lloyd quickly swallowed the substance before releasing his grip.

When did bud get so good? Zelos asked himself as he waited to see what his lover would do next.

Lloyd surprised him by going for his thigh and licking it mercilessly. He smirked before letting his teeth sink into the skin before his mouth, making a dark hickey there. It was enough for Zelos to moan in pleasure even more. He felt his entire body on fire. The Ex-Chosen missed this feeling and he was glad to have this feeling again.

"Zelos," Lloyd began in a low tone, "You have no idea how I missed you...all of you..."

"I feel the same way, Bud..." Zelos replied weakly.

"That's why, I want to take it all the way tonight."

Zelos felt the same way. Lloyd stopped what he was doing in order to cover the tip of his cock with his own saliva.

"Are you ready Zelos?" Lloyd questioned his lover after he was finished.

Zelos nodded his head slowly in response. The younger of the two smiled.

The Ex-Chosen thought that his body couldn't get any hotter. He was dead wrong when he felt his other coming in.


Both could feel the pressure of being together. Zelos wasn't the only one who missed this feeling. In fact, Lloyd wanted this more than food tonight.

"God Zelos, you're so tight..." Lloyd mumbled.

The angel could only moan in response. He raised his hips up to mare sure Lloyd could completely come into him.

"I'm almost there Zelos," Lloyd told his lover in a soft tone.

The older of the two tried his best not to scream. He was almost at his limit.

Once Lloyd reached his destination, he thrusted. The pain and pleasure from that one thrust was enough to get Zelos screaming in delight. Satisfied that his lover was enjoying this, he decided to give the older of the two what he wanted. He thrusted again and again with each thrust stronger and more pleasurable than the last. They both felt like they were in heaven.

"I love you Zelos..." Lloyd whispered in his lover's ear.

"" Zelos said. He said it weakly because he felt like he could faint at any moment.

Thinking that Zelos had enough, he pulled his cock out of Zelos slowly only to see that it bulged.

Damn. He thought to himself as his cock released al the um that it was holding in onto his lover. Any of the sticky substance that got on the angel's mouth, he licked it away.

Zelos felt completely drained when he felt Lloyd lie down next to him. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Lloyd on the other hand couldn't sleep. This whole time, he felt like someone was spying on them and enjoying every minute of it. Being an angel had its advantages after all.

Ratatosk was long gone when Lloyd and Zelos were at their climax. He had never seen someone have sex before despite being 10,000 years old. (His excuse being that he guarded the Great Tree until it was destroyed.) Moreover, he didn't expect his first time witnessing it being to guys that were his friends. That whole time, he felt his entire body heating up and his heart being faster by the minute. He considered the explicit

Don't think that! Ratatosk told himself. Just focus on getting back to Emil...I mean Marta...I mean...GOD DAMMIT!

The poor Summon Spirit got lost in the palace again and another drunk aristocrat tried to hit on him.

"How about we go to the guest room and have some fun! -hic-" the guy said in a slurred voice as he seized the blonde's arm.

Bad move. Very bad move on so many levels. Ratatosk responded by taking his sword out and shoving it to the guy's throat.

"Say that again and I'll kill you," Ratatosk threatened.

The man screamed and released his grip on the Summon Spirit. He fled shouting, "Monster!" Ratatosk could only laugh as the guy tripped multiple times. The laughter died down though when what the man said rang through his head. He remembered the sex scene again.

I am not crazy...

Ratatosk made it to the ballroom where Raine was waiting for him.

"Did you give Lloyd my message?" was the first thing she asked.

"If you want to confess to him so badly, you can tell him yourself..." Ratatosk mumbled. He intended to shout at her but she gave him the teacher eye that Emil was scared of.

Raine grinned evilly as she got out a notepad that she carried around (along with a book) and wrote something down.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked not looking up from her notes.

Ratatosk felt his body getting hot again, "N-No I didn't. Wait, you knew all along didn't you?"

"I'm Lloyd's teacher," the half-elf replied, "Now I must ask you to check up on Colette-"

"NO!" Ratatosk yelled, "I'm not your guinea pig! If you think I enjoyed that, then you're wrong."

"That doesn't explain why you're blushing."

"I'm not!"

"Are you attractive to-"

"Damn you half-elf! Why can't you go confess to Regal already?"

Ratatosk thought he struck a nerve but the teacher had a comeback.

"But you said to confess to Lloyd and if he's with Zelos, how can I?"

A normal person would say, "Confess anyway!" but Ratatosk wasn't a normal person, so he said nothing. Annoyed, he stormed off back toward the happy couple that had a failure of a boyfriend. Raine could only smile as her hypothesis was correct.

The next day, Ratatosk tried to avoid everyone but mainly Lloyd, Zelos, Raine...and Emil? He didn't want Lloyd or Zelos to know that he was tricked by Raine to spy on them and he surely didn't want that half-elf asking more questions to reveal everything. The Summon Spirit couldn't figure out why he was avoiding his other self though.

I probably don't want to ruin their reunion. Ratatosk concluded. Maybe that's why I don't want to see them together.

Avoiding everyone was indeed a difficult task because no one would leave him alone.

Eventually though, he was alone with Emil because everyone else failed to talk to him.

"Ratatosk, what's been bothering you?" Emil asked bluntly.


"You've been acting weird after the party. Did you eat something bad or something?"

"No...I'm just annoyed at Professor Sage."

Emil was confused, "Really? What did she do?"


Ratatosk stopped speaking as he felt Raine was spying on them behind a bush waiting for him to screw up.

"...I don't want to talk here..." Ratatosk mumbled.

"Why?" Emil asked.

Ratatosk looked toward the bush and Emil easily caught on.

"R-Right. Let's talk somewhere else..."

Emil ended up leading them to the front gates of Meltokio. The guards weren't doing their job, so they had enough time to talk privately before they came back.

"Is there a reason why Raine is giving you the creepy look?" Emil asked his other self.

Ratatosk stayed quiet trying to determine whether or not he should tell Emil about what happened last night.

He talks to Richter so much. He'll probably know what I'm talking about. Ratatosk thought to himself. "Last night...she told me to give Lloyd a message."

Emil was all ears waiting for Ratatosk to finish.

"I went to go look for him and..."

Ratatosk decided to end the conversation there. He wouldn't hear the end of it from Emil if he found out that he had no idea what was going on between Lloyd and Zelos.


"I'm ending it here."


"You should go back. Marta is waiting."

"Hey! You looked so eager to tell me and now you're brushing me off?!"

Ratatosk was taken back at this but Emil has changed since the time he created him.


"Come on Ratatosk..."

The red eyed Summon Spirit turned toward the green eyed Summon Spirt and sighed. He couldn't say no to all that begging.



Ratatosk froze when he heard Lloyd's voice. The spiky haired brunette toward them.

"Emil, Marta was looking for you," he said simply.

"What? I was only gone for a few minutes! She can't be missing me already."

"She is Emil. I think it's best to go see her."

Lloyd turned his attention to Ratatosk who responded by trying to glare at him but failing.

"Ratatosk, if you tell anyone, you'll regret it," Lloyd said in a monotone voice before he left.

Now Emil was confused as ever.

"What happened with you, Lloyd and Raine?" Emil asked.

"Just dropped the subject..." Ratatosk mumbled.

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