Brittany read the headline out loud. "Mysterious disappearances baffle authorities." She frowned at the Doctor. "That certainly doesn't sound good."

The Doctor's grin widened. "It says here, that almost thirty people have gone missing over the past week."

"What are you looking at?" the Doctor asked, unsure of why his companion was staring at what was a perfectly ordinary shop.

Brittany slowly extended one of her hands, pointing at a particular display in the window. "Look at the snowglobes."

Sally cleared her throat. "It's the Doctor, sir. He's here."

The Brigadier swept past her. "Where is he?"

"Find that man." The Brigadier pointed at two of the soldiers standing in the room. "You two, find the general, and tell him to take a squad out and collect the Doctor."

"Greyhound 20, this is HQ. Take squads one and two, and take up flanking positions on the target," the Brigadier said. "Do you copy?"

There was a burst of static before the reply came through. "HQ, this is Greyhound 20. We copy you loud and clear. Moving to flanking positions now. Do we have permission to engage?"

Lifting the phone to his ear, Jack said, "Hello?"

"Am I talking to Captain Harkness?" a gruff voice replied.

"The one and the only," Jack replied, winking at Gwen and Ianto.

Jack shrugged. "Torchwood, can snoop to its heart's content." He looked at Ianto. "Well, get to it. I want us scanning the CCTV networks and public security cameras. I want to know what the hell Brittany is doing here."

"It's so lifelike," Brittany breathed, craning her head for a closer look.

The Doctor shook his head slowly. "It isn't just lifelike. It's living." He looked at the man inside the snowglobe. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," he said sincerely.

The Doctor shook his head. "Tell UNIT that I want them to stay out of this, you hear me? I don't want you lot interfering."

"He doesn't look like he's with the police or UNIT," the second being said, closely observing the Doctor's progress across the screen. "But he may still be a threat."

"Should we have him eliminated?" the first being asked, already preparing to give the order.

The Doctor and Brittany will return in Snowglobe, along with Captain Jack Harkness and the Unified Intelligence Taskforce.