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Simply Words

Riku was cold and Roxas was uncaring and ignorant. Conflicts were about to spark and it would take more than simply words to get things right. RikuRoku. For illbewaiting.

Chapter 1


He took in a deep breath as he trudged through the same road that he had to walk over every day. It had become a daily-routine for him. One of the straps of his backpack was dragged over his shoulder, lazily carrying it. The backpack was packed with exactly…nothing. He brought nothing to school and he didn't care. He didn't want to wear his shoulder and back out by carrying the thicker-than-bible textbooks that was required in his classes. Those textbooks were pointless and meaningless to him.

Shoving a hand into his pocket, he fished out a pack of bubble gum. Picking one out, putting the rest back into his pocket, he un-wrapped the piece of gum, put it into his mouth, and stated chewing lazily. His expression was identical to that of a cow that was grazing at the field in the afternoon, tired after a whole day's work—which basically only covered the 'tiring' job of merely standing there all day in the field. He rolled his eyes uncaringly, making a little 'moo' sound from the back of his throat, already hating the morning.

It was a short walk to his school which would only take ten minutes to get there if he was actually walking. No, he wasn't walking at all. He was casually lifting his feet, every step ranging from two to three centimeters from where he previously stood. Then, he would stop for a minute or two, practically staring into nothing with his blank expression, just standing there, feeling the wind and shrugged, then continued his journey.

Still chewing his gum, he took a couple of small baby-steps and stopped again midway in the pedestrian walk. He watched as people passed him by, hurrying to do whatever they needed to attend to. He yawned, bored stiff. His bubble-gum popped and he put his arms behind his head, cerulean eyes met the identically colored sky. He took in another deep breath before he continued with his little 'journey to school'.

He knew that he was going to be late when he arrived, but he didn't really care. Detention had become his part of life. It was not bad at all, sitting around in a class, not allowed to go anywhere for an hour. He needed his time alone anyway and he could do whatever he wanted in detention as long as he didn't make any noise. However, even with all the detentions, he was still a straight 'A' student with some 'B' appearing randomly once in a while. He read books in his free time and it was not just any book, he read textbooks in his free time.

When he was in the middle of enjoying the cold breeze flowing to his face, he suddenly got bumped over. He was taken off-guard and ended up falling to the ground on his back. One of his arms was injured due to the harsh fall and the other arm was okay because it was protected by his empty backpack which fortunately, guarded his arm contact with the ground. He groaned a little, hissing at the pain and growling at the weight above him.

He didn't know what was above him since his eyes was out of focused. His brain was still clouded with the haziness, trying to register everything that had just happened in. He blinked a couple of times in order to get his focus back. His curiosity drove him to immediately pay his attention to the weight that was currently straddling him. He gasped, yelping when he felt the heat and the friction that was created, biting back his blush as best as he could.

He started gagging and choking when he found out that his bubble gum was already trying to go deep inside his throat. He hastily coughed and threw the piece of evil-work out before it got inside his system and stayed forever there.

When he threw his attention back, his eyes were immediately met with a pair of lime orbs. He shook his head a little. Green? He pursed his lips when he noticed that those eyes belonged to a boy with long silver hair, about the same age as him. Those lime stared straight back at him. His silver hair was covering his face. Strands of silver hair were falling down from his shoulder. Their lips were only millimeters apart until it met. They could practically feel their breath on each other. The blond adapted to the situation almost immediately and stopped blushing. The other boy showed no readable emotion whatsoever.

"Mind getting off of me?" the blond asked shallowly, rolling his eyes.

"Heh," the silver head smirked, pulling away a bit, looking deep into the cerulean eyes in front of him. Those cerulean looked displeased. "You should have watched your step," he commented dryly.

"Excuse me?" the blond frowned. It was clearly the silver head that bumped into him and pinned him down in the middle of the pedestrian walk like that. Oh shit… he was pinned down in the middle of the pedestrian walk with a boy grinding him and he didn't exactly feel a thing. That was wrong beyond all reasons.

"You're excused. Watch where you're going next time," the silver head said cockily before pulling back more, taking his backpack, and standing up. His silver hair showed a slight tinge of blue and white as it was illuminated by the morning sun. He gave the blond a last smirk before going off to the same direction that Roxas was supposed to take. The short blond stared in awe, cringing a bit, his left eye twitching. He finally dragged a hand over his head to get his messy golden locks back into the spiky shape that it supposed to have. He already hated that guy to no end, but then again, he didn't really care. They probably would never meet again for the rest of their lives. So, why spent a whole lot of time fuming over the little accident in the morning?

However, if there was any chance in the world that they were going to meet again, he was determined to get his revenge. He knew that the silver head intentionally grind to him in order to get his attention and he wouldn't let it simply go like that. He would make him apologize.

Picking up his backpack and patting himself off the dust, he started to run to the direction of his high-school—which was a big deal since really…when was the last time anybody saw Roxas run except in the track field?

He arrived right on time in the high school, right before the huge double door iron gates closed before him. He scoffed, happy that at least he made it in time to school. It wasn't as if he was proud, but he could definitely use that fact to counter people's words that day. He knew exactly that it would prove useful to him.

After that, he walked into the school building, walking to the direction of his class.


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