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Chapter 2

A Small Exchange

Strangely, as if it was fate, right at the very morning, the earliest class was sport, which meant that Roxas would have to go to the track field. The P.E class that day required the class to go to the track field to have ten-laps run for their mid-term grades. At least he was miraculously not late that day and that would mean that he wouldn't need to go through detention. The thing was... he had forgotten his P.E uniform! That would mean...that he wouldn't have his midterm grade taken that day.

Out of sudden frustration, he kicked his locker which resounded with a loud bang in the changing room. Everyone was obviously already dressed and out in the field. It was only him in the changing room now. He jumped when he suddenly heard a low whistle.

"Hey, Roxas."

Roxas narrowed his eyes. "Axel? What are you doing here? I thought..."

"Yeah, I'm supposed to be out in the track field," the slanky redhead answered lazily, dragging and slurring his words, racking his hand on his spiky red hair. "Well, guess what, Roxas?"

"You're not there." The blond answered boldly. "Got it," he continued, walking pass the redhead, not wanting to have anything to do with said tall lanky class mate.

"Geez, Roxas." The redhead grinned, quickly standing in front of the lithe blond, effectively blocking his way out.

"Look, Axel. I need to explain to the teacher that I've apparently forgotten to bring my P.E uniform and see if he will give me a chance to join in."

"Ah, I see what you mean." Axel nodded wisely. After that, his predatory emerald eyes stared back at Roxas. "And you think that he will give you that permission?"

Roxas shook his head almost immediately. He laughed a while after. "It's worth a try?" he added dryly.

"Geez, Roxas. You can easily ask for my help, you know. Seriously, Rox." Axel played with his hair again with his cocky smile, making an impression that he was someone that Roxas could depend upon. He stood tall before the blond.

"What do you suggest?" Roxas tried, sitting down on the bench, right beside his empty bag which had been thrown away uncaringly earlier.

"Ah, I do have a lot of suggestions." The redhead's grin widened, waving his arms around in a clever gesture as he continued to talk, not waiting for Roxas' reply. "First, you can always find some excuse like someone burn your clothes or that your washing machine ate it."

"Yeah, like..."

"But that would be stupid, since Cloud would definitely take such lame excuse. Now, second, you could always put me as the scapegoat and say that I messed around with your wardrobe. Cloud trusts me and everybody knows that."

Roxas shook his head for a while, thinking. While it was true that Cloud liked Axel for some unexplainable reasons, he would never buy such lame excuse.

"Third..." the redhead trailed off. "You can always wear my uniform. I can definitely lend it to you." Axel took out his clothes from the locker nearby and showed them in front of Roxas.

Roxas narrowed his eyes, watching the redhead in disbelieve. "For free?" he nodded uncertainly, reaching out to take the clothes.

"Ah ah ah, not for free." Axel took his clothes back.

"Then what do you want, Axel?" Roxas rolled his eyes, sitting back, and crossing his arms.

"You owe me."

"Owe you?" Now, that just sounded wrong beyond all reasons. Roxas didn't like the sound of that, that's for sure. Why? Simple, because owing Axel something never meant anything good. Oh no, not even close to good. Roxas had been best friends with Axel for a long time, he knew the redhead all too well and he knew that he never liked being in that talking 'deal or no deal' situation. It was almost always lose-lose in Roxas' point of view.

"Yeah, owe me. I'll tell you what you have to do when I think of something."

Roxas bit his lower lips, contemplating on whether or not he'll accept the offer.

Axel laughed brightly. "Don't worry, Rox. Nothing ridiculous. Promise."

Roxas didn't believe the redhead. He thought about it some more, but noticed that he was already late for P.E. He finally decided to take the deal. He had no other choice after all. He needed that midterm grade in order for him to get an A in P.E. But what about Axel? Didn't he also need the grade? Roxas shook his head. There was absolutely no point for him to worry about Axel when his own grade was in danger.

Finally, he stood up and snatched the clothes off Axel's hand. "Fine," he replied, quickly stripping and putting in the obviously over-sized uniform. Axel was definitely much taller and bigger than him.

When Roxas was about to run out to the track field, he was stopped as his wrist was grabbed tightly. He turned, about to demand an explanation as to why Axel was holding him. But then, before the question could come out from his mouth, he was silenced by a small kiss. Axel's lips were on his. What the hell?

His eyes went wide as he was kissed. What the hell was Axel doing?!

Snapping back to reality, he quickly pushed the redhead away from him with all the energy he could muster. Axel fell back, sitting on the bench with an innocent smirk on his face. "What the hell, Axel?"

"That's to seal the deal, Rox."

Roxas blushed wildly. "You freak, what do you think you're doing? Boys aren't allowed to kiss..."

Axel burst out laughing, clutching his stomach. "Roxas, old are you?"

"I'm sixteen, Ax." Said blond rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, you're sixteen, old enough to know that gay and lesbian exist. Now, go to your track field, Rox."

" you imply in that?"

"It's absolutely nothing," Axel laughed.

Roxas released a soft growl as he walked away from the changing room and out to the track field, cringing a bit when he was exposed to the bright sunlight. The changing room was dark and suddenly being exposed to such strong light hurt his eyes. Quickly adapting to it, he blocked the sunlight from reaching his eyes by using his arms, and running off to where his classmates were already gathering, listening to Cloud's instructions.

While Axel was still sitting inside the changing room, relaxed and grinning as he usually would. He tilted his head to the side as he watched his best friend's figure disappear. Chuckling slightly, he muttered to himself. "I guess that went quite well?" he questioned, putting a hand on his mouth and then on his chin, unable to hold his smile. Then he released a rich laugh. "Damn, Rox. You really should stop doing all this to me."


Apparently, there was a new kid in the class. And coincidence almost always really, it was not hard to guess who the new kid was...the same silver head kid who Roxas had grown to dislike. "My name's Riku." The silver head stated cockily with both hands hidden in his pockets.

Roxas glared at the silver head, obviously not liking him. Revenge would be revenge and he had already planned on doing that. It was just a matter of opportunity. Riku's eyes were immediately met with the blond's cerulean. Roxas immediately rolled his eyes and looked away while Riku merely shrugged it off, his eyes still placed upon the blond.

"Alright class. Go stretch out. We will begin taking the grades immediately. And Riku, you can have your midterm grades taken and recorded next week when you have your uniform with you. You have a lot to catch up." Cloud, the P.E. teacher stated coldly and bluntly, going off to set up the equipment that would be needed for the day.

Everybody left the gathering area, leaving only Riku and Roxas alone there. "Seems like we're on the same class," Riku stated bluntly, chuckling.

"Yeah...nice to be able to meet you again." Roxas answered, sarcasm dripping from his voice. "Now, let's make this clear. I don't know you. You don't know me. So, don't talk to me, am I clear?" he stated bluntly, hating to use such tone, but felt like he had to do it when he was confronted with a certain silver head.

Riku seemed to be thinking a bit before he laughed. "Yeah, we don't know each other." He shrugged. "But the thing is, I do know a bit about you." He stated knowingly, walking in front of Roxas.


"You kissed a boy in school. I saw that."

"What?!" Roxas' eyes bulged, looking at Riku in disbelieve. But then, he quickly recollected himself. "What about it?" he asked calmly.

"I won't tell the whole school, but you owe me."

"What are you saying?"

"Then you would rather have it out and be revealed to the whole school?" Riku grinned.

"Your point?"

"I've made my point."

"What?" Roxas' mouth opened wide. "Fine, I don't care."

"Good, you owe me for it."

Roxas stared at Riku one last time before he ran off to stretch out.

Seriously, just what is up with Axel and this new dude? They're both...behaving...similarly. Something's definitely up...

But Roxas couldn't figure out what. What could possibly be happening? Axel was his best friend and Riku was merely a new guy that suddenly pops up in his morning and in his school, in his class. It's almost scary to know what could happen in a day. Should he care?

Shrugging it off, he started stretching, preparing himself for the ten-laps run.


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