"You are going to do what?" Guy asked Geoff. "You're going to do something stupid and leave me here alone to do all the work? Like I'm not swamped in work already. David and Don are gone, Magda left and you want to spend our precious time on things like that? What happens if there is an emergency somewhere...? Don't tell me you're taking the Nomad..."

"Yes, we are," Geoff said.

"Does that man look like you could make him happy with such a long trip?" Guy interrupted Geoff.

"First thing tomorrow", Geoff said.

Guy shook his head and walked away.

He ran right into Jackie who had heard the discussion. Together they walked on.

"Don't you think they know what they are doing, Guy?" Jackie asked.

"Well, I certainly hope so," Guy replied.

"For once, just try to put yourself into someone else's shoes, will you! Geoff, and Kate, and Johnno and David have been through a lot together; Joss is his brother; don't you understand they have to deal with this? Maybe you felt left out but..."

"I couldn't care less," Guy interrupted her haughtily, knowing she hit the right spot.

Jackie boiled. "When I asked you the other day if they had humanized you... I shouldn't have. They obviously didn't..." she said, and then she walked out of the room and slammed the door.

"Oh!" Guy said to himself. "Why do these things always happen?" He ran after Jackie. "Hey, we sort of promised Don not to fight anymore... Or didn't we?"

Jackie stopped, turned around and looked at him. She realized she was not reacting fair either, so she walked back and said: "You are right, we are being stupid."

"We...?" Guy asked in a funny tone with a grin on his face.

Jackie gave him a bump.


The next morning, Geoff and Kate went to pick up Joss at the hospital. Joss wanted to go out there more than ever, but he was even more ill than the day before. He was very tired and in so much pain that he couldn't get up. But he still wanted to go ahead.

Geoff said to Kate: "Is this sensible? Won't we put him in danger? I don't like this!"

"Please," Joss said, "I am almost sure it is the right thing to do."

"Then why are you feeling worse today?" Geoff asked him. "Remember, I'm still your doctor! My decision is final."

"Maybe it's the stress of going there. I don't know either, but my mind is clear. I can take responsibility for myself!".

"Yes, but you need us to get there!" You could see Geoff was thinking very hard. He and Kate walked out for a moment.

"He can rest during the flight," Kate pointed out.

"Why not wait a couple of days?" Geoff asked himself.

Kate answered: "Geoff, don't you see he is just getting worse? This isn't just rrv anymore. You said so yourself, yesterday".

"You are right, maybe we just have to go on."

Geoff went outside to get the car and Kate went to Joss, to tell him that they would go. He looked grateful. Kate helped him into a wheelchair and brought him to the car. At the airport, Johnno took the stretcher out of the Nomad, so they could lay Joss down on it and carry him inside. Johnno looked at Geoff and Kate and shook his head.

The whole flight was completed in total silence, except for the occasional message over the radio.

Johnno landed the plane. They took out the stretcher and put it on the back of the car they had arranged to be there. Geoff and Kate went to sit with Joss who was getting restless. Was it the moving car that caused him so much pain? Or...?

When they reached the spot, they lifted Joss off the car.

"I want to sit up", he said.

They helped him sit up against a tree.

At the edge of the gorge they all sat down in complete silence. Geoff and Kate, holding each other's hand, Johnno and Joss. Everyone was drinking in the sight of the beautiful, but dangerous nature, while trying to deal with his or her emotions.

After a long while, Joss tried to stand up. He staggered dangerously, and Geoff reached out to grab him, afraid that he would fall down the cliff, too, to the same lot that befell his brother. But Joss did manage to stand up. And he screamed. He shook his fists towards heaven, letting out his grief. Geoff got up; he wanted to check on him, but Kate held him back. Together they watched Joss falling on his knees and continuing to cry out loud. One by one they couldn't hold back their tears either and together they cried out all emotions of the past two months. Even Johnno, who usually walked away from this sort of thing.

After a while, Joss felt like a whole burden had been taken away from him, and although it left him exhausted, he felt a lot better. The miracle did occur. On the way back to the plane he didn't need the stretcher, and at the hospital he didn't need a wheelchair.

Guy, who had seen them leave that morning with a patient who was almost disabled, saw that same patient walk in this afternoon. He now had to admit that the action indeed seemed to have been a success.


The next day, Guy was on duty at the hospital and he went to see Joss.

"What happened out there?" he asked him, while looking at his chart. "You look much better, and I even saw you walk in yesterday."

"I put my grief where it belongs," Joss answered.

Guy looked at him with nothing but incomprehension, but still he nodded. And putting back the chart on the bed he said: "Aha."

He walked out of the room thinking about what he just heard. He decided to take a break. So he walked outside to go and lie down in the hammock for a few minutes. But when he got there, he discovered there was a skeleton in his hammock! He was not amused. So he went in again and asked Jackie: "Why is there a skeleton in my hammock?"

Jackie looked at him, not knowing what he was talking about. But then she remembered the mischief she had been up to with Penny yesterday, and she started laughing. "You told us to make sure nobody used it; well... we thought this is nobody."

Guy looked annoyed. "I don't like this joke," he said grumpy.

"No, of course you don't. You don't like any joke, do you?"

"Oh yes," Guy said. "Sometimes I appreciate them, but not now."

"Come on, Guy, what's your problem?" Jackie said.

"I'm a busy man, I've got a lot to do and when I want to take a break I don't like finding a skeleton in my hammock!"

Jackie looked at him with her mouth half open, shaking her head. "You're impossible, you know that?" she said.

"Yes, so I've been told. But if only there were more people like me, we could make this world a better place! Now, pick up that skeleton and put it back!"

"Do it yourself."

"I didn't put it there!"

At last Jackie walked to the hammock and picked up the skeleton. She pushed it into Guy's hands. "Here you are," she said and turned her back at him.

Guy shook his head and went to put the skeleton back where it belonged. Unfortunately, he ran right into Kate, Geoff and Joss, who were taking a little walk and came looking what all the fuzz was about. They laughed heartily when they saw Guy carrying a skeleton around.

"Got a new friend?" Geoff casually enquired.

"Ha, ha," Guy said displeased. He walked back to the hammock with indignant steps. He sat down in it, but before he had managed to lie down, the thing took a swing and he fell backwards out of it, legs up high. It was a very funny sight and Geoff, Kate, Joss, and Jackie and Penny who just came out, all laughed out loud when they saw his ungracious salto mortale.


"You did the right thing," Guy said to Geoff the next morning. "Although, I must say I don't understand it."

"Don't give me too much credit," Geoff said. "Joss was the one who knew what to do, and he himself took responsibility for it."

"I noticed you are much more at peace now, as well," Guy said.

"Yes, I am. It was good for Johnno, Kate and me to be there, too."

They walked to the room where Joss was.

"How are you today?" Geoff asked.

"Much better than two days ago," Joss answered.

"I think we can almost dismiss you," Geoff said. "But it might be better not to go wandering around in the bush right away."

"I know and I agree. I already talked to Guy here about it. Since he lives at the hotel, he promised to ask the hotel owner if I can stay there for a while."

"I don't think that's a problem," Geoff smiled. "People are really looking forward to meet you."

Joss smiled. "I think I can handle that now."


In the bedroom everything was closed down already. Geoff and Kate lay down in each other's arms talking about the past two weeks.

"Do you think David will come back walking in my dreams again?" Kate suddenly asked Geoff.

"Don't know, but what are you going to do if he does?"

"I think I'm going to tell him that I loved him, that we loved him, but that his coming back this way will fade out the good memories and only cause us grief," Kate said.

Geoff nodded. "I think he will listen to that. And then we, too, can close this chapter the right way."

They kissed each other good night and went to sleep.

The end