July 2002

The next day Michelle was still not completely better. She was still unsure and insecure. She was still not sure if Tony has forgiven her completely. She hates to admit it but she does not want to lose him because of it. When she enters their kitchen a few minutes later she sees him making breakfast with the kids. Chloe was in her playpen while David and Rose were helping their father as good as they could. She watched the scene from the door.

While she was watching the children Tony noticed her and smiled at her lightly. He could still read the deep insecurity in her face. He walked to her. "Good morning sweetheart." "Morning Tony." He lightly kissed her and she responded to the kiss clutching his shirt. When he pulled back for air he looked into her face. "You have nothing to be worried about." He kissed her temple and returned to setting the table. Michelle followed him and helped the children set the table.

During breakfast he noticed that she was watching him intently the whole time. Every once in a while he smiled at her lovingly and hoped to take away her fears. Rationally he knew from experience that Michelle´s fears usually last a long time. Fortunately for them it was Saturday and they could spend the day as a family.

While Rose and David were playing in the backyard Michelle was sitting on a lounge chair with Chloe in her lap. Chloe was napping against her chest. Michelle was content with her daughter on her lap and she was happy where she was at the moment.

Tony observed her from the door and noticed that she looked content and peaceful. He walked to her and sat down next to her in the chair. "Michelle, how are you feeling?" she looked at him and sighed. "Tony I want to believe you that you are not mad at me and that you have forgiven me but at the office the other day with the widow…" "Stop right there. Michelle look at me." She was still looking at Chloe.

A few moments later she looked up at him and in his eyes she saw love, honesty and care. "I love you and our children. Michelle you are safe. You are emotionally, physically and mentally safe. You have nothing to worry about." She nodded and leaned forward to claim her lips. He knew that she was totally insecure and that it was not her fault.

In the afternoon he came up with an idea how he could prove to Michelle that he still loved her deeply and that she had nothing to worry about. He decided to talk about it with her when the children are in bed.

They met on the couch after putting the kids to bed. She snuggled into him and continued to read her book. She felt safe in Tony´s arms leaning against his chest. She was enjoying it and Tony was content to just hold her make her feel safe. He leaned down and lightly kissed her head. Michelle snuggled even deeper into him. "Michelle!" she turned a little to look at him. She was still leaning against him with her feet next to her with his arms protectively around her.

"Michelle I came up with an idea to take away your insecurities." She looked at him more clearly. "How Tony?" he smiled at her lightly. "I think it would be good for both of us if we would renew are vows to each other and our fifth wedding anniversary." Michelle just looked at him and did not say anything for a while.

"Are you serious Tony?" "Yes. You need to feel safe. So we are going to renew are vows in November." Michelle looked at him stunning and Tony used that moment to silence any further comment by kissing her. A few minutes later Michelle found herself on their bed being loved by Tony and she was unable to complain.