Title: Snapshots

Author: DnKS – giRLs

Rating: PG13

Pairing: SuzaLulu

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Warning: Remember 'Pure Hearted Love'? Remember the sap? Good…


Instalment 1 – Winter Occurrence

January, Britannia Mainland, 2019 a.t.b

The snow that covered the Capital city of Pendragon told all with a very clear voice that winter was approaching. It was the very first winter that Lelouch vi Britannia spent with Kururugi Suzaku after their wedding. Months had come and gone ever since their somewhat overly grandiose wedding ceremony and still, Lelouch felt a bit embarrassed every time he was reminded of his current status. The faint blush that always adorned his cheeks every time he was being reminded of his present position seemed to already have a permanent attachment with him. Yet Suzaku seemed not to be disturbed even a bit to be referred as 'The Grand Duke of Kyoto and Prince Consort of The Holy Empire of Britannia, His Lordship Lieutenant Colonel Kururugi Suzaku'. If Lelouch did not know better, he would have assumed that Suzaku actually enjoyed the long title he now possessed.

Lelouch sighed faintly as he thought about his Suzaku. His eyes roamed outside the window, a habit that he still found hard to leave, and his eyes caught the sight of snow gently falling from the sky. Winter was coming, he noticed with a faint frown and without realizing it, he had already worried his lower lip with his teeth.

The coming of winter always brought some kind of apprehension to him. The cause of which was probably the fact that he seemed to always catch the cold during winter season. The moment those white snowflakes began dancing in the cold Britannian air, Lelouch would have a frown gracing his forehead. No matter how many layers of clothes he wore, no matter how warm he kept the temperature of his room, no matter how many kinds of vitamins he consumed, he would still catch the cold. It had become some kind of annual occurrence and by the time he reached his fifteenth birthday, Lelouch had given up on trying to avoid it. Rather, he would just shrug his shoulders and wait for the fever to strike, as it always did every year without failing.

And that year, too, was no exception.

The morning when he woke up with a light dizziness, Lelouch had been prepared. He merely groaned and tried to throw the heavy blankets covering his body to get up from the bed. Yet he forgot that he was sharing his bed with another human being who instantly was awakened because of his movement.

A pair of amazingly alert emerald eyes greeted him, making him smile despite of his pounding head.

"Good morning," he greeted warmly. "Did I wake you up?"

Kururugi Suzaku smiled as he ran a hand through his messy brown locks. "Not really, I'm a morning person naturally. But it's unusual to see you up so early."

"Yes..." Lelouch mumbled as he pressed one of his palms against his temple. He needed some aspirin, or paracetamol, he was not picky. "I need to get something."

"Hm?" Lelouch saw Suzaku tilting his face a bit to the side as what his habit was whenever he inquired something. A strong hand came from under the blanket. It reached for his face, as if wanting to sweep his hair from his eyes. But the moment that hand touched his forehead, it stopped. And when Lelouch saw how Suzaku's eyes widened in surprise, he thought he might understand what had prompted the sudden halt of that hand.

"Lelouch," Suzaku said, a bit nervously. "You're burning up."

He chuckled. Suzaku's face looked so comical like that with confusion and worry and fear mixed up in his expression. Yet his chuckles died down when that hand caressed his face. The apparent worry on Suzaku's face warmed up his heart, and Lelouch found himself leaning to the touch, feeling a bit guilty of making Suzaku worried so much.

"It's just a fever," he said. "Don't worry, I'm fine. I just need some aspirin."

"Wait there, I'll get it for you," Suzaku said sternly. A rustling sound of bed sheets followed, and by that Lelouch knew that Suzaku was getting up. A tender kiss landed on his forehead, one which Lelouch took appreciatively, closing his eyes as he felt Suzaku's lips against his skin. When he opened his eyes, he could see those emerald orbs staring back at him in worry. "I'll be back soon. Don't try getting out of the bed by yourself."

"It's only a mild fever," Lelouch protested yet he conceded to the request, burying his body deeper to their soft and comfortable bed. He watched Suzaku walking to the direction of their bedroom door lovingly. It was nice to have someone care over him like that.

Turning his body so he lay on his back, Lelouch mused as his eyes fixed to the ceiling of his room. In the past, whenever he got ill, it was either his mother or Nunnally or one of the maids who would take care of him. Yet he knew that his mother also had her own business, considering her position as the Empress of The Holy Empire of Britannia, so he tried his best not to bother her much with his illness. With Nunnally, his conscience of being the older brother never allowed him to look anything but strong in front of his dear little sister. And taking his pride into account, it was perfectly reasonable that he should also refuse the help from the maids of the palace.

But with Suzaku, it almost seemed natural to just lie back and let himself be pampered. It was only right according to the norm, right, Lelouch thought. After all, Suzaku and he were... well, married now. It was only right to take care of one's partner. Moreover, he had moved out of Aries Imperial Palace after his wedding, leaving his mother and sister to live in a somewhat smaller yet not less grandeur Palace with Suzaku. When he was faced with his current condition, Lelouch knew it was either he should take the help from Suzaku or from one of the maids there. And of course he would prefer Suzaku's gentle care than any other. But...

A knock on the door disrupted his thought. Biding entrance, the click of the door afterward was the only thing heralding the coming of Suzaku with a silver tray balanced against his hip. With practiced ease, he walked to the bed and after putting the tray along with its contents on the nightstand beside the bed, His Lordship Lieutenant Colonel Kururugi Suzaku sat down on that overly spacious bed.

"I brought some breakfast too. You cannot take the medication with empty stomach," Suzaku said and Lelouch once again felt the sensation of that strong hand landed gently on his forehead. "Should I call the royal physician?"

"It's not necessary," Lelouch refused the notion. He hated those doctors with vengeance. "This is just a mild fever. I'm used to this."

"It doesn't feel so mild for me," Suzaku said with a frown.

"I just need to take some aspirin and drink a great amount of water," Lelouch still tried to assure Suzaku, but his emerald eyed spouse seemed unconvinced. "You don't have to worry."

"Of course I have to worry," Suzaku said. He was frowning but soon it melted to be replaced by a genial smile. The hand retracted itself from Lelouch's forehead only to be replaced by a pair of lips soon afterward. Against that smooth skin, Kururugi Suzaku whispered, "I am your husband, right? So of course I have to worry over you."

Lelouch felt the heat on his cheeks and he doubted it was solely due to his fever. His hands began to absentmindedly play with the bed sheets. He felt really happy to receive Suzaku's apparent care, yet there was a part in him refused to accept any weakness. He craved for Suzaku's attention yet he also did not want to bother Suzaku so much.

The lips left him, and Lelouch almost sighed at the loss. Looking up, he could see Suzaku smiling down at him.

"Come on, let's have you eat some breakfast," the cheerful young man said. "And I don't accept the answer 'no', okay?"

Lelouch gave a mock overly dramatic sigh yet the smile on his lips gave him away easily. Moving up so he sat propped against the head of the bed, he watched Suzaku carrying the tray to the bed. With Suzaku sitting in front of him and the tray placed conveniently on the bed between them, Lelouch then had a good access to observe both his husband and his breakfast carefully.

It was a simple breakfast of freshly baked breath, boiled eggs, blueberry jam, and butter. An apple and some milk accompanied the meals and on the corner of the tray, Lelouch could see some innocent bottles of paracetamol and pseudoepherdine standing beside a glass of water. He frowned.

"I thought I only asked for some aspirin," he said amusedly.

"Aspirin is not the answer for every kind of illness," Suzaku countered, his hands were already busy buttering two pieces of bread. Once it was done, he pushed the bread to Lelouch's direction. "Eat."

Lelouch stared at the bread, and when he found no desire in him to eat those pieces of bread, he began surveying the rest of his breakfast. It was then that he noticed that there was something really important missing from his breakfast that morning. "Where's my coffee?"

"You should never take your medication with coffee, Lelouch," Suzaku reprimanded him sternly. "And too much caffeine is not good for you."

"But I need my coffee," Lelouch protested, uncaring even a bit that he almost sounded like a spoiled child.

A finger was placed on his lips, silencing him from saying whatever thing he might want to say. Suzaku's face, so very close to his own, sported a tender smile that made him unable to stay feeling annoyed at him for long.

"No coffee for this morning, sweetheart. Now you are going to eat your breakfast and afterward take your medication," Suzaku said patiently before he gave a peck to Lelouch's cheek. "Please just humour your Suzaku this time, okay?"

Lelouch sighed. He knew he would never be able to say no to his Suzaku. "Can't I just eat the apple?" he asked hopefully. He, not so surprisingly, had little to no appetite that morning, courtesy of his illness.

"No," Suzaku said sternly. "You are to eat a proper and complete breakfast, Lelouch. You need that."

"But they say an apple a day keep the doctor away," Lelouch said with a slight pout yet his hand reached for the bread and he began to nibble on it albeit half-heartedly.

"If you throw it to the poor doctor, of course it will keep him away," Suzaku said with a chuckle before his gaze turned wistful as he watched Lelouch eating the bread slowly. "Sorry, I can only manage this. It's barely dawn, and the preparation in the kitchen is not yet complete so I can only prepare this kind of meagre breakfast for you."

Lelouch smiled around his half eaten piece of bread. Suzaku could be so sweet sometimes. And he had to remind himself it was his fault that his husband needed to wake up so early that morning and prepared him breakfast to boot. It was that thought that made Lelouch somehow managed to down his breakfast, the thought that it was Suzaku who had so kindly prepared everything for him. And even after somehow finished his breakfast, Suzaku still sat with him, measuring the dose of his medication, asked him tenderly if he needed more water, constantly checking on his temperature.

It felt really nice to receive such apparent care.

"What's the funny thing?" Suzaku asked, checking his temperature again while sweeping his hair from covering his eyes.

"Nothing, I just feel it's somewhat nice to be pampered like this," he admitted honestly. "Thank you very much for everything, Suzaku."

Suzaku stared at him for a moment, mouth a bit hanging open, until a big grin broke on his face, and he released an amused chuckle. "Oh, Lelouch, you are so sweet sometimes I feel like eating you."

Before Lelouch had any chance to respond he already found a pair of lips covering his own. His initial reaction was to panic since he absolutely did not want Suzaku catch his cold. But those lips were warm, and the kiss so pleasant that in no time he already banished any thought about stopping the kiss and instead reciprocated in the act much enthusiastically. Wounding his arms around that strong neck he brought Suzaku down with him to the bed where they continued their kiss that somehow reminded him of their very first kisses, months ago, that still remained so vivid within his memory.

When their lips did part, Lelouch was not the only one whose cheeks possessed a light sheen of blush. And naturally, he was not the only one whose eyes showing such clear expression of desire. Those emerald eyes he saw hovering above his face were shining so bright he would drown himself in them. Yet luckily, or maybe sadly, he still possessed a bit amount of self preservation and rationality in him that instead of kissing those lips yet again, he merely gave a light punch to Suzaku's chest.

"Pervert," he reprimanded gently without any bite in it.

"That I am," Suzaku agreed readily with an even readier smile.

"Suzaku, you'll catch my cold," Lelouch said with a hint of laughter in his voice as Suzaku nuzzled into his neck.

"Then you'll just have to take care of me, right?" Suzaku said, staring at him like a five year old boy so eager to eat his birthday cake. Sometimes Lelouch wondered if Suzaku would ever grow up. Yet sometimes he also hoped that Suzaku would never grow up so that those innocent emerald eyes would only look lovingly at him with determination that only a child could have.

He smiled and touched Suzaku's forehead with his forefinger, "Move the tray first, I don't want to accidentally kick it out of bed."

Suzaku gave an innocent tilt of the head even though his eyes were showing anything but innocence. "And after that?"

"After that, would you kiss me again, Your Lordship Lieutenant Colonel Kururugi Suzaku?" Lelouch said with a seductive smile placed firmly upon his lips.

"Who am I to deny my only prince his request?" Suzaku said as his hands deftly moved the tray to the nearby nightstand.

"Wrong," Lelouch corrected him. "It should be 'who are you to deny your only love his request'."

Suzaku did in reality not deny his request. Those kisses he received afterward from his Knight cum husband were the proof to that. He could feel Suzaku's passion in those kisses. Yet he could also feel Suzaku's sweet love for him when the young Knight slowly stopped his ministration. With a single kiss dropped on his forehead, Lelouch felt Suzaku drawing back, creating some distance between their bodies which previously were pressed so close against one another.

"You need rest," Suzaku said with kindness in his eyes. "I'll tell Sir Jeremiah that you are feeling unwell so he might reschedule your activities for the day. Now you just sleep and don't worry yourself over anything unnecessary. I will take care of you."

Lelouch blinked. "I thought..."

"You thought I would advance further and take you?" Suzaku asked easily and Lelouch felt the blush threatening to overwhelm his cheeks as he, embarrassedly, nodded.

"Do please give your dear husband more credit, Lelouch. You think I'd do that when I know you're ill and in need of rest?" Suzaku said with a mock scowl. "Just sleep now and if you need anything, just call me."

"You shouldn't come close to me, actually, unless you want to..."

"If I catch your cold," Suzaku cut him in the middle of his sentence and Lelouch did not feel a bit surprised at the fact that his husband knew what exactly he was going to say. "You will be there to take care of me, right? So don't worry yourself over that. You're ill so I'll take care of you. And if I catch your cold and become ill myself, you'll repay the deed by taking care of me. Sounds fair, don't you think?"

"I just cannot win against you, can I?" he said with a smile.

"After so long and you only realize it now?' Suzaku said good-naturedly as he got up from the bed. "Lelouch, you are supposed to be intelligent. I'm disappointed."

Thankful for the fact that there were so many ready pillows within his reach, Lelouch threw one of those to the still chuckling Suzaku as his response to his words. Even though he knew Suzaku only let that pillow hit him to humour him, it still felt satisfying to see that soft and plush pillow hitting the grinning face of his husband. And even though he gave Suzaku a scowl, both of them knew there was really no hard feeling involved in it.

During the one week that followed that day, Lelouch vi Britannia was confined in his bed with a high fever. Yet strangely, he only gave his illness little mind. Should he be more daring, he would even say that he actually quite enjoyed his days being ill. His fever was bothering him, true, and sometimes his headache became so unbearable he could not sleep. Yet there was always someone beside him to clasp his hand gently, to kiss away his headache, to stand by his bedside each time he was supposed to take his medication, to always whisper in his ears during those painful hours when he could not sleep, the three fateful words of 'I love you'.

And he would always see those emerald eyes, that smiling face, that proud and strong figure that he loved so much so that even in his most painful moment, Lelouch could still feel thankful that there was a little blessing he could still enjoy during his illness. Suzaku really lived up his words. Never once did Lelouch remember he woke up from his restless sleep each morning without seeing his dear Suzaku quickly rushing to his side, anxiously asking him if he needed something, if he was in pain, if he wanted him to do anything.

Being exposed to such extent of care from his most beloved person was almost enough to send Lelouch to tears. Truly, in his all nineteen years of life, it was the time when he felt most grateful that he was ill. Grateful for Suzaku's presence. Grateful for Suzaku's love. Though Lelouch had yet to decide whether he should be grateful or annoyed at Suzaku's apparent immunity to illness. After a week staying by his side always, Lelouch thought that Suzaku would surely catch his cold. But no, his dear husband did not even give any indication that he was affected by any form of illness. Even on that certain night when Suzaku was overworked and came home late with a layer of snow on his coat, he still managed to wake up the following morning all sunshine smile and exuberant energy that Lelouch envied greatly.

Maybe it was true, Lelouch mused as his Suzaku approached the bed with a ready glass of water and medications in his hands, idiot people really would never catch the cold.

- end –

(A/N: this is the very first of many one shots we created following the events told in 'Pure Hearted Love'. Yes, we know we are a bunch of hopeless authors. At first we thought of writing the one shots first and then we would arrange them in a chronological manner and post them following that order. But then we thought: what if we never stopped writing? So, to cut the story short, we said to hell with chronological order. We would just post them once we finish writing them. So please do pardon if you see these series of snapshots in such messy order. And here we are rambling again. Well, you know the drill, any review you might throw at us will be appreciated, and any suggestion on what kind of scene you want to see would be put into consideration. Thank you for reading this and give these hopeless authors, and this story, a chance.)