Jaffa Valentine
By Mickey

Status: Completed 2/14/2009

Season: Any

Archive Permission: Ask first. I'll probably say yes.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't Sue.

Word Count: 200

Jack blinked, stared then blinked again. It wasn't every day a Jaffa walked into the briefing room bearing roses and a box of candies. His jaw about hit the ground when the Jaffa handed said items to him.

"I was informed it is custom to give gifts to those you care for on this day."

A death glare effectively silenced the new recruits he'd been debriefing, Jack explained. "It's a lovers holiday. Guys usually only give flowers to a woman. Like their girlfriend or wife, heck, even their mom. Friends stick to saying "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Teal'c looked genuinely confused. "So, we do not embrace?" he asked.

A stony glare was enough to forestall any snickering or comments crude remarks from the room's other occupants.

Turning his attention back to Teal'c, who'd taken a step forward, Jack backpedaled and exclaimed, "Wow! Stop right there. That would be a "no"." Frowning, he asked, "T, who told you about Valentine's Day?" He was fairly certain he already knew who the culprit was.

"Daniel Jackson, but he made no mention of what you have told me."

A low snicker at the door caught Jack's attention. "DANIEL!" Jack bellowed as he chased his friend down the hall.