Back at Plumfield:

Nick says goodbye to Jo and Fritz and leaves Plumfield. Ben decided to stay at Plumfield and be the new caretakers to the Bhares.

In California:

Charlotte stays and becomes an actress with Walter breathing down her neck every waking moment.

Dan and Tommy help Emil with his dig and find enough gold to set up an store. Tommy decided to stay in California and run the store while Dan decided that it was time to go home to Kate and be there for their first child's birth.

In Boston:

Nat learns that not only does he have an identical twin or are they actually strangers. But he finds out that Jan is pregnant with his child and Nan has disappeared to God knows where. Nat decided that it was time to go back to Plumfield so that Mrs. Jo could help him deal with all this. Plus perhaps the only doctor he trusted could help him not only find out if Ned was in fact his twin but perhaps led him to finding Nan.

In Arizona:

Franz finds out that Isabella wants an divorce and never wants to see him again. He is bound and demanded to find out why and fight for their love and marriage.

In California:

Walter sees that Charlotte has no intention on returning home so he begins to plan on how to force his sister to.

Tommy comes down with the measles.

Back at Plumfield:

Dan and Nat arrive back at Plumfield in time for Jo and Fritz to renew their vows. They are surprised to say the least that Fritz is in deed alive. The Bhare's are surprised to find that Nat as an twin that he never knew and that Jan was pregnant.

Kate tells Dan that she is relieved that he came back in time for their child to be born. During the renewal ceremony she went into labor. After giving birth to Blake Boston Maderson Jo and Fritz were able to redeclare their love for one and other.