And now, the stereotypical ending. You know, the part where I tell you all about how, after all the crap we had to go through, we finally get a good ending. Well, for a while anyways. Because, let's face it, nothing lasts forever. But since I'm determined to end this on a high note, we won't focus on that.

Let's start with Naruto. He was Kage while Sasuke was looking for me. Instead of being the power mad, listen-to-me-because-you-have-to, haha-I'm-in-charge kind of Kage we all expected him to be, he was actually very good. So Sasuke made him the second in command on the new Council, and official advisor to the Kage. He also got the job of deciding what the old Council's punishment should be (at that, Naruto did turn into the power mad egomaniac and watched them squirm. I had taught him well.).

And since there was no mentioning Naruto without having Hinata in there somewhere, we go to her next. Hinata made an excellent addition to the Council, so she was dubbed official liaison between Sasuke and the rest of the Hyuuga clan. Which put her higher up on the rank ladder than her father. Surprisingly, Hiashi was very pleased with this. I don't know how they find the time, but in between their booming political career, Hinata and Naruto raise their twins, Yuka and Yuri, who are purple haired personality clones of their father.

Naruto found himself wondering out loud the other day why he was so tired. Neji just snickered.

Speaking of Neji, he got another chance at parenthood with his six month old son, Eiji. He's also spoiling that kid rotten. When he's not doing that, Neji works on the Council, mainly with Hyuuga matters, but he's started to take on other tasks. He did away with the separation in the Hyuuga clan so that, instead of being two different parts, they were one whole clan. Hinata, head of the clan, signed everything and sent it off to Sasuke, who approved it immediately.

Tenten, also on the Council, thinks Eiji will rule the world one day. He's only six months old, but he's already established that he's the genius in his house, and the boss. Not that Tenten minds. Like mother like son, as they say. (And between you and me, with the way Tenten's back has been hurting her and her stomach has been upset, I think she's about to have another genius on her hands.)

With everything settled down (for the time being), Sasuke wasted no time in arranging for members of Councils in other countries to become diplomats of ours. Shikamaru became the Leaf contact, and he travels up to Sound often to "check on things". While he "checks on things", Ino visits me. Once she got pregnant, and forgave me for missing her wedding, she insisted in having no one but me as her doctor. Tsunade had no problem agreeing to that and manages to boss me around from a different country via my best friend. She also got to tell me that Tobi, the only Akatsuki alive, was killed by Temari and her new boyfriend, whose name I didn't get.

Gaara was very pleased about Tobi getting killed. Finding out about Temari's boyfriend? Not so much.

Yumi and Kane got very close very quickly. They married a few months after I left. Yumi proved to be very fertile, giving birth to triplets with her first pregnancy, and twins the next time around. She suspects she's going to have more than three this time, but she can't be sure yet. I'm waiting for her to have sextuplets. Sasuke is seriously thinking about giving them their own wing of the Manor.

Kanni is still head of nursing, but she finds time to go to the council meetings every now and then. (Yumi was going to be on the Council as well, but she seems to stay pregnant, so she acts as an advisor. Kane took her place as actual Council Member.)

Natsu is on the Council as well. He's loving it. He's third in command, but Naruto acts like he's on equal footing with him, so he gets to make a lot of decisions. He's so popular that you'd think he was the head of the operation, but he's not. It's good that people like him, but I'm afraid it'll go to his head.

Anko became Natsu's fashion advisor after he went to a political shindig in a formal Yukata that was about five inches too short and horribly stained. I gladly handed her off. Natsu wanted to kill me briefly, but they seemed to have reached some sort of truce. Natsu gets to where whatever he wants around the Manor and to all casual get-togethers, but Anko plans all the outfits for the important stuff and he wears it, no matter what. It seems to be working just fine for both parties.

And now, me.

And my eight months pregnant and counting belly. I haven't seen my toes in a while. Sasuke and I decided to wait until the baby is born to find out what it is, but, somehow, I just know it's a girl. Sasuke seems to be following my line of thinking- he wanted to paint the nursery a very girly shade of purple. It wasn't gender neutral though, so I nipped it in the bud. It took us three months, but we settled on a color. Purple and pink were out. Red, too boyish. Blue, too complicated (some shades just for boys, others for girls). Yellow, not gender neutral no matter what anyone said. Black, obviously not. Green, same as blue.

So the nursery is white, with simple (read: expensive) wood furniture. We have decorations on standby so when the baby gets home, we can decorate accordingly.

Names weren't as difficult to pick out. We both agreed on Mitsuko for a girl as soon as we found it in the baby names book I stole from Yumi, who'd read through it so many times she knew every name by heart. It was simple, didn't have any hidden meanings, and we hadn't met anyone named Mitsuko yet, so the girl name was picked.

If it was a boy, we were going to name him Itachi. For obvious reasons.

So there you have it. We dealt with the crap life threw at us and ended up pretty happy. Yeah, it was hard, but we got through it. We dealt with it, and look at us now. Our families, our friends- all safe, healthy, and happy. We can't live happily forever, or even forever, so this isn't going to end with the whole fairytale 'they lived happily ever after as they rode off into the sunset'. I mean, come on.

But we will deal with, and live, life.

Life, ever after.