April 1918



"ISABELLA!" My mother's voice shouted as she came into the room.

"What is it?" I asked, wrapping my dressing gown closer to myself.

"Isabella- The ball starts in one hour- why are you not getting ready yet?" She demanded. I stood up and shrugged. The Blacks are coming around with their son Jacob. We can't let you be seen in public like this- PHYLLIS!" she shouted.

My nurse, forty two year old Phyllis Crow rushed in, wringing her hands.

"You called, Madam?" she curtseyed quickly.

"Yes. Get Isabella ready quickly. I want to see you presentable in forty five minutes, Isabella" mother said before turning around and exiting.

"Put the dress on first miss" Phyllis told me. She helped me slip on the white dress underneath and three skirts before the main dress.

It was floor-length with three-quarter length sleeves and gold. It was off shoulders slightly and the top part was tight up to just above my waist before it came out in a thick material. The front of the dress was a sort of corset top with the front pale cream and small strings tying it together and the sleeves were tight until the end where they became wide. My shoes had tiny heels and were a pale gold as well.

"Sit" she ordered, gesturing to the stool in front of the dressing table. I sat and she began roughly pulling the knots out of my hair with a hairbrush. My thick hair was now less matted, and the spiral curls became more evident.

Phyllis parted my hair down the side and pulled it into a slightly messy, loose bun with a few loose tiny curled strands. After applying make-up to my face and spraying me with my favourite freesia and strawberry perfume, she curtseyed one more time before rushing out.

I exited my pale blue bedroom and walked down the main staircase to see that the ball had already started.

"Ah, Isabella, my daughter!" Charlie called, embracing me.

"Good evening, father" I smiled, nodding my head in politeness to him before greeting his male friends.

"This is Jacob Black, Bells" he hinted ever so innocently.

"Pleasure" I said briefly lifting my hand to shake.

"Hello. May I just say what a pleasure it is to be meeting a woman so fine as yourself" He smiled and took my hand before kissing it. Boy, this guy was trying too hard.

"Thank you" I blushed slightly, thinking of my father being there, "Now if you will excuse me, I have to greet the other guests"

I fast walked to my mother and pretended to be interested and listening to the five women and her talking to each other in a circle.

And that's when I noticed him.

He was standing quite alone, looking at me. He had dark brown hair which was slightly bronze and startling green eyes. I turned my head and torso around ever so slightly and gave a small smile, and a nod.

I turned back and realised another woman, Wendy had joined the group.

"I hear Mr black has an eye on someone" she hinted. I shrugged her off as the musicians started playing loudly.

"A group dance!" My father's voice called above the crowd.

I lined up along the easern wall and found myself opposite the dark bronze haired boy. I looked at him in awe and stepped forwards as the dance began. We lifted out right hands and let our palms touch and moved around in a circle before stopping and doing the same with our left hands.

It was soon over and he bowed to me.

"Edward Mason" He offered his hand.

I took it and we walked to the middle of the dancing couples and began dancing. It was soon over.

"Who are you?" My father confronted Edward.

"Edward Mason, Sir" he said politely.

"Stay away from Isabella" he said. I froze.

Charlie walked off and Edward made his way to the door and I realised that the party had ended.

"Will I see you again?" I called.

"Maybe" He was soon followed by two people who I presumed must have been his parents.

"Isabella, I want you to stay away from him… He's the son of my rival Bank" My father said, "Formal parties are the only time you should ever see him"

I rushed to my bedroom.




July, 1918



It was midnight and a rather warm summer night. I leaned over my marble balcony to see Edward in the bushes. I was dressed in a cream dress- again floor length. This time however, it had no sleeves- just straps. It was again a corset top but the skirt part started after my waist.

I swung off and only just managed to land on my feet on the freshly mown grass. Edward beckoned me closer with a finger and I ran up and threw my arms around him. We kissed passionately and broke off.

"I missed you" he told me.

"So did I. I missed you both" I smiled, stroking Anthony, his white horse lovingly. It was true as well. In the two and a half months I had known him, I became very much attached.

"So, Where are we going today?" I asked him lightly. He picked me up and put me on the horse before jumping on in front.

"To the woods. I found a place for us" We rode for just half an hour or so into the forest before he got off and offered me his hand to get off as well.

We took a walk, taking Anthony with us.

"This is the place" He said. I looked around to see myself in a beautiful patch of grass. There were trees in a rough circle around me and a small spring in a corner.

"I wanted to ask you something" he said, "I just don't know quite how" me mumbled the last bit.

"Take your time" I said. And he did. It was six am and the sun had risen. We had been

He kneeled down and I froze, "Isabella Swan, I know it's only been three months but I'm in love with you. Marry Me Isabella?" He asked.

"I- I- I mean- Yes, of course" I whispered and kissed him.

We were smiling and laughing for another five minutes before we made our way back. I took the gold ring he had bought me off my finger and slipped it onto a gold chain before wearing it.

"So my parents won't see" I smiled, kissing him once more before running up the staircase. I waited at some pillars to see him going. I then changed my mind, picked up my skirts and ran down the stairs to kiss him one last time.

"When will I see you again?" I asked.

"I can't come this week- On the fifth of August- I'll be here- I promise. Same time. Same place" he smiled crookedly.

"I'll take your word for it" I whispered, "Stay safe"

"Don't I ever?" he asked.

"I know, I just have a bad feeling about something.

"Goodbye Bella" He said, mounting his horse once more, "Take care" before riding off.

I turned and rushed to my bedroom.




AN: I tried to make it fairly similar to the video in Love Story by Taylor Swift as I got the idea for the plotline from there. Sorry if it seems to be set slightly in the medieval period but the videos like that and Edward was born in 1918 so I tried to maintain the actual story as well. Bella is blond because of Taylor- but I have nothing against Brunettes- I am one! :)

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