I Don't Own Inuyasha :-(

Aishiteru Inu-Yasha

The sky brighten as the sun rose.

I sat up and there he was,

Stroking a fire putting food on.

Ramen, boy it smells good but I'm

tired of that every day. It is his

favorite though so I can eat it for

one more day if it makes him

happy. Actually I'll do anything

to make him happy even

if it makes me sad.

His hair blows in the wind

sending strands of silver everywhere.

His dog-ears on top of his head twitched at the birds chirping

and the rustling of leaves.

I just wanted to touch them.

They are so cute! I

wonder why he doesn't allow anyone

to touch them. They look so soft and fuzzy. My eyes

seemed to be dazzled by them.

Alright I have to stop staring at him, I think I might be drooling.

He turns toward me and I my

lungs nearly stopped…

Those piercing golds had me

trapped in their depth.

They have a confused and worried

look in them but when he tilted

his head to the side he looked like a lost, innocence puppy. Truly KAWAII

"What the fuck are you looking at wench!"

That spoiled my mood.

I took a breath

to calm my raging

anger before I 'sit'

him into oblivion.

I open my eyes to glare at him.

The look on his face was priceless.

He looked like he was bracing

himself for a fall.

All what the hell


Aishiteru Inu-Yasha