Something Supernatural This Way Comes.

Phoebe groaned as the sunlight crept through the gap in her curtains. She grabbed the top of her quilt and pulled it over her head, stuffing her face further into her pillow. Phoebe Joyce Summers was not a morning person, like her Father, and found it difficult to get up in the morning. Luckily her sisters, being the kind siblings they were, enjoyed dragging the quilt of her so she would get cold or pulling on her hair. Scarlett was able to drag the quilt of Phoebe from outside her room using her power, which gave her more of a head start when she needed to run. Although Ruby, who was the only sister without a supernatural power, had to settle the old-fashioned way and enter her room before reeking any havoc upon her oldest sister.

On this particular morning, when the sun was shining brighter than usual, Scarlett and Ruby decided to leave Phoebe to wake up to her own accord. Though neither of the sisters told their parents as they knew this would make Phoebe late for school, and their parents would ground them both for not waking her up.

Scarlett chuckled as she entered the kitchen.

'What?' asked Buffy, her Mother, looking up from her breakfast.

Scarlett had even realised that both of her parents were sat in the kitchen, eating their breakfast, with Ruby sat on the kitchen counter. Scarlett shrugged her shoulders and took a seat at the breakfast table, pulling the plate of toast towards her. She could feel everyone's eyes on her as she ate, keeping her eyes set downwards.

'Where's Phoebe?' said Angel.

'Doing her hair,' replied Scarlett, flashing Ruby a warning glance.

Ruby rolled her eyes. Scarlett, who was older than her by three minutes, always thought she was going to grass her up when she wasn't. Ruby flicked back dirty blonde curls and jumped off the counter. Ruby was a mixture of her parents. She had dirty blonde hair, dark brown eyes like her Father, a sun-kissed glow like her Mother, her Father's nose and her Mother's slim frame. Scarlett looked more like her Father than the other two. Scarlett was awfully pale, like Angel, and possessed his nose and jaw line. She had his dark brown hair, which straightened down her back, and only inherited Buffy's emerald eyes. And Phoebe looked most like Buffy. Phoebe had cropped short hair, like Buffy had during her teenage days, and her green eyes, the same sun-kissed glow as her Mother and Ruby, and had the same slim figure.

Ruby leant against the counter and waited for Scarlett to finish her breakfast, as she knew that Scarlett wouldn't spill until she was out of hearing range from her parents. Whilst Ruby was waiting for Scarlett to finish eating, and Scarlett ate rather slowly, she fell deep in thought.

Ruby had always felt like an outside when it came to her sisters. Ruby was normal and had no supernatural powers unlike her sisters. Phoebe was able to talk to the dead – which Ruby didn't really fancy anyway – and freeze time. Buffy and Angel helped Phoebe a lot with her talking to the dead as they helped her send the ghosts into the light, which most ghosts would only do if Phoebe had done something that they requested, though her parents were very strict about using her other power. Phoebe had once frozen time when Buffy was shouting at her and ran off, leaving Buffy frozen – thought not literally as in coldness – until Angel returned home from work. Ruby remembered how long Phoebe had been grounded for and smiled at the memory.

'What are you smiling about?' said Angel, smiling at his youngest daughter.

'Nothing,' replied Ruby, returning his smile.

Then there was Scarlett. Scarlett was able to see into the future, which gave her the upper hand in most things, and was able to move things with her mind. Ruby found her powers more irritating than Phoebe's. Scarlett was able to know every decision Ruby would make before she had even decided herself. And when Scarlett was in a foul mood with Ruby, which happened on occasions, than Scarlett would constantly move the remote control away from her if she reached out to get it or move her school bag in the morning until Ruby was literally running round after the moving bag.

However Ruby was more grateful for being normal, even if she was slightly in the dark when it came to her sisters. She had noticed how Phoebe and Scarlett were unable to have a wide limit of friends. Phoebe and Scarlett were only close friends with the Harris and Osbourne children, and that was mostly because they were Buffy's best friends children and they knew about the Supernatural world. Ruby often found herself feeling sorry for Phoebe and Scarlett because she knew that they would never be able to have an easy and normal teenager life, exactly like their Mother had gone through. And Ruby knew how hard it was keeping a huge secret away from everyone they met in their lives.

Ruby had been so absorbed in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed Scarlett leave the table. She grabbed her bag and ran after her, ignoring the fact that her shoe laces were untied. Thankfully Scarlett was sat on the sofa, waiting for Ruby to come as she had seen it in a vision.

'What were you laughing about before?' asked Ruby, coming to a halt besides the sofa.

Scarlett looked behind her sister's shoulder. She focused on the door and waited until it closed. She didn't want her parents to overhear her as she knew that she would be in deep trouble for not acting upon her vision.

'Phoebe is going to be late for gym,' Scarlett chuckled quietly.

Ruby's eyes looked up towards the ceiling.

'She's already been late for Gym at least four times,' said Scarlett, catching the remote that zoomed across the room. 'Coach Stapleton is pissed off. Mom and Dad will be in a meeting with Principle Jackson during last period, so we'll be able to get a ride home.'

Ruby nodded, casting another glance at the ceiling. She knew that she should wake up Phoebe, although Phoebe wasn't a morning person and would probably freeze Ruby – which would result in them both being late. However Ruby knew that the future always changed, as Scarlett pointed out a lot, and that maybe Phoebe would freeze time to save herself from being late. Scarlett was unable to see when Phoebe would use her freezing power because Phoebe used it so unpredictably.

'Will Phoebe be expelled?' said Ruby, turning her attention back to Scarlett.

Scarlett closed her eyes for a moment, going into her statue-like stillness. She finally opened her eyes and shook her head, a grin unfolding across her face.

'Principle Jackson just can't seem to expel her,' she replied.

Before Ruby was able to reply, Buffy and Angel entered the room.

'We're going now,' said Buffy, kissing each of them on the forehead.

Scarlett and Ruby nodded as Angel hugged them.

'Phoebe! We're going now!' Buffy called up the stairs.

Scarlett threw Ruby a panicked expression, giving her a pleading look to come up with some excuse so neither of their parents went upstairs. Scarlett knew that she would be the one in trouble if they found Phoebe still asleep.

'You know what she's like,' laughed Ruby, rolling her eyes, 'when she has her headphones in. Deaf to the world!'

'That's true,' said Angel.

Buffy shrugged and followed Angel out of the door. Buffy worked as a fitness coach in a gym in the centre of town and was proud to be the most asked for trainer. Angel worked at Wolfram and Hart, like he had during his few months after leaving Buffy, with Cordelia again. Willow had opened up another version of the Magic Box with Giles, Anya and Oz as staff. Xander worked as a builder for an agency down town, moving around to different building sites every few weeks. Dawn had taken a job in a Child Day-care centre a few streets away from Phoebe, Ruby and Scarlett's school. Whilst Spike and Faith had opened up their own club, which they named Five By Five, and were enjoying their huge success.

Scarlett and Ruby waited until their parents had left before setting off for school. Thankfully it was a bright, sunny day in Los Angeles. They had spent several moments in silence, deep in their own thoughts, before Scarlett let out a quiet chuckle.

'What?' asked Ruby.

'Phoebe will fall out of bed sometime in the next twenty minutes,' replied Scarlett.


Authors Note.

So, what did you think? Let me know if you need anything cleared up or something, because I don't blame you if you are confused. This story is not just going to follow the kids around, but the adults as well. Well, I hope you enjoy this story as much as I am going to enjoy writing it! Reviews are appreciated! Lots of love. x