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If one looked hard enough into the darkening night, one'll see a dark haired man standing alone on a bridge, looking off into the distance. If he squinted, he would be able to tell that the man was none other than Uchiha Sasuke, president of the giant famous worldwide corporation, Uchiha Corp. One would wonder what a man of that caliber is doing here, all alone.

Sasuke's POV:

I sighed restlessly, and looked over the bleak horizon at the red sinking sun, it's last rays retreating across the darkening landscape. Why should I be depressed? I've got everything anybody could possibly want. A 48-room mansion? Check. A loaded bank account? Check. Mercedes? Check. Boss of a world-renown corporation? Check. Woman (and some men) falling at your knees, worshipping the very ground that you walk on? Check. Girlfriend or even maybe a boyfriend? Nope.

And that's what is on my tired mind right now, I needed to find myself a good looking, self respecting, caring person, somebody who doesn't look to me, and maybe even love me just for my status or money. I'm already 24, it's high time for me to build a family, with… annoying little brats running around, yes. But I don't have objections with falling in love with a man either, as long it is true love, it's okay, right? I want someone waiting for me at home, someone that greets me with a hug, or maybe even a kiss, when I stumble home from a rough tired day at work.

I sighed again, and rubbed my temples in soothing circles. That kind of companion isn't particularly easy to find for a rich and famous person like me, not to mention sexy, and maybe just a little bit proud. Most people go crazy when they see me, then they'd go rabid, then while some turn red and faint with a fatal nosebleed waterfall, others' eyes turn into the shape of hearts and charges at me, screaming "Sasuke-sama!" or "Kawaii! I'm all yours!!" or "Take me, take me now!!!!" or some other disgusting crap like that. I always knew that it was a good idea to hire bodyguards, they mainly protect me from rabid women, rather than fighting off dangerous assassins or something. My trustworthy bodyguards are Neji and Kiba, both talented and skilled in martial arts. Kiba was loud and obnoxious, but as trustworthy as a dog. Neji is like me, egoistic and usually quiet, he can keep secrets, unlike Kiba. They usually follow me around wherever I go, unless ordered to otherwise.

If though however, when there comes a time when my body guards aren't available, I can definitely fight off the whole lot of them insane creatures on my own, since I do have a black belt in karate. I have a nice muscular build, not too bulky, and no fat either, maybe that's why all these woman flock to me. Yes, my good looks and sexy body can be a pain sometimes.

But I just… don't feel like beating up fangirls, I mean, it's not like they can help but be attracted to me, right? Practically everyone wants me to get into their pants or vice versa. Sigh, that's something else I sometimes hate about myself.

The sky's dark blue color is converting to a murky black, as the sun submerges beneath the ever deep ocean. I better be getting back to my mansion that's walking distance from the company skyscraper. I doubt my bodyguards would be too happy with me, since I snuck out on my own, after getting them somewhat drunk just to sneak out. Usually I wouldn't be trying to avoid my guards, since attempts on my virginity are very common, but since it's getting dark, and there are not a lot of people outside, so I dared to venture out into the dangerous night by myself, enjoying this fleeting moment of privacy to the fullest extent. And yes, even though people bow at my command, and even though I'm already twenty-three years of age, I still am, a virgin.

I was about to turn and head back when I heard the rushing sound of somebody running, the distinct noise of hard steps on cement. I quickly whipped my head around, only to be tackled to the ground. I collapsed in heap on the pavement, feeling a excruciating wave of pain from my back. Then I felt something warm and heavy pressing down on me, and I blinked open my eyes slowly.

I was greeted by a pair of cerulean blue eyes and wild unruly tufts of spiky golden hair, my own charcoal eyes widened. The heavenly creature above me had a tan face, with three horizontal scars on each side of his angelic face, giving him a cute animalistic look. I could see the orange collar of his orange shirt. Who the hell wears an orange shirt? I thought.

I blinked again and was about to say something when the blond burst out, scrambling off of me, "I'm so sorry Sir! I was just running late to my night job at Uchiha Corp. and I wasn't watching where I'm going-"

I stared at him in slight shock and surprise, this beautiful creature works at my company?! And I never noticed him? Well, I guess I usually did leave the orientation crap to Kakashi, my previous guardian, also pretty much vice-president of my company. I'll admit that I trust the white-haired man, and perhaps, just perhaps, am happy for his existence, though I'll never admit that out loud. Something moved, attracting my attention again.

I looked at the blond, and saw that he was grinning like an idiot, and offering me his small slender hand. His angelic lips moved, "Here I'll help you up." He said, even his voice sounds so smooth, so perfect.

I slowly took the offered hand, slightly shuddering at the welcome exchange of heat, since my hands were as cold as ice, and his hand radiated heat. I kept staring at the person in front of me, trying to figure something out.

He grasped my hand tightly and with strength that I did not expect from a person of his figure, pulled me up quickly as I weighed like nothing. I continued to stare, amazed at the now fidgeting blond.

"Um… do I have something on my face?" He asked meekly, obviously getting a tad bit uncomfortable from my heated gaze. He looked up at me with his clear innocent azure eyes curiously, and jumped slightly when I gently brushed his scars with my right hand. He blushed a shallow shade of pink and looked away.

What was up with me? I did not just reach out and caress this stranger's cheek! But… I can't help but get drawn in by this person.

"Uh…" he muttered hesitantly, turned around quickly, and bent down to pick up some stuff that he had dropped when he collided into me, giving me a wide open view of his small taut ass unconsciously.

I could feel my eyes widen and heat flow up to my face, and then I quickly shook my head. Uchihas don't blush! Ever! Even if presented with a cute fuckable ass! Waaaait… Cute fuckable ass!? Man I must be really tired or something, to be thinking about stuff like that. I shuddered slightly. Yes, I think I just checked him out.

The blond had finally gathered up all his dropped scattered belongings; the angel smiled at me apologetically, "Sorry about that, it really was an accident."

Apparently he must be thinking that I'm mad at him or something, since I haven't said a word. So I tried to say something to make him feel better, but something jumped out of my mouth before I can stop it.

"Dobe," I called him, smirking amusedly. I couldn't help but smiling a little bit, seeing his mouth dropping open at my remark.

"I'm not a dobe! You teme!" He shrieked and stuck out his tongue cutely, looking offended.

"Hn, dobe." I bent down and picked up a paper that the dobe had missed, "Here." I handed it to him, who smiled and took the paper from my hand and uttered a small "thanks".

"What's your name?" I asked, trying to act casual.

"Uzumaki Naruto, sir." He said without hesitation and bowed to me slightly, "Now if you'll excuse me, my boss will kill me if I show up late for work on my first day." He muttered quickly and started to walk away. The walking quickly speeded up to a jog.

I watched him head towards the company building, and smiled.

Uzumaki Naruto, huh? So that's why I never heard about him, hmm, a new employee. He's an interesting guy, that's for sure, I mused. Now, gotta get home and pry some information out of that idiot Kakashi.

Naruto's POV:

Oh shit I'm gonna be late for woooork!! Tsunade-baachan is gonna murder me!!! I thought as I hurriedly buttoned my orange shirt, grabbed a tie from my closet, and quickly tied a neat knot, fastening it on my neck. Urgh, curse whoever invented ties, they are the number one useless piece of clothing in the world.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I've just graduated from college with higher than average scores. I have a master's degree in business and have just got myself a job at a company which I'm sure you've heard of. Yes, it is the famous Uchiha Corp. I must've got real lucky to have scored a job at that company. I live alone in my two roomed apartment, it's not too shabby, not too posh, but just right to my likeness. I'm a neat person, and like to keep my things organized to some extent. Anyways, I better be heading off to my newly acquired job, don't want to lose it now right after I won it from all the other competing losers.

I rushed out into the approaching night with my backpack that's crammed with various papers and suck, and dashed for the corporation building, well, it's more like a skyscraper. The commercial building does stand eighty stories tall after all.

Jogging in the night air sure feels good, I thought and closed my eyes briefly, still running, to enjoy the rare peace and quietness of the bustling city.

Ah, this feels so relaxing and calming, I thought and took a deep breath of air, and suddenly I crashed into something hard.

I expected the hard pavement to come up and greet me as I crashed down, only to fall on something relatively soft.

I blinked open my eyes and found myself staring into beautiful midnight black orbs. My eyes widened slightly as I realized that I just accidentally tackled this handsome person over. This man had spiked up raven black hair with dark blue streaks running through it, and his skin was unrealistically pale, giving him a ethereal glow. I suddenly felt the urge to lower my lips onto his, but I fought the urge and quickly scrambled off of the shocked guy. I quickly stood up and apologized, "I'm so sorry Sir! I was just running late to my night job at Uchiha Corp. and I wasn't watching where I'm going-"

And then I realized that he was staring intently at me, his eyebrows slightly arching up. This man looked so beautiful, I really felt bad about knocking him down and landing on top of him. No doubt his back might be hurting. Oh shit what if he gets mad at me? I thought frantically and broke the standstill by offering him my hand, grinning widely. I offered, "Here, I'll help you up."

He slowly took my hand, and I shivered slightly feeling electrical sparks shooting up my spine when he clutched my offered hand. I quickly shook the feeling off, and squeezing his broad hand with my own, yanked him up effortlessly. Despite my small body and my looks, I'm quite strong. It seems that the raven haired man was also shocked by my strength. My grin widened.

The handsome man continued to stare, as I took in the scene in front of me. Wow, he really is … yeah… The man looked quite young, about my age, I'd say. He was wearing a dark blue jacket, and a pair of black cargo pants. His hair spiked up at the end, and two separate dark smooth locks spilled down the sides of his face. Even after just recovering from being tackled down, he still looked collected. He was still staring intently at me, and I suddenly became aware of my own looks.

I lifted my left hand up and wiped my cheek, "Um… do I have something on my face?" I asked meekly, looking up into the searing charcoal eyes. To my surprise, he reached up and gently caressed my cheek, my eyes widened as I feel my face get slightly warmer.

The stranger looked a little surprised by his own actions, but only for a fleeting second. I decided to interrupt the embarrassing moment by turning around, bending down, and collecting the files that flew out of my backpack as I collided into him. Ack they're starting to blow away! I thought frantically and hurried to catch all of the files. It would do me no good if I miss even one of them. I didn't see the raven's eyes widen and blushing.

By the time I caught all the fleeing files, the raven's blush was no longer there, instead, his staring resumed. I groaned inwardly, he must be kinda mad that I crashed into him, I thought glumly and apologized again, "Sorry about that, it really was an accident."

"Dobe," he replied with an arrogant smirk on his pale face. My mouth dropped open, how dare he call me a deadlast, when he had just met me? I thought.

"I'm not a dobe you teme!" I retorted childishly and stuck out my tongue at the smirking raven.

"Hn, dobe," He replied and bent down. I rolled my eyes, wow, this person is quite talkative, I mused to myself.

Then he straightened and brought his hand up, offering me something. I looked down and realized it was a really important paper that I had missed. I muttered a "thanks" and quickly took the paper, stuffing it into my unzipped backpack. I dislike zipping up my backpack anyways, it's too annoying that whenever you need to grab something, you have to unzip it, and then zip it back up again. Might as well leave it unzipped.

"What's your name?" He asked casually, sticking his hands into his pant pockets.

"Uzumaki Naruto,"I answered quickly and bowed, "Now if you'll excuse me, my boss will kill me if I show up late for work on my first day." With one last glance at the handsome stranger, I started to walk down the path towards the Uchiha Corp. skyscraper. My walk turned to a jog as I hurried, and prayed to whatever deity out there for me to make it on time.

As I hurried towards the building, my thoughts went back to the mysterious stranger that I had just met.

I forgot to ask him his name, I realized.

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