Hello, this isn't really an update, but just a note from your favoritest(not for long) author, me.

I'm sorry to inform you all that I'm currently hit with a writer's block for this story. Also, life has been harsh these past few weeks…nagging, demanding parents, annoying classmates and so on have been adding to my stress. Plus, my parents are dragging me half across the country into an unknown little city, away from all my friends. So I'm really pissed, very very pissed. I apologize, but once things calm down a little, I'll resume working on this story. Though I can still type and write, I don't have a lot of time… so! I'll try to update sometime soon! I'm not abandoning this story! Hopefully my family can straighten some things out and I'll continue to write in the great fandom of fanfiction! I hope you understand!

Wish me luck and don't hate me!