Oh God, I'm going to die for this. I just know it. All of you readers, if you love me, be open-minded and try to put yourself in my shoes before you burn me to a crisp with your flames. (And heed the knowledge that I can fire back if you fan my flames.)

So for the past four months, I have been eating myself alive trying to get the third installment of this up and running. I created a detailed character for New Jasper. I had a parallel plot all sorted out and everything. My desire to see how he and Bella got along with one another was there. My inspiration for weaving them an intricate, but strong, HEA was bright in my mind and just waiting to be spun into words. But nothing worked. When I opened up my Microsoft with the intention to start, something just SUCKED all of that excitement and preparation right from my fingertips. My ideas clashed and started shooting at each other. I made myself so frustrated because New Jasper was running away from me that I had a meltdown. For every single pro that this anticipated sequel had, it had three cons.

So regrettably I announce that there will not be any third installment anymore. The Epilogue of this story is the end of the whole saga, now and forever, and I announce here and now that I will not ever again try to write the third part. I just can't do it, and I have realized why. Want to know why? I'll tell you.

I am at a place with myself, and my writing, where I have happily acknowledged that I primarily need to write for myself. Of course I try to make my plots good and interesting so all of you lovely readers will feel enthralled and engaged, but there must always be that voice in my head reminding me that I need to make myself happy, too, or how can I continue writing a story that can please you? And you know what guys? I did something in Indigo Skies that feels like fan servicing to the ultimate max, and it just doesn't sit well with me. In fact, I don't think I have EVER been so unhappy with something that I "published" here on FF. I stomped that little voice into the mud face-first and kept him pinned there until I was too far into the plot to turn back.

Jacob should have won.

I had decided in an early chapter, and any fan of this story should know which I mean, that I sort of did want to end this Jake/Bella. I had a deeply rooted feeling that he really is what was best for her and Silas. He was always going to be there for her, ready to protect her from harm. To cry with her when she was sad. To laugh with her during the good times. He was going to be her everything, because she was his everything. He was already a better, safer dad for Silas than Jasper ever was. Fate made damn sure that Jacob would never stray from her side, no matter what. (So long as she was human, of course.)

I knew, though, that so many of you had dedicated yourself to reading the saga and making it my most popular one because it was Jasper/Bella. I knew that I had promised you guys Jasper would come back, so naturally he returned. And then what happened? What did I do that went against my very heart and soul? I made Jasper's re-entry into the story SO EPIC that I remembered why I had loved him in the first place. Maybe he wasn't perfect for her like Jake was, but so what? He was sweet and warm in a way Jake never could be. He was Bella's morphine, and she was so addicted to him that she clouded my mind and made me latch onto her Jasper as violently as she did in chapter fifteen.

It was at that point that I assaulted the aforementioned little voice, and made my muse help tie him down for the remainder of the story. With him gone, there was nothing stopping me from ripping apart the plans Fate had made for Bella, and taping it up the way Bella wanted it to be. I thought that I was as happy with the decisions made as you all were. I thought that Jake had his HEA so I didn't have to feel bad, and that Bella would eventually get her HEA so it was all good.

I thought wrong. I'm telling you right now that if I did happen to write the third installment to this story, it would be horrible. There would be so much angst and difficulty, so very little hope for Bella and New Jasper honestly loving one another (rather than just thinking they do because they think they should) that I feel I would be wronging you guys by writing it. At least with the Epilogue, you all have creative right to think of ANY sort of fairytale story for New Jasper and Bella that you want to. If I leave it where it is, there is nothing but boundless oceans of hope and possibility for your imaginations to explore.

I really hope you guys can understand why I am doing this, and even if you can't, respect the fact that I am doing it because it's what's best for the story.

---The Only Pancake