"Wake up, young dragons," a deep voice whispered as its owner nudged the two sleeping adolescents. They stirred briefly but otherwise remained asleep. Terrador grumbled. If they didn't wake up they'd miss the celestial moons and possibly a very romantic night. He nudged them harder and they both yawned and slowly rose to a sitting position. "The Celestial moons are at their peak, if you want to see them I'd go now if I were you."

They both nodded and then stretched, several bones cracking into place as they did so. "Where shall we go to see them?" Cynder asked Spyro when they were finished. He thought for a moment and then an idea came to him.

"Remember where we fought that golem that was attacking the city?" He asked. Cynder nodded and immediately knew what he was hinting at.

"Let's go then," She said as she began moving quietly to the exit.

"I just have to speak with Terrador about something first," Spyro replied, making Cynder turn around. "I'll meet you up there, ok?" She hesitated slightly but then nodded.

"Alright, Spyro, but don't be too long," she replied, and then carried on moving towards the exit. When she left the hall and was out of sight, Spyro quickly moved to Terrador's cushions and began to pull out his gifts. Terrador helped him strap them to his back so he could carry them with ease and once they were secured he began to set off after Cynder.

"I'm sure she'll like them, Spyro," Terrador said to him as he left, "your destinies have been linked together since the day you both hatched. If you weren't meant to be partners I'd be more than surprised." Spyro nodded at the earth guardian; he took comfort in the fact that someone else thought she'd like his gift too.

He moved off quietly through the hall, making sure not to wake the sleeping masters or disturb the awake ones from their reading or quiet discussions. He glanced at Crystal as he passed her, hoping that she wouldn't wake up and follow him; she didn't.

The air was cool as Spyro stepped into the open. He looked up to see the moons but found that they were obscured by the many buildings and walls that surrounded him. He looked to the south and saw the tower that was his destination; the many arched walls nothing but a simple silhouette against the night sky.

As he walked through the streets towards it he began thinking about what he would say to Cynder. He didn't want to say just anything; the whole thing had to be perfect. He mumbled sentences to himself trying to find one that sounded right but no matter what he said he always thought that it sounded stupid; not romantic at all.

The few dragons that were out during the late hours looked at Spyro as he mumbled to himself with his head down; naturally they avoided the strange behaving dragon. Spyro of course didn't notice them, too intent with his thoughts. He was so engrossed with them that it wasn't until he was ascending the first staircase that he realised he'd reached his destination. Somewhere above him Cynder was waiting and when he reached her he'd ask her a question he hoped she'd say yes to.

The stairs seemed to just disappear as he ascended them, it was as if he was being propelled along faster than normal and all too soon for his liking he was at the summit, looking at Cynder who had her back to him and staring at the moons. He quietly made his way across the circular mosaic on the stone and began to climb the short flight of stairs that took him to the ledge Cynder was sat on. Now with him on her left she could see him through the corner of her eyes and turned to look at him; the moonlight catching her scales and bathing her in pure beauty.

The first thing she noticed was the four boxes that Spyro had strapped to his back recognising them for what they were. "You took your time," she quietly said to him as he reached her and sat down.

"Sorry," was all he said. They then sat in silence for a few minutes, looking up at the moons and the stars surrounding them. The minutes seemed like an eternity, each waiting for the other to speak first until finally Spyro broke the silence. "Could you help me take these off so I can give you your gifts?" He asked as he tried to undo the straps. She nodded quietly and began pulling the boxes from underneath the straps, the slack created by her actions allowing Spyro to simply move out of them.

"Thanks," He said as he organised the boxes in front of her. "I found these today and thought you'd like them." He opened the first box and Cynder gasped. "At least I hope you like them." He said as he took out the neck piece of the female set of jewellery that went with the male set Cynder was going to buy. Spyro continued to unpack the boxes, laying out the tail, neck and arm pieces in front of her.

"S-Spyro," she mumbled. He looked at her and saw a single tear fall from her eye and drip down her snout where it clung to her scales. Now more than ever she wished she had been able to buy his present. She didn't feel right taking his gift without having one to give in return. "I love these gifts…but," the tear fell when another joined it and they splashed on the floor leaving a dark circle on the cool white stone. "I can't accept them."

Spyro's face dropped and he was about to speak when another voice, a female voice cut in front of him. "Yes you can." Spyro and Cynder both turned to face the staircase that led to the summit of the tower and saw Crystal standing there, laden with boxes. "It was you who wanted to buy your gift from the wind dragon, wasn't it?" She asked Cynder as she struggled forwards. "I recognize your voice; it matches the roar that I heard after I bought them first."

Cynder could only look down at the Ice dragoness, unsure of what exactly her intentions were. "I'm sorry," she said, "but I don't understand your reason for being here." Spyro simply sat there, wondering what exactly was going to happen.

"I followed Spyro," Crystal admitted, "to give him these gifts, but I didn't know he was looking for partnership with someone else." Crystal then began to remove the boxes from her body and place them on the floor. "I want you to have these, Cynder," She then said. Cynder stared at her, and then leapt down to her level so they could talk quietly without Spyro being able to hear.

"Why are you doing this?" Cynder asked quietly as she looked at the gifts.

"Because you love him, I can tell." Crystal replied. "He gave me a gift and I liked him, that's why I wanted to buy him a gift. But you, you travelled the world with him, faced off against terrifying enemies together." Crystal paused as she looked behind Cynder at Spyro. "You deserve him much more than I do. Besides," she said with a smile, "the present was rightfully yours to buy, I shouldn't have paid extra for it when I knew that someone else wanted it first and made it possible for purchase in the first place."

Cynder shook her head, "These were expensive; I can't just take them off you. And what about you? Can you honestly say that you won't regret not giving them to Spyro?" Crystal smiled.

"I barely know him; I was going to give him the gift and then get to know him on a more personal level. I'll be perfectly fine." With that Crystal turned to leave, not looking back at Spyro or Cynder.

Cynder was about to stop her but then stopped. "Thank you," she said. Crystal merely fluttered her wings in response as she descended the stairs.

Without the boxes and the fact she was going down the stairs Crystal found the journey relatively easy. She was mildly upset that Spyro was unavailable to her but then again she knew she didn't know the purple dragon; a relationship could hardly be started just because someone gave someone else a gift. A movement in the shadows brought Crystal away from her musings and she stopped where she was.

"W-who's there?" She asked as she stared into the darkness behind a row of pillars. A series of scratches, a thump and then an 'ow' came as a reply and Crystal tilted her head. "Did you just fall over?" She asked, finding it hard to believe that any attacker would be that clumsy.

"Y-yeah, I did." A male voice answered back and slowly a young wind dragon emerged from the shadows. He sat down on his haunches in front of her and rubbed the scratch on his head where he hit the floor. "I didn't mean to scare you," he said.

Crystal smiled, "It's ok, but you shouldn't really be skulking about in the shadows, what are you doing here?" She asked as she looked him over. His green horns pointed straight back and his silvery scales shimmered in the moonlight. His green wings fluttered idly as he sat and Crystal noticed the slight muscle underneath the green scales on his chest. All in all he was around her age and size.

"I wanted to give you this," he then said as he reached into the shadows and retrieved a small box. Crystal took it from him and opened it to reveal a silver choker with sparkling blue amethysts encrusted into it. "I was hoping that you'd like to spend some time with me…and then maybe be my partner?" He asked shyly, not really looking at her.

Crystal smiled widely at him, and then nuzzled his cheek causing him to blush, the silver scales flushing pink almost immediately. "That's really sweet of you," she replied, "I'd like to spend time with you; you seem like a nice dragon." His face lit up at her answer and they both smiled at each other. "Would you care to take a stroll by some flowers?" She asked as she began making her way down the stairs again.

"Sure!" He replied enthusiastically as he followed her.


Cynder smiled at Spyro when she finished bringing up the boxes; she'd finally gotten the perfect gift to give him. "You have no idea how much I wanted to give these to you," she said to him. He was only mildly interested; the fact that she had gotten him a present at all meant that she did indeed care about him. She opened the first box and pulled out the neck piece to the male set of the jewellery.

"Isn't that the jewellery that goes with the one I bought you?" Spyro asked, instantly recognising the piece as the one on the wind dragons stall that was right next to the one he had bought Cynder.

"It is," Cynder replied as she began unpacking the rest. "It was because of me that you were able to buy your gift to me." She placed them out in front of him, each peace of the set shinning brightly. "Do you like them?" She asked, hopefully.

Spyro leaned his neck and rubbed his head against hers affectionately as an answer. She rubbed back, enjoying the warmness of his scales and the intimacy they were sharing. Spyro inhaled deeply the scent on her neck, remembering it from the time he had found the tree with the pink, star-shaped flowers and a few hours ago just before he fell asleep.

They stayed together like that for a good few minutes until Spyro pulled away; much to Cynder's disappointment. He moved closer to her and raised his forepaws to her neck. She remained motionless as his claws groped her neck piece and when he found the clasp the iron fell to the stone with a clank. He then moved onto her arms and tail until all her jewellery had been removed.

When Cynder looked down at her forearms she blushed furiously; the mole that had polished her scales hadn't removed her jewellery to do so. That meant she now had four marks on her body where the ornaments once were, the dull and unpolished scales absorbing the moonlight rather than reflecting it. Spyro laughed when he saw her blush, "It's alright," he said as he picked up the silver neck piece he'd bought her, "you look beautiful to me no matter what you look like."

She smiled at that comment and then shuddered as the cool silver came into contact with her scales. Spyro clasped the silver together and saw that it fit perfectly over the mark left behind by her older jewellery. He then began to fit the rest onto her. By the time he was done every part of her body shone with moonlight reflected from her. "How do I look?" She asked with a sly grin.

"Like the most beautiful dragoness in the world," Spyro replied, making her giggle before she could stop herself, something which he had never heard her do before; he quite liked it.

"Now it's your turn." She then said as she began to fit his jewellery to him. He remained still for her, finding the prospect of wearing it a little daunting but they were designed for males so he didn't see any problems with it, he'd just have to get used to them. "There," Cynder said as she finished clasping the last piece around his tail, "now we match."

"Yes we do, except you get something extra," he said, making Cynder look at him curiously. He reached into the satchel that was still attached to the inside of his right forearm near his chest and pulled out the horn ornament. "I went back and got you this as soon as I remembered," he said as she lowered her head for him to fit it onto her right, longest horn. "And you can also have this one back," he continued as he pulled out the flower he had kept safe for her and slipped it on to her left horn.

A fresh layer of tears was in Cynder's eyes when she looked back up at him. They weren't falling; they just coated her eyes and made them shimmer. "Spyro, that thing I said to you after we defeated Malefor?" She said. He nodded and she smiled at him. "I'll say it again; I love you." She then turned to look out over the city again and the moons high above. "You were the first person to do anything truly nice for me with nothing for you to gain. I've caused you so much grief in the time you've known me, trying to kill you, running away from the temple. And then when Malefor almost took control over me again…when you said you I'd given you nothing left to fight for anymore, I…" She broke off at that point, a quiet sob escaping her.

Warmth came to her as Spyro wrapped a wing around her back and he sat down by her side. "I love you too, Cynder." He said to her. She shuddered slightly beneath his wing but she didn't sob again. "Saving you from being lost in convexity was the best thing I've ever done in my entire life. If it wasn't for you I don't think I would have been able to do the things I did. I don't care that you tried to kill me, or that you ran away from the temple. Everything I've done has been for you, no one else. I'll always be there for you, Cynder, would you be my partner...my mate?"

She turned her head to look at him and then they moved together, pressing their snouts against one another's in a kiss. When they pulled away she leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulders, her tail flicking behind her until it located Spyro's. "Yes, Spyro," she sighed, "I will." She then entwined her tail with his and the two simply sat there in each others embrace and watched the stars.


Ignitus smiled as he shut the two books, feeling nothing but pride for both the dragons he had guarded and watched over. He regretted not being able to protect them from the hardships they had faced but he knew they would not be the dragons they had become if he had.

He watched as the black tome and the purple tome began to spin around each other before finally coming together in an explosion of pages. What was left behind was a much larger tome, one that was a mix of the two colours and was written with many more possible paths. "Well, young dragons," he said as he picked up the book and placed it on a stand next to the giant hourglass at the centre of the celestial caves. "It appears you'll accomplish many deeds together, I look forwards to reading and watching what the future holds for you."

The once former fire guardian longed to speak with them and give them advice but he swore to himself that he would not interfere; love blossomed on its own, as did life.

Well there we go, happy ending for everyone and my first finished story. I may or may not do an extra bonus sixth chapter with a little more...well mature stuff in it but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Reviews are welcome, it would be nice to know that my hard work on this didn't go unappreciated. Thanks for reading and I hope today goes well for everyone with a special someone.