And with this entry is the end of GohanVidel week. It's been quite a ride and I hope you've all enjoyed these oneshots.

GV Week theme: Pride

"Everyone must have pride in their life. It is one of the best mo-te-va-tions that life can have. I have come to this con-clue-sion because I walked around Satan City and have ob-serve-ed it."

"And it is because I have ob-serve-ed it that I have come up with my life's bestest mo-te-va-tion. I shall marry the daughter of the bestest martial artists since the world was made. I, Sharpner, have planned to marry Videl Satan and become part of the proud Satan family. I would like this very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very…"

"You have got to be kidding me," the girl in question muttered.

Up at the front of the classroom, Sharpner held a piece of paper that was their class assignment. Each student had to make observations of the world around them and make a report about it; a five hundred word report to be exact.

"…very, very, very, very, very much," the blond jock finished, smirking widely.

"Well…that was…an interesting report," the teacher commented. "Though I think I expressly said for no one to repeat a word over and over just to match the minimum word requirement."

"No you didn't," Sharpner replied. "Otherwise I wouldn't have done it."

Videl couldn't help but roll her eyes. If Sharpner's essay was about pride, then no wonder he wanted a piece of her family's; he didn't have any to speak of. But then, that was one of the hundreds of reasons that she refused to have any sort of intimate contact with him.

Perhaps she needed to get a restraining order.

Fortunately, before Sharpner could make his way back to his seat, which was inconveniently beside her, the bell rang. Thank Kami that infernal ringing decided to start.

Unfortunately, Sharpner still had to come back to his seat and claim his own school things. "So what did you think of my report Babe?" the blond macho man asked.

"I think a third grader could've done better," the Satan girl responded.

"I love it when you try to sugarcoat things. You know you don't have to for your ultra sexy Sharpenator."

"And you need to have your brain examined," Videl retorted. "Sexy is the absolute, last thing I would ever put with your name. Hell, it has no business being within two sentences of your name."

Snickers came from the other side of Videl, making the girl smirk. At least Erasa and Gohan were on her side.

"I just love it when you talk dirty to me," Sharpner replied, throwing out his sexiest smile.

"How is what Videl said dirty?" Gohan spoke up, his chuckling becoming a face of curiosity.

"You have much to learn nerd before you can understand the secret language of women," the blond boy answered. "In case you haven't noticed, everything Videl has said to me is her way of flirting; isn't that right Babe?"

Videl cocked an eyebrow. "Flirting huh? Well, if you want to flirt, how about you go stick your finger in that electrical socket? That would really make my day."

The Sharpenator grinned. "Anything for you Babe."

Gohan, however, didn't seem to be satisfied with that answer. Turning to Erasa, the Son boy asked "Is that true Erasa? Do girls have a secret language?"

"Isn't that cute?" the blonde girl squealed. "But no Gohan, there isn't any 'secret language.' Only in Sharpner's head is there one."

Suddenly, there was a loud scream and a body went flying across the room until it crashed into a wall. With shocked faces, everyone left in the room saw an extra crispy Sharpner, still smoking from his shock. Apparently he had taken Videl's words to heart and stuck his finger in an electric socket.

"And…it was that 'language' that got him cooked into a roasted turkey," Videl said, staring at the boy. "Well, I think we've hung around this place too long. Want to go get a soda or something? My treat."

"Thanks Vi," Erasa said as she stood on her feet, followed by an eager Gohan. "What about Sharpner?"

The Satan girl looked back at the still smoking blond. "He's gonna be too busy fixing that burning pride of his."