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"Damn it, moyashi!" Kanda shouted angrily, "Get back here now!"

"No!" Allen shouted right back, running as fast as he could through the camp. His borrowed army clothes, a few sizes too big, impeded him though, and Kanda snatched the back of Allen's jacket earning him a scream.

"They're at it again, aren't they?" an anonymous soldier asked Lavi.

"Yep," Lavi grinned, watching the spectacle while slurping his soup and then making a face. He stared at the murky water they passed off as soup and grimaced again. Camp food was awful. He threw the bowl over his shoulders where it landed on some poor unsuspecting soul. "Sometimes I think that little Allen runs away just to annoy Yu-chan."

"Stop running, you idiot!" Kanda snapped as Allen continued to evade him. "It's not going to do you any good, you fucking moyashi!"

"Yes it will!"

"What the hell?" Allen protested, fighting vehemently as he was rudely shoved into the van with Lavi. "I-I changed my mind! Let me stay!"

"Sorry, Allen-chan," Lavi grunted as he pulled the defiant boy into the van with him. "But Yu-chan is my general after all and what Yu-chan wants, Yu-chan gets."

"How many times do I have to tell you, baka usagi?" Kanda snarled, momentarily pausing from shoving Allen into the van. "Don't use my first name or I'll castrate you with Mugen!"

Allen struggled against the hand on his head valiantly.

"And how many times do I have to tell you to stop threatening my family jewels?" Lavi retorted with a leer.

But Kanda was not listening anymore. Allen slipped out of the hand on his head and under Kanda's arm but Kanda turned around fast enough and grabbed the back of Allen's shirt. He gave Allen a forceful yank, sending him back.

"Stay still, you fucking brat!" he grunted. "Get in the van!"

"Hell no!" Allen shouted, pushing the man away with everything he had.

"Lavi! Get in the front, you're driving."

"Got it, got it," Lavi held up his hands in defeat and crawled to the driver's seat but not before adding, "Yu-chan just wants some alone time with his pretty little uke before he must part for God knows how long. I totally understand."

"Uke?" At this, Allen stopped long enough for Kanda to push him into the army van. "H-HEY! That's not-!"

The raven-haired general muscled his way into the car in between Allen and the door. Allen's stomach dropped as it shut with a definite bang.