The Tony's Evolution series is taking a slight alteration in format for this part. Usually, missing scenes are the focus. However, there just haven't been that many moments to use in season six, so far this chapter will follow the new format that was started in Tony's Evolution Part IV. And, once again, I am sorry in advance about still being in the editing process with this document. I swear errors only appear after I hit the publish button. :)

This is set in early season six, sometime before S6's Cloak

"What the hell, DiNozzo!?" McGee yelled at Tony as they road up the elevator to the squadroom. Sitting at their desks, Gibbs and Ziva heard McGee addressing DiNozzo, as the doors opened. Gibbs stood up from his chair, as he watched them make their way over. Gibbs raised his eyebrows at McGee, encouraging him to elaborate on the problem.

"Tony." McGee said in an irritating tone, which caused the three of them to turn towards DiNozzo, who was now digging through his bottom, desk drawer. "Tony, vomited in the car." McGee answered, which redirected their attention back on DiNozzo.

"I said I was sorry, McGee. I'll go clean it up right now." Tony said sharply, as he continued to dig through his drawers.

"Uhh, what did you eat for breakfast this time?" Ziva asked in disgust. Gibbs approached Tony, who was still digging intensely through is drawers. Gibbs could not ignore how much Tony's body seemed to tense up when he approached.

"I have cleansing wipes, someplace." Tony said nervously.

"Stop, DiNozzo!" Gibbs yelled. Tony visibly jumped from the tone. The action also forced Tony to make eye contact with Gibbs. "I thought you were over your little bout with the flu." Gibbs stated as he closed the gap between them and took in how uncomfortable it was making Tony. Gibbs turned and gave a threatening stare to both Ziva and McGee.

"Oh, ah, I need to see Abby." McGee quickly stated and left at the signal. Ziva turned for the snack room but she continued to watch in concern, as she was forced to leave.

"It's nothing. I'm fine, Boss. You know me, it was probably my breakfast." Tony finally responded to the Gibbs' stare addressing him. Gibbs had not moved or responded to Tony's comment. Tony finally giggled nervously at the intense stare.

"B-Boss?" Tony finally resigned nervously to the stare.

"I already sent you home for this once Tony. I am not buying that you are having yet another food reaction." Gibbs finally stated, as he noticed some of the sweat on Tony's forehead and how he was starting to teeter.

"You go down to Ducky, NOW." Gibbs ordered softly.

"Boss." Tony started to object, but the look in Gibbs' eyes stopped him. Gibbs grabbed the rag out from Tony's hand and stepped back as he waited for Tony to head to autopsy. Tony could hear Gibbs calling Ducky, as he entered the lift. Tony sighed in resignation.