"Mr. Kort." Gibbs said as he walked into the hospital room. "I went to Director Vance and got the evidence that you requested.

"Now, this is all of the evidence you have?" Kort asked suspiciously.

Gibbs nodded. "When are you getting out?"

"Early tomorrow." Kort answered.

"Are you sure this is all of the evidence?"

"You have all the evidence that was gathered by NCIS." Gibbs answered truthfully. He left the room and walked down to Dr. Berkley's room.

"Ma'am? Can I come in?" Gibbs asked when he approached the door. She nodded in irritation.

"Have you talked to a lawyer?" Gibbs asked as he sat down.

"A lawyer? I don't care what happens to me. I just want justice for my daughter's murder." She retorted.

"You will, Doctor." Gibbs responded. "I promise." As he left her room, he spotted Fornell.

"Tobias? What are you doing here?" Gibbs asked, then he focused his attention on the large envelope that Fornell had in his hand.

Gibbs gave Fornell a long, suspicious stare, and he noticed that Fornell had been approaching Trent Kort's room.

"He blackmailed the FBI, as well." Gibbs stated after taking in Fornell's uneasy stance.

"This is all we have on this guy, too." Fornell stated uneasily. "It is like unleashing the beast."

Gibbs watched as Fornell entered the room, then he returned to NCIS headquarters that evening. There he found a sleeping DiNozzo, laying back in his chair. At his desk, he found a large sealed envelope.

That night Gibbs spent the entire time looking through the evidence on Kort that associates of Tony's dad had gathered. Gibbs was watching surveillance footage that caught a few of the car bombings on tape, when he noticed DiNozzo starting to stir in the corner of his eye.

"Hey—hey Boss." Tony said as he rubbed his eyes, as the bright sun now shined directly on him.

"I hope you didn't spend the whole night here, too." Tony said.

"What are you watching?" Tony asked curiously.

"Oh, just something that I need to hand over to the director of the CIA." Gibbs said casually with a smile. "Nothing that you would be interested in either." Tony nodded and yawned as he left for the bathroom.

Gibbs turned on the television to find a breaking news bulletin, as Ziva and McGee walked in that morning.

"Trent Kort, a patient just released this morning, was gunned down by a drive by shooter as he exited the parking garage of the hospital . . ." The news reporter explained. Gibbs quickly turned the television off.

"Good Morning." Gibbs said. Ziva and McGee just stood with their eyes and mouths wide open.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Tony asked as he returned to his desk, after noticing their expressions. He then looked over at Gibbs, who was packing up the envelope for the CIA.

"Yeah, Gibbs." Gibbs answered his ringing cell phone.

"Yeah, it was just on the news." Gibbs grabbed the envelope and headed for the elevator, as the team watched him suspiciously.

"What is going on?" Tony asked confused, as he started to drink from his water bottle.

"Trent Kort was killed by a drive by shooter." McGee said watching Tony as he sat down at his desk. McGee and Ziva watched as Tony spit all the water out onto his desk.

"What!?" Tony said confused. "That sounds more like a mob hit."

Ziva simply raised her eyebrows at him. Tony turned to his computer to see the news for himself. After some time passed, Tony's desk phone rang.

"I need to see you." Vance said to Tony.

"Be right there, sir." Tony said surprised. After Tony left, Gibbs returned to the squadroom, looking for Tony.

"Where is DiNozzo?" He asked.

"Vance called him." Ziva answered quickly. Gibbs briskly turned and headed up the stairs. He burst into Vance's office to find the two of them watching the news on the plasma.

"You sure you don't know how this happened?" Vance finished asking, as Gibbs burst into the office.

"He was here all last night. Our security cameras will prove it." Gibbs stated. Tony jumped in surprise of Gibbs' actions and words. He now was suspiciously looking at Gibbs.

"I need to talk to you." Gibbs said to Vance.

"What is going on, Boss?" Tony asked worriedly.

"Need to know, Tony." Gibbs answered. Tony frowned and slowly left the room, closing the door behind him. After explaining the details to Vance, Gibbs started to leave the office. He found Tony just outside the door overlooking the squadroom talking into his cell phone.

"I don't understand. Why did you have to leave so quickly? Then how long will you be gone, Dad?" Tony turned when he sense Gibbs approaching him. He finished his conversation, as Gibbs stood over him.

"Wha—what is going on, Boss?" Tony frantically asked, as he tried to piece everything together on his own.

"Nothing that you need to worry about." Gibbs said softly but forcefully.

"Come on, Boss." Tony said. "I grew up around this. You don't think I know what just happened?"

"Settle down." Gibbs ordered, as he watched Tony battle some inner-demons.

"Hey." Gibbs looked strongly at him.

"Does Vance still need to see me?" Tony asked, as he watched Gibbs respond by shaking his head.

Gibbs looked him over with concern, noting his edginess.

Gibbs pointed in the direction of the stairs. When he headed down the stairs, Tony obediently followed.

"McGee, Ziva stay here. Tony, you are with me." Gibbs ordered, as Tony continued to follow him.


"Boss, you don't have to bring me to your basement everytime. . ." Tony started to say but stopped as they were walking down the basement stairs.

"Everytime—what, Tony?" Gibbs turned to face him and asked.

"I am fine, Boss." Tony said. Gibbs regarded him suspiciously.

"Talk to me." Gibbs ordered softly as he handed Tony a sanding block.

"Shouldn't we be at work?" Tony said as he stopped himself.

"No more distractions, DiNozzo. Talk to me. I just want DiNozzo back."

The End

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