Author's Note: Just a little one-shot fluff action between Glen & Phil that ties in with the story Definitely Something More. This one is set before Mark & Matt's wedding a week after Mark walks in on them in costume. Enjoy!

After a great time at the costume party Glen and Phil walked in their front door. It was fairly late and both were tired but cheerful after the fun they'd had. They were both still in costume and had been a hit at the party in their wild west theme. Glen had gone as a frontier soldier/cowboy, dressing up like The Duke John Wayne. Phil had dressed up like an Indian Chief.
Glen threw his wallet and keys on the table near the door as Phil stood by waiting. "Did you see Brian Kendrick's rooster costume? Suited him perfect with all the strutting about he does in the ring" Phil chuckled.
"Yeah I did. It was a fun night. We should put something like that together ourselves one night. Maybe on halloween or something" Glen suggested.
"Should we invite Mark? He might get scared" Phil replied.
Glen laughed and said "He can be the guest of honour.
"Well despite what he said about your costume I think you look pretty hot Captain Glen Jacobs" Phil purred, running a hand down the front of Glen's shirt.
"Well Chief Straight-Edge you don't look too bad yourself" Glen replied, giving his husband a lustful once-over.
Phil winked and pretended to preen from Glen's comments.
Glen took his fake gun out of the holster and pointed it at Phil's back "Well Chief Straight-Edge Looks like I've got you hostage. Time for you and your people to go to the reservation - or in this case the bedroom" Glen said huskily in Phil's ear.
"Chief Straight-Edge and his mighty warriors will never surrender!" Phil replied in a deep voice before pretending to do karate on Glen.
Glen guffawed "Injuns don't to Karate!"He drawled in his cowboy voice.
"This Injun does! He knows many fighting styles"
"Well I'm the only one with a gun and you can't dodge bullets ya crazy redskin. I suggest you come with me quietly"
"You've won this battle but the war is not over white eyes" Phil replied, giggling as he was led to the bedroom, enjoying the role play.

"Prisoners have to remove all their clothes injun so take it all off and get on the bed" Glen ordered, still holding his gun on Phil.
As he stripped Phil eyed Glen's growing erection and said "Do all Soldiers have such big guns?" In his indian voice.
"I've got the biggest in the west so you better do what I say" Glen exaggerated. "You wish!" Phil teased out of character and Glen chuckled.
He was almost naked by then and went to take off his headdress. "No!... Leave that on.. And put the moccasins back on too" Glen growled seductively.
Phil did as he said and then lay back on the bed with a smile of invitation. Glen quickly shed his clothes but was told to leave on his cowboy hat. By that time Glen was so hot for Phil that he pretty much forgot about the role playing and jumped on the bed to cover Phil with kisses.
He nibbled on the tattoo of his name on the side of Phil's neck as Phil groaned and rubbed against him. Glen moved down to tease Phil's nipples into hard little nubs and then slowly licked and kissed his way down to Phil's manhood. He placed kisses all around it to tease Phil until Phil groaned and begged "Don't tease me Glen"
"That's Captain Jacobs to you injun" Glen replied, back in character again, before he took Phil all the way into his mouth.
"Oh god baby yes! Just like that!" Phil moaned and clutched the sheets. Glen looked up at Phil lying there with his eyes tightly closed and his face all flushed, His warpaint still on his face and that headdress around his black braided hair and couldn't wait another moment to take him. He was the sexiest Indian ever, and he was all his.
Glen moved back up to cover Phil's mouth with a passionate kiss and moaned with bliss when Phil's pierced tongue darted into his mouth playfully at the same time as he thrust into Phil.
"Ahh fuck!" Phil gasped, breaking the kiss. And wrapping his legs around Glen.
"God you're so tight Phil" Glen groaned and held him tighter.
Phil rolled them over until he was on top and then took control, quickening the pace. Their mouths met in heated kisses as Glen's hands went to Phil's hips to slam him down hard onto his cock and send them both over the edge.
Phil sobbed Glen's name as he came and collapsed into Glen's waiting arms.
They kissed one more time fiercely before Phil lay his head on Glen's chest and focused on getting his breath back. Glen ran his hands up and down Phil's back soothingly as he held him close and kissed the top of his head. "Nice riding" Glen chuckled.
"Well you know what they say - Save a horse, ride a cowboy" Phil replied hoarsely. "That was fun. We've gotta do that again sometime... only don't tell Mark" Glen chuckled.
"As if I would!" Phil replied. He snuggled closer to Glen and closed his eyes as sleep took over him. "Love you baby"
"Love you Philly" Glen replied.
They fell asleep with smiles of satisfaction on their faces.