"But Andrew, I need to get my strength back."

There was a combination of pleading and demanding in Monica's dark eyes, so much so that he was having great difficulty coming up with any argument that could outmatch her expression.

"Angel, you just woke up yesterday."

"Yes and now it is time to gain back the strength I lost, Andrew. I promise I will do it with pain medication if that makes you happier." She wasn't trying to be difficult. That was the last thing she wanted to be for him given his insistence on continuing to sleep in a chair beside her hospital bed. She wanted him to go home at night so he could rest properly but as he refused to do so, it just meant that she had work a bit harder so they could go home together. Hopefully all three of them.

Andrew raked a hand through his unkempt hair and sighed. They were as bad as each other when it came to not being able to deny anything and this was one of those moments he was sorely reminded of that one basic fact.

"I'll be right back," He rose from the chair, not missing the spark of concern in her eyes that she had pushed too hard. Unwilling to allow that to linger, he leaned down and kissed her cheek, "Right back."

The white and stark hospital room suddenly felt horribly empty as Andrew slipped out the door. It was as if it were swallowing her as the strong smells of anesthetic nearly took over her senses and it surprised her that she had not noticed it until he had left the room.

Monica reached for and held the paddle that controlled the bed and the television and weighed her options, but she was determined to speed up this process. She held her breath as her finger rested on the button to raise the head of the bed. As she held it down, it raised with incredible slowness and she was fairly certain she could hear her ribs protesting the movement.

Finally she was sitting up and she slowly exhaled the breath she had been holding. True to her word, she hit the pain medication button and then closed her eyes for a split second, truly surprised at how drained she felt from that one small feat. Andrew was probably right. She was pushing too hard but fact was, she wanted to see their daughter. She wanted to be home with her and with her husband. She wanted to fall asleep in his arms, her head resting on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat against her ear lulling her off to sleep. She wanted to wake up to the healthy cry of their little daughter as she requested to be fed. She wanted to experience the feeling of leaning back in Andrew's arms as their baby, the miracle that had come from the love they shared, nursed.

It didn't seem like a lot to ask, but neither did sitting up in bed and she felt so frustrated with her own limitations. Hearing voices outside of her room, Monica opened her eyes and hastily wiped away the tear that had escaped. As Andrew and Susie, who Monica now knew was his favorite nurse entered the room, she did not miss her husband's raised eyebrow at her new position. The next thing she noticed was that Susie was pushing a wheelchair.

"It's good to see you awake!" Susie smiled brightly in her patient's direction, as she moved the wheelchair to the side, "And someone tells me you want to do a bit of walking.'

"I do….well, I did," she lowered her eyes, fighting a few tears.

"Angel?" Andrew was by her side a quick heartbeat later, "What is it?"

As he slid his hand into hers, she sighed softly, "Sitting up took quite an effort, I'm afraid. I didn't expect to find myself so weak."

"Monica, it is perfectly normal," The nurse was quick to reassure her, not missing the concern on Andrew's face, "Healing is a delicate balance between resting and getting strong again. So, why don't we do this…."

Ten minutes later, Susie, with Andrew's help and under his constantly protective supervision, has the little angel was sitting on the edge of the bed, working to control her breathing.

"Are you okay?" Andrew asked softly, waiting until she looked up at him and nodded her head.

Moving to her side, he secured his arm around his waist and took her hand, "On three?"

"Yes," The feeling of his arm around her, as close to a hug as she'd had, giving way to more determination and on "three' he had helped her to her feet. Once again, Monica was shocked at how unsteady she felt, but she needn't have worried as her husband kept a tight hold on her.

"Wonderful." Susie smiled, not missing the affection between the two, "Now, how about a few steps?"

With Andrew's constant strength, Monica managed to go out of the room and go a few more steps, before he looked back at Susie with a nod. He could feel how the small distance had left her weary and a touch disappointed, "Just sit down, baby. The chair is right there."

He helped her to sit down slowly and then knelt in front of her, his tender fingers reaching to tilt her chin up so their eyes met, "I'm very proud of you. You did great."

"I wish it was more….."

"What you did was perfect, Monica," the nurse interjected gently, "You are listening to your body and that is what matters. Many patients who have undergone your level of trauma don't make it out of the room the first time, so what you did was quite impressive."

Those words brought a tiny smile to her face, which lit up Andrew's heart, "Now, how about a change of scenery for awhile, Angel?" Seeing her nod, he cupped her face in his hands and brought his lips to hers for a moment, "Okay, let's go." He stood and then leaned over to turn the foot rests on the wheelchair, helping to guide her small feet to them, "Thanks, Susie. We'll be back shortly.

Monica felt too tired to ask any questions as Andrew wheeled her to the elevator and she only paid attention when they exited the elevator and she realized they were on the maternity ward and heading to the nursery, "Andrew."

"It's time for you to meet your daughter, Angel." As he had thought, their tiny baby was doing better today and it wasn't long until Andrew had his wife sitting in front of the incubator. He put the brakes on the chair and knelt down beside of Monica, taking her hand into his own, "There she is, Monica." He whispered, his voice thick with great emotion.

There was no stopping her tears as Monica looked at their infant daughter and a small sob escaped her when the baby opened her eyes and seemed to meet her own, "Andrew…."

"Isn't she beautiful?" He asked softly, bringing his hand up to curl around the hair at the base of Monica's neck, "She's your little mini me." Hearing the happy, soft cry escape her, Andrew kissed the side of her head as he stood up, "I'm going to leave you two to get acquainted for a few minutes."

Monica could not take her eyes off the miracle in front of her, her heart aching at her need to touch her, to hold her close. She had been holding her so closely for seven months and now the baby felt miles away from her. But the little girl seemed to continue to hold her mother's gaze and Monica told herself it was enough. They were both alive and they had the most perfect man in all of the world looking out for them, "I'm so happy to meet you, wee one."

Andrew returned with a nurse and the little angel realized Andrew was wearing a green hospital gown and a moment later, so was she. A soft baby blanket was cradled into the crook of her cast and as the nurse laid the baby in Monica's arms, Andrew nearly stopped breathing.

His heart had never felt so full as he stared in wonder at his two beloved angel girls and he wished he was able to freeze this moment in time. Monica's tears, the wonder and pure love on her face as she gazed at their daughter almost caused him to become undone. He watched as the angel who had been his entire world for as long as he could remember, brought her fingers to the baby's face and stroked down her perfect cheek. He had his heart and soul's desire and in that perfect moment, he knew he would fight with everything in him to make sure it stayed that way.

The nurse had brought a chair, which Andrew slowly sank into as one hand wrapped around Monica's shoulder and the other rested against their daughter's head, "They want to see if she will nurse, Angel."

Monica nodded her head and re-arranged her hospital gowns and lifted them up to give their tiny daughter access to her breast. The infant latched on immediately and began to nurse against her mother's breast. Monica let out a shuddering sob as she once again felt reunited with the baby she had been carrying.

"Abigail," She whispered against her tears as she looked at her husband for approval.

"Abby," Andrew replied in a whisper, "My Father's joy."

"Yes. And she is your joy and I am sure she is God's joy as well. Look at her, Andrew. She is so perfect."

"You are both so perfect to me, Monica," he replied as he kissed the side of her head, "Beautiful and so, so perfect."