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Something Different for Valentine's Day
By Sasha

February 14. My favourite day of the year, NOT. I kept my eyes tightly shut as I tried to will the day away. After having no luck, I decided to open my eyes and shrieked. My apartment was empty; my wardrobe cleaned out, all my personal possessions gone! I sat up and Lester walked into my bedroom.

"Ah, Miss Plum, you're awake. If you're ready" I blinked. What?

"Huh?" Well I never was at my finest before ten was now 7:00am. 7am!!!

"You really should be more aware of your surroundings" I grunted and flopped back down.

"Ranger pays you to say that, doesn't he?" I grumbled closing my eyes. The covers were suddenly ripped off and I found myself swept up in strong arms.

"Lester put me down! It's too early for this shit" I complained. He set me on my feet in the bathroom where black pants and a tight black wrap top and lacy underwear set were set out. On the floor were a pair of killer black FMPs.

"You have twenty minutes." He turned and exited the bathroom, closing the door with a snap.

Twenty minutes till what? My life ends, he storms in and drags me out, my apartment explodes? I sighed and jumped in the shower, quickly lathering up with soap and washing my hair. I didn't think I had time for anything else considering the deadline I was apparently on.

I jumped out and went to work on my hair, spraying Mr Alexander's miracle conditioning spray into it. Dressing quickly I went to work on my makeup, light and fresh except for bold eyes. I didn't know what the day was going to bring after all. I did a quick blow dry of my hair, happy with the loose curls that hung around my face. I exited the bathroom after twenty-five minutes, slipping into my shoes.

"You're five minutes behind schedule." I blinked at Lester. He sighed, latched onto my elbow, handed me my purse and we exited my desolate apartment; even Rex and my cookie jar were gone.

"What have you done with Rex?!" I shrieked as he pulled me down the stairs much to my horror.

"He's fine beautiful. Relax" Relax?! I'm pretty sure I was being kidnapped by the Merry Men and he wanted me to relax. What the hell, I had nothing better to do today anyway. Joe and I had called it quits a few days ago; finally realising we weren't healthy for each other. Wish we'd have done it after Valentine's Day though, I hated feeling so alone.

Lester helped me into the back seat of an idling black SUV and climbed in next to me.

"Morning Bombshell" Bobby sounded way too happy.

"Don't you guys have plans to woo some poor unsuspecting women today? Why are you kidnapping me?" Bobby and Lester both just laughed as we pulled out of my lot.

Shorty Lester handed me an envelope that had Babe scribbled across the top. I gulped and turned it over in my hands a few times before opening it.

My Babe...
I love you Steph. I've loved you for years. I've loved you since the day I first met you. So, today, this special Valentine's Day, I just wanted to declare my love to you.
Love is not an exam to pass or fail,
Love is not a competition to win or lose,
But love is a feeling in which you care for someone more than yourself...
Be my Valentine Babe
Love Carlos

By the time I had finished reading the short letter I was sure I had completely ruined my make-up with the tears that were streaming down my face.

"Beautiful? You ok?" Lester asked quietly. I just nodded, sniffing loudly before carefully folding the note and tucking it into my bra. Lester quirked an eyebrow at me.

"To keep it close to my heart" I murmured not meeting his eyes. He didn't say anything after that.

I brushed the few tears off that remained on my cheeks and relaxed back into the seat. I opened my eyes again when I heard the car switch off half an hour later. We were pulled up in front of a large house. It was beautiful to say the least.

"Is this the Batcave?" I wondered carefully. Bobby laughed.

"Steph, none of us know where Ranger's house is, except for maybe Tank. That man likes his privacy." I nodded, what were we doing here then?

Lester handed me another envelope, a larger one this time, as I jumped out of the car. Babe was once again scribbled on the front. Opening it, inside I found a key ring with two keys and a remote, a small piece of paper with a code of some sort, a note from Ranger and something that looked scarily similar to a deed. I decided to read his note first.

My Babe,
I was considering what I could get you for our first Valentine's Day together and this came to mind. I love your independence, your dream to fly, your desire to break free of the mould that others seem to want to force your life to follow. What better gift could I give you then to set you free; free from the burg, free from stalkers and free from the pressures of life? This house is yours, to live, to relax and unwind and to be free. Enjoy Babe.
Love Carlos.

Tears were falling from my eyes again. My mind was reeling. Our first Valentine's Day together? Did this mean there were going to be more to come? He gave me a house? He wanted to set me free? God I love him so much. How could I accept this gift when I had nothing to give him in return?

Lester handed me another letter. There was more? How could there possibly be more? I tore it open and read the short letter.

Babe, this is my gift to you. Accept it. You give me more than you know.
Love Carlos.

Well damn! Even when he wasn't here he had ESP! I laughed as a few more tears fell from my eyes. I looked up and noticed Lester and Bobby standing to the side watching me.

"You guys want to check out my new crib?" I smiled as they laughed. We all ambled up to the front door where I shakily slid the key into the lock, turning it and pushing it open. Stepping inside, I found the alarm key pad and entered the code.

Then I took the time to look around and I felt my breath leave me in a rush. Lester handed me another envelope. I eyed him suspiciously.

"How many of these are you hiding in your jacket?" I wondered.

"Just a couple more" He smiled and pushed me further into the room. The house was amazing. The floors were done in dark rose wood; the walls were mainly white except for a few black or red feature walls. The furniture was exquisite and tasteful. There was a pool outside, a state of the art marble kitchen and three bedrooms as well as the master bedroom and ensuite. There was an enormous walk in wardrobe filled to the brim with three times as many clothes as I had started out with in my apartment. It looked like my shoes had also multiplied like rabbits. I couldn't believe this was real. I sat down on the bed that had softer sheets than those at Haywood and opened the envelope.

Babe. It's real, I promise you. I want you to have this. The deed is in your name and I will not accept it back. Everything in this house is yours. I personally picked out the furniture and d├ęcor as well as filling out your wardrobe. I added a few personal touches that I also hope you will like.

I paused in my reading and glanced around my bedroom again. Sure enough I noticed some photo frames sitting along a shelf. I wandered over and felt more tears well up. There were pictures of everyone I cared about; Ranger, Mary-Lou, Lula and Connie, my family, the Merry Men and some of the cops from TPD. I wondered what other surprises were buried in this house.

Lester and Bobby are now going to take you to a day spa where you will be pampered and fed. When you return you will receive more instructions. I love you Babe. Relax and have fun.
Love Carlos.

My heart fluttered every time I read the words love Carlos. I bounded back down the stairs and found Lester and Bobby lounging in front of a giant plasma TV.

"You ready to go Beautiful?" I smiled and nodded. Soon we were back in the car and on our way. We exited the gated community and wound our way around quiet suburb streets before pulling up in front of a large beautiful building that had a small sign on the letter box reading Private day Spa.

Lester led me from the car to the front door and opened it for me, ushering me in and towards a large marble counter.

"Good Morning Stephanie. We've been expecting you. Come along and we'll get you changed into something more comfortable" I blinked at the smiling woman as Lester and Bobby sat down on a couch and picked up a girly magazine each.

"We'll be here when you finish Bombshell" Lester called as the woman steered me out of the room.

She led me to a large apartment and told me to change into my robe and that someone would be by to start my treatments momentarily. I entered the room and found a single red rose lying on top of an envelope and a soft fluffy robe. I smelt the rose quickly before ripping the envelope open.

Hello again my Babe. I've booked you in for the full treatment but if you don't like something, just tell Sophia and she'll change it. Remember to relax Babe. Today is about you. Tonight will be about us. You're so beautiful Babe.
I love you, Carlos.

I stacked all the notes that I had collected under the rose, slipped out of my clothing and shoes and put on the fluffy robe and slippers. There was a quiet knock on the door. Opening it, I found a short motherly woman.

"Are you ready for you facial and waxing?" OMG! Carlos booked waxing for me?! I could feel my blush as I nodded and followed her down a hallway and into a warm, inviting room.

"My name is Sophia and I will be looking after you today. Mr Manoso has booked the full body wax for you today. Is that alright?" I nodded feeling the blush deepen. Sophia smiled and helped me up onto the soft bed where she proceeded to torture me. After waxing my under arms, legs and giving me a Brazilian she led me out of the room and opened the next door revealing a large comfy chair. Sitting me down she applied my facial and told me she would return to take it off later.

I must have dozed off because I felt her shaking me awake before she cleaned my face. Next she led me to a room with a giant mud bath. Cool.

"When you're finished, that door will lead you to the shower. After you shower there is a Jacuzzi you might like to relax in, yes?" I nodded and she told me she would be back in an hour and a half to take me to lunch. God I couldn't wait for lunch! I slipped out of the robe and sunk into the mud bath. It felt so weird but was relaxing none the less. After twenty minutes or so I climbed out and headed into the enormous shower where I rinsed all the mud off. Then I climbed into the Jacuzzi and relaxed until it was time to meet Sophia.

Lunch was phenomenal; even though I'm sure it was incredibly healthy. They even had dessert, lemon sorbet. The funny thing was, I didn't see another soul in the fact I hadn't seen anyone else all day. As Sophia led me down another hall after lunch I asked her.

"Where is everyone?" She smiled kindly at me.

"Mr Manoso booked the entire spa for you today. He said nothing was too good for his woman and he wanted you to be comfortable and be able to relax without being disturbed" My heart stopped before it started beating double time. He did what for me? I took a few deep breaths and blinked my eyes, stopping the tears from falling. I was led into another beautiful room.

"Now I'm going to give you a decadent full body exfoliation treatment that utilizes coconut milk and raw sugar to melt away dead cells and stress, rendering your skin youthful, hydrated, and sumptuous. Is this to your liking?" I nodded and relaxed under the gentle treatment. It was wonderful and left me feeling revitalized.

After showering again, I was subjected to a Green Coffee Contour Treatment which actually turned out to be a body wrap. I showered again and was then given a full body massage before being led back to my room where I graciously thanked Sophia for her wonderful treatment of me.

"You just make sure you hold onto that man of yours dear. He's a keeper that one" I smiled as I shut the door quietly before getting redressed and picking up my rose and love notes. Carlos sure did know how to spoil a girl and pamper her beyond her wildest dreams. This must have cost him a fortune.

I met Lester and Bobby back out in the reception area where it looked like they hadn't moved a muscle.

"Ready to go Bomber?" Bobby smiled. I nodded.

"You smell really good Steph, like good enough to eat" Lester waggled his eyebrows at me as we made our way back to the car. I punched him lightly in the arm and we soon hit the road once more.

We pulled up in front that feels weird, but in a good way. The car came to a stop but Bobby kept it idling. I turned to Lester.

"Last envelope I'm hiding beautiful. We'll catch ya later" I gave Lester a hug and thanked both him and Bobby before running up to my front door and slipping inside. I flopped down on the couch in my thinking position and opened the envelope.

Babe, I hope you had a good time at the spa, but I still have a few more surprises for you. I want you to get up and walk outside to the garage and use the remote control to open it and then keep reading.

It took all my will power to stop reading there. I was so curious I practically flew from the couch outside and hit the remote. I stopped breathing. He can't be serious.

Babe I'm deadly serious. It's an armouredAston Martin DB9 with all the bells and whistles. I want you to be safe Babe and this is a safe car. Plus it's sexy; my Babe deserves a sexy car. The key is in a box to your right, take it for a spin, or check it over with a fine tooth comb. There will be another envelope waiting upstairs when you're finished.
Love Carlos

I found the key and slid into the driver's seat. The interior was done in butter soft, cream leather. I turned the key and the car purred to life. This was a dream, a wonderful fantastic dream. I love this car! After pressing some buttons and figuring out the stereo system, I got out locking the car and garage on my way back into the house.

I slowly climbed the stairs to my bedroom, pausing outside the door. What would Carlos do next? I swung open the door and gasped. The room was littered with roses of all colours; red, white, pink, orange and purple. They were all so beautiful. I padded my way to the bed where I found the envelope.

Roses have always been popular when it comes to expressing emotions. We both know I am a man of small words and big actions. These roses each express an emotion I feel regarding you.
Purple-Love at first sight
Orange- Desire
Pink-Perfect happiness
Red- Love, passion and beauty.
There are ninety nine roses in here meaning I will love you for as long as I live. There are also one hundred and one roses hidden throughout your house expressing the fact that you are my one true love.
Sometimes our actions are much more meaningful than words.
I Love you Babe, Carlos.

I felt my traitor tears falling down my cheeks again. If I took anything from his actions today it would have to be that he was hopelessly in love with me regardless of the things he had said in the past. I sunk down onto my bed and picked up a red rose. I noticed it had a little tag tied to it. It read Beautiful. I glanced around at the other roses that were spread out on my bed and noticed more little tags...Courageous, Sexy, Invaluable, Admirable, Passionate, Cute, Appreciated, Smart, Desirable, Brave, Gorgeous, Funny, Gentle, Wonderful, Intelligent, Charming, Adventurous...There were tags on every flower and I made sure to read them all, they were all so...reassuring and supportive.

I stumbled to the bathroom to wash all the tears from my face and was confronted with another envelope. Pulling it off the mirror, after washing my face, I took it back to the bed before opening it.

Remember how I mentioned before that tonight was about us? I'm preparing a very special dinner for you tonight. Your dress, shoes and underwear are hanging in your wardrobe. I will pick you up at 6:30pm.
I love you, Carlos.

Tonight is about us. That means there is an us. He's preparing dinner? He picked out my clothes...6:30pm! That's in two hours! I needed to get a wriggle on if I wanted to be ready in time. Shrieking, I flew into the wardrobe, looking for my outfit. I found it easily; it stood out, hanging on a hook by its self with the shoes sitting at the bottom, a Victoria's Secret bag by its side.

The dress was a little black number that had an open back. Very sexy and very Carlos.

The shoes were red leather kickass strappy stiletto sandals.

Peaking in the VS bag I found only a sexy black g-string. Gulp. I wondered briefly why I didn't need a wrap or a jacket in this cold weather but figured Carlos had a plan.

I transferred all three items to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. After lathering up with a mysteriously new body wash that smelt heavenly, rinsing and washing my hair with matching new shampoo and conditioner I jumped out of the shower and moisturised with my new body lotion. Like I said, Carlos sure knows how to spoil a girl.

I then set to work on my hair, adding Mr Alexander's conditioner, blow drying and styling to soft curl perfection. Wow, my hair was actually being good today. I glanced at my watch and realised it was almost 6:00pm. Yikes!

Slipping into my underwear, I slid on the dress that fit like a glove before applying my makeup. I was sure I'd be in tears again soon, so I went light and natural except for a few coats of waterproof mascara. I ran back into my wardrobe and grabbed the first black clutch I found, stuffing my wallet, lip gloss, keys and phone inside before running down the stairs with shoes in hand. I was just slipping into my shoes as I heard the doorbell. I have a doorbell! Cool.

I took a deep breath and opened the door to the sexiest man alive. Before I could stop myself I launched into his arms and held onto him for dear life. His arms wrapped around me and I heard him whispering Spanish in my ear in between soft kisses to my hair. We stood embraced for an immeasurable amount of time, just holding each other. Carlos loosened my grip on him slightly so he could pull back and stare into my eyes. I met his gaze evenly.

"I love you Steph" He murmured.

"I love you too Carlos" I whispered back. Suddenly his lips were on mine in a soft, delectable kiss.

"Let's go eat Babe, before dinner's forgotten" He encouraged, pulling me outside with him before arming the alarm and closing the door. Carlos slid off his jacket and helped me into it before his arm slid around my waist, securing me against his body.

"Where's your car?" I wondered looking around.

"Don't need one Babe" He started walking down my drive and I followed along beside him. Every few yards he would lift my hand to his lips, or kiss my forehead or stroke my cheek gently. God this felt felt so wonderful to be cherished.

We turned right out of my driveway and made our way up the very next drive way. I gazed curiously at Carlos.

"Welcome to the Batcave Babe" He announced with a soft smile on his features. He bought me a house next to his?! "Yeah Babe, I always want you close to me, but this way you get to keep your independence." I melted on the inside and forced him to stop walking as I brushed my lips against his.

"Thank you. So much, for everything...I don' can I ever repay you?" I asked quietly.

"You already have Babe, by just being in my life." He smiled again and kissed me tenderly. Carlos unlocked his front door and ushered me inside, out of the cold. He then locked the door, disarmed the alarm and slipped his jacket off my shoulders.

Taking my hand, he led me to his dining room that was lit only by hundreds of candles. There was a vase with two red roses sitting in the middle of the table. Pulling out a chair, Carlos helped me into my seat, kissed my lips lovingly and told me he would be back in a few minutes.

I glanced around the room and took notice that the house seemed to be laid out exactly like mine. The decor and furniture however, was more masculine. As promised, Carlos returned in a couple of minutes with two covered dishes. He placed one in front of me then taking a seat on my left, placed a dish in front of him.

"Enjoy Babe" He lifted the lid and revealed a plate piled with the most delicious smelling food I had ever encountered. "It's Cuban Babe" He laughed as he removed his own lid and started eating, picking up my left hand in his and settling them both on his thigh.

As expected, I enjoyed the meal immensely and couldn't help but moan at every bite, and although Carlos didn't comment his smile stayed glued to his face.

"Ready for dessert Babe?"

"Is the ocean blue?" He chuckled at my response, kissed my lips lightly and removed the two dishes, returning with two smaller ones. He sat back down and picked up my hand. I was in shock, he was gonna eat dessert too!

"Babe, this is my favourite dessert. It's Cuban Coconut Rum Flan. I think you'll like it" He sounded kind of nervous. I was nervous; he was revealing his favourite dessert to me. What if I didn't like it?! He removed the lids and took a small spoonful from mine, bringing it to my lips. I closed my eyes and wrapped my lips around the spoon, moaning in delight as the flavours exploded on my tongue. I soon found Carlos's lips pressed against mine and his tongue swept along my bottom lip.

"You like Babe?" I opened my eyes and nodded at him vigorously, stealing my spoon back from him and digging into my dessert. He chuckled again and started eating his own. When we had both finished, he tugged me up and led me to his lounge room, sitting on the couch and pulling me into his lap.

"I wanted to give you something different for Valentine's Day Babe. Completely different to anything anyone has ever gotten you" I cut him off quickly.

"You already have! So many different somethings! A beautiful house, a car, roses, love notes, a spa trip, love I..." He cut me off, by turning my head and attaching his lips to mine in a heated kiss.

"Hush Babe." I nodded breathlessly and snuggled into his chest. Carlos lifted a hand and ran it through my hair.

We sat in comfortable silence for a while till he leaned forward and handed me another envelope, this one A4 sized. Babe was once again scribbled across the front. I glanced at him, finding him watching me carefully; I opened the envelope and pulled out the stack of papers.

Ricardo Carlos Manoso is herby released from all contracts and official duties to the government of the United States of America...

I stopped reading after that, that was all I needed. I glanced up at him with tears in my eyes and he brushed his lips gently across mine.

"I want to give you someday" He declared tenderly. "Will you accept my gift Babe?" Carlos enquired.

"You bet your life Batman!" I sealed the deal with the kiss of my life.

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