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A black screen. Quiet crying is heard as it slowly fades into an image of a young girl with short, black hair sitting against a tree in a snow-covered wood. Cuts to a shot of a man, whose face is hidden, slowly approaching her.

VO Alice (girl raises her head off her arms and extends them out toward the man; see that it's a younger Alice): "He would come for me, I knew he would. I had seen him come…"

Cuts to a shot of the younger Alice laying in bed while the man covers her with a blanket

VO Alice: "But he was my friend, a friend who no one else knew."

Man: "You should be sleeping."

Young Alice: "So should you."

Man: "I don't sleep."

Young Alice: "Why? Because you're too busy watching over me?"

Cuts to a shot of the man, his face still hidden, laughing as he runs his hand through Alice's hair

Man: "Yes, because I'm too busy watching over you."

Cuts to a shot of the young Alice panicking in a small, dark room

VO Alice: "Nothing was wrong with me! I wasn't sick because I saw things other people didn't!"

Cuts to a shot of a hand grabbing Alice roughly

Young Alice: "Cheshire!"

Instantly cuts to a shot of Alice, now a teenager, gasping as she sits up in a panic in her bed after her dream. Moves to a shot of the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland before completely fading to black

Alice Brandon's life has gone well for the year after the life-altering trip in Montana…

Shows a sequence of shots:

Alice being hugged by her grandmother

Emmett laughing as he makes a joke, making Alice blush

The Cullen family all bombarding Jasper and Alice with snowballs

Alice falling off a chair and being caught by Jasper after she puts the star on top of the Christmas tree as Rosalie puts mistletoe over their heads

VO Jasper (he sets Alice down on the floor in a grocery store aisle after lifting her to reach a box of cereal on the top shelf): "I'll do anything for you since you're-!"

Alice: "Vertically challenged?"

Jasper (laughs): "Well, I was going to say since you were my girlfriend, but that works too."

Alice (sarcastically): "Ha. You're funny."

Cuts to a shot of Jasper and Alice slowly leaning close to each other, their lips meeting in a tender kiss

until everything takes a drastic turn for the worst.

Cuts sharply to a black screen. The sounds of squealing tires, and explosion, and a panicked scream are heard

VO Jasper: "Alice!"

Fades into a shot of Jasper sitting on his bed, staring blankly out the window into the moonlight

VO Jasper: "I am not the right one for you, Alice."

Cuts to a shot of Alice staring at Jasper's back as they stand on a snow-covered path in the woods

Alice: "What's going on, Jazz?"

Jasper: "We are leaving, Alice."

Cuts to a shot of Alice, a single tear rolling down her cheek

Alice: "Jasper, please don't do this."

Cuts to a shot of Jasper, his golden eyes cold

Jasper: "Alice, I do not want you with me."

Cuts to a shot of Alice kicking the snow in front of her fiercely

Alice: "If that's what you want…"

Jasper: "Take care, Alice."

VO Alice: (Jasper turns and walks away from her): "I love you."

But even with the Cullens gone…

Shows a shot of Alice standing in the dark, dusty living room of the Cullen house

danger still finds its way to her.

Shows a shot of Jessica and Angela screaming while Alice curses, slamming on the brakes of her car to avoid hitting a man who walked out onto the street in front of her

VO Laurent: "I must say it's… unfortunate your Jasper isn't around anymore."

Cuts to a shot of a shocked Alice standing in front of Laurent

Alice: "How do you know about that?"

Laurent: "Victoria is keeping an eye on you, dear Alice."

Cuts to a shot of Alice slowly backing away from Laurent

Laurent: "She's after you. But, if it makes you feel any better, she does have her plans for poor Jasper as well…"

Cuts to a shot of Alice sitting in a small, dark room, crying while tortured screams are heard. Fades into another shot of Jasper closing his eyes and sighing weakly

Cuts sharply to a black screen

VO Alice (panicking): "Jasper, stay with me. Please, stay with me…"

Now, Alice must pick up the pieces of her broken heart to not only put her own life back together…

Shows a shot of a sobbing Alice being held by her grandmother

Alice: "I want him, Grandma."

Cuts to a shot of Jacob sitting on a tree branch outside of Alice's bedroom window

Jacob: "You're in pain, Ali. I can see it clearly in your eyes. It's that bloodsucker's fault…"

Alice: "I'm fine, Jake."

Shows a slow-motion shot of Alice laughing as she walks with Jacob, Sam, and Emily in front of the stores in Port Angeles

VO Emily: "All scars heal in time, dear."

but also to save the life of the one person she loves most.

Cuts to a shot of Alice sitting on her windowsill with Jacob sitting on the tree branch near her

Jacob: "What… what was wrong that night that bloodsucker was here?"

Alice: "It's… it's about Jasper…"

Shows a quick shot of Jasper being thrown roughly into the same small, dark room as Alice

Jacob: "What about him?"

Shows a shot of Alice holding Jasper's head in her lap, crying as she runs her hand through his hair soothingly

VO Alice: "You… you wouldn't care…"

Cuts sharply to a black screen as the sound of a heavy door slamming shut is heard

Children chanting: "Ring around the rosy…"

Fades into a shot of Alice and Jacob smiling at each other as he shows her a motorcycle before handing her a white flower

Cuts to a shot of Alice driving by a playground, looking over at Jasper sitting on a swing as he watches her drive by

Cuts to a shot of Alice slowly walking across a parking lot toward Royce King

Children chanting: "Pockets full of posy…"

Shows a shot of Alice falling off a rock onto the sand at the La Push beach, Jacob dropping down beside her as he screams her name

Cuts to a shot of Jasper and Alice standing in her dark kitchen as he leans forward and kisses her passionately

Cuts to a shot of Alice sitting against a tree in a snow-covered wood, sobbing

VO Alice: "Are you hurting too? Are you bleeding too?"

Children chanting: "Ashes, ashes…"

Shows a shot of Alice leaning over a hurt Jasper, anxiously whispering words of comfort to him as she kisses his forehead

Cuts to a shot of Jasper being thrown at Victoria's feet as Alice tries to reach him but is held back by newborns, tears streaming from her eyes as she screams

Cuts to a shot of Alice standing at the edge of a high cliff with the rough ocean far below her, her foot inching over the side

Children chanting: "We all fall down."

Cuts sharply to a black screen, and a broken sob is heard

VO Alice: "Jasper!"

Ice Moon

Emily: "But your memories of him will always stay with you."

Alice: "They're the scars I have to bear."

Coming soon! See you guys there!