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Chapter 23

The Duel Train

Naruto leaned against the wall as he listened as the floor attendant moved door to door and passed out I-Pads. "These will have your schedules as well as a map of accessible locations on the train. Each car has a dining car as well as a spectators room where your guests and other players may watch the duels." She waited until each had an I-pad. "You will be notified when your duels are. Mr. Crawford will address everything about the train in his speech after tonight's banquet."

As the woman hurried on and Naruto looked at the piece of tech and sighed as he scanned the rules. He paused when he saw the mention of outsourced security. "Hey, Naruto!"

The blond turned to see Joey leaving his shared room with Haku. "Can you believe it? Their going to have a buffet dining car and the duels will be scheduled. No more random chance of someone sneaking up on you."

Naruto nodded. "So keep the I-Pad and your cards and duel disk with you at all times." Naruto said noticing that Joey's arm was bare.

"Man, I want to explore a bit."

Haku came out of the room, his duel disk in place and he spotted them. "Are we waiting for the ladies?"

"Nah." Joey said. "Come on, let's see this technological marvel that's been constructed. Coming?" the last was asked directed at Naruto.

"Pass. I want some time to relax as I figure I'll be really busy soon."

Joey shrugged. "Your loss." He said and with Haku wandered away.

"So, you want to relax?" a teasing voice asked.

Naruto turned to see Tea standing there and smiled. "By relax, I of course meant whatever my beautiful, intelligent, talented, charismatic and did I mention hot girlfriend wanted to do?"

Tea giggled and looped her arm with his. "Then how about a leisurely walk around before getting a bite to eat?"

Naruto smiled. "By your command my lady."

Rin watched them go and looked at Baba and Serenity. "We've been left behind it seems."

Baba smiled. "Well Pharaoh and I are going to take a nap before the evening ruckus starts."

Serenity smiled softly. "I'd like to look around and since my brother took my escort."

Rin chuckled. "Lets go. As long as we end up getting something to eat."

"How can you eat all the time and still keep your figure?" Serenity asked as they walked.

"Training. I burn a lot of calories, so it helps that I eat like a starving wolf." Rin supplied as they strolled. They saw several side duels were taking place as some of the guests were getting to test out the equipment. Rin knew that far too soon the real duels would be taking place.

In the shadows a figure stepped back, silently watching.


Naruto had enjoyed his walk with Tea. They'd watched a duel between two regular passengers and Naruto had to admit that Pegasus and the corporations went all out on the duel stations. He was shocked when a demonstration of one showed that the duels could be elevated to fight atop the train.

"This could get very deadly, very quickly." Naruto said to Tea.

They stopped by a map that showed the Duel Train had several stops.

"They managed to connect the continents with this train." She said tracing a finger over the map.

"I wonder what the broken line over the ocean means." She said.

A voice behind them answered. "That's where the train will travel underwater."

Naruto and Tea turned to see a young woman who was leaning against the opposite wall.

"I didn't see that in the data we were given about the train." Naruto said. The woman shrugged. "Nymphadora Truesdale." She said straightening and offering her hand.

"Naruto Uzumaki and this is my girlfriend Tea Gardner." He said shaking her hand. "Are you a duelist on the train or a guest?" Tea asked.

Nymphadora smiled. "Sadly I'm one of the officials hired to monitor the duels. I wish I could duel this sounds like it will be so much fun, but my husband is at home with our son and the paycheck was something I couldn't say no to." She shrugs. "The responsibility of being a parent."

They were enjoying talking to her as she gave a bit of descriptions of some of the stops.

"This one here will take us through a volcano, while this route will take us to the frozen north." Nymphadora said pointing at various spaces on the map.

"We seem to swing back and forth in a lot of areas." Tea said.

"And the train is scheduled for several stops but others we'll be passing through at a slower pace so passengers can take in the sights." The older woman said.

They were interrupted by a rude voice.

"Sights that you'll be missing Fox Duelist."

Naruto turned to see a group of three duelists standing at the far end of the corridor.

He looked at Tea who shrugged. He decided to ignore the rude trio who were obvious in their attempts to pick a fight. He turned to Nymphadora, "Well its nice meeting you." He took Tea's hand and turned to walk the opposite way, when the rude voice reached them. "I told you guys he was a coward." Tea clutched his hand. "Ignore the idiots." She said, angling her voice to carry down the corridor. "Now, lets continue the tour you can play with the idiots later."

Naruto's laughter drowned out whatever they were saying as his girlfriend led him into the next car.

"Tea-chan, you are the greatest, have I told you that?" Naruto said putting an arm around her waist.

"I think its been a while." She said teasingly.

Naruto stopped and pulled her in front of him, he put a finger under her chin. "Tea Gardner, you are the single most greatest thing ever and I without a doubt love you." He leaned in and kissed her softly and she closed her eyes enjoying the moments of peace they had in what she knew in the back of her mind was soon going to descend into chaos.


"This is a step up from Duelist Kingdom." Joey said as he sat across from Haku. "No food, sleeping in the woods."

Haku shook his head, "Back home all of this is extravagant." He thought of the times he had to sleep in caves.

Joey laughed. "And all duels are monitored. Registered duelists are protected and only have to fight sanctioned duels. And the security around here prevents someone stealing another player's cards."

"I heard that there will be badges awarded instead of star chips." Haku said softly.

"Yeah saw something like that when I glanced at the pad." Joey admitted.

"There are some duel, but everyone is waiting for the official duels." The blond said.

"Truth be told everyone is really looking forward to Naruto and Yugi." Haku said having overheard some of the talks around them.

"I'm all for that, but I wouldn't mind a shot a Yugi myself." Joey said pumping his fist in the air.

At the far end of the car a figure watched the pair and made a note on an I-pad.


Rin stretched and looked around.

"Is something the matter?" Serenity asked.

The former ninja scratched her cheek. "I'm not sure. I have this feeling…" she hesitated.

"Sensei always said you had good instincts."

Rin spun and her leg lashed out, and the figure of Kakashi Hatake took the spinning kick to the nuts that had him crashing into a wall.

"You!" Rin's voice was a growl that hinted at her heritage.

"Long…time…no…see." Kakashi managed to get out thru the pain as his balls tried to burrow deeper for safety.

"I'm gonna kill you." Rin growled and advanced on the downed ninja.


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