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Now…on King of Games…

Chapter 24

Duel Train Main Banquet Car

"Welcome Duelists!" Pegasus stood at the head table with a smile on his face at the hundreds gathered duelists and their guests. From the balcony the gathered media watched on, cameras transmitting around the world.

"We are gathered here for the first what I hope to be an annual event. Starting at dawn tomorrow the duelists gathered will battle over sixteen cars of the train." Here Pegasus paused and looked around. "For those doing the math there were five hundred and twelve duelists meaning thirty-two duelists per train car. The computer will randomly select the first round duels so the car you are sleeping on might not be the one you duel on. The winners advance to face their next opponent the losers are done for the rest of the ride." Here he chuckled. "The winner will take all the badges from those they defeat." He held up one as example that all the duelists received and were encouraged to wear. "The badges are also a security feature and tracking device." Pegasus said. "So do not forget them." He offered up a chuckle and a smile to the cameras.

"There is added security to prevent some of the things that happened in Battle City, Duelist Kingdom and the KC Grand Prix from happening again." He gestured and to the shock to all but a few men and women appeared. "These are ninja from Konohagakure that I hired as security. There will be no hanky panky on the Duel Train. No kidnappings, bullying and there will be absolutely no stealing." Pegasus's eye seemed to seek out certain duelists and while he mentioned no names, the camera crews seemed to find who was being hinted at and their images were televised around the watching world.

Naruto looked at Rin who was glaring at the Konoha ninja, one of them was slumped back behind the others, but Naruto recognized the man who had screwed him over twice. The first time was his second year at the Academy when he substituted for the instructors and then during the initial teaming after graduating.

He looked at Rin again and whispered low, "Rin-chan?"

"Later." She hissed as her mind went back to her earlier encounter with her former teammate.


"I'm gonna kill you!" Rin growled as she advanced on the downed ninja.

"Now…now, Rin…" Kakashi tried to reason with the woman who used to be his teammate.

"Don't now Rin me you vile, disgusting piece of fucking shit trash!" Rin snarled as Kakshi's back hit the wall.

"You betrayed all our sensei stood for and went so low as to betray his son!" Rin hissed.

"That thing isn't sensei's son!" Kakashi found his voice only to receive a kick to the jaw that lifted him off the ground and he found Rin's hand around his throat and her face inches from his.

"You…." She was stopped by the other ninja that appeared with kunai and swords drawn.

She backed away and glared. "Stay away from Naruto." She looked at all the Konoha ninja that appeared. "You all stay the fuck away from him, or I will end you all so help me Kami."

"Rin…" Kakashi tried but she spun again and her kick smacked into his chest and he felt and heard several ribs crack.

"And stay away from me as well you fucking trash."

End Flashback

Rin looked at the blue eyes and forced a smile. "You eager to duel?"

Naruto let her change the subject as Tea placed her hand on his under the table. "Should be interesting with all these duelists and different styles."


Morning came early and Naruto finished lacing up his boots. He looked up at the knock at the door and smiled as Tea entered.

"Good morning." She said giving him a kiss. "Ready?"

"Yes." He said to his girlfriend.

"Nervous?" she asked with a grin.

"Like I'll vomit." Naruto answered. "All of these duelists…I'm excited and none of the battles before will compare to this train."

Tea placed an arm around his waist. "Lets check it out until you are called upon."

"As you wish."

The pair walked the corridor ignoring the ninja who watched them, Naruto returning the indifference he got in his youth to the people that never knew him or even tried to.


They had managed to watch a duel between a girl who was ten years old and an old man that was dressed like a butler and wearing a monocle. They wandered a bit seeing some of the other duels.

"Naruto Uzumaki, please report to main duel platform. Naruto Uzumaki, please report to main duel platform." The announcement had the pair look at one another then Naruto realized he'd left his I-pad back in his room.

"Naruto." Tea sighed as they hurried down the corridor to the large room that was the main duel room of the train.

"There you are Mr. Uzumaki." The attendant said. "Didn't you check your schedule?"

Naruto chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "Kind of forgot my pad in my room."

"Do you have your deck and badge?" the attendant asked.

Naruto nodded and showed his badge and pulled his cards from the inside holster in his jacket.

"Very well. Just remember to retrieve your pad after this duel." The attendant said.

The announcer for the main room was dressed in a suit and tie. He was wearing sunglasses and had his hair slicked back.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, BOYS AND GIRLS, FANS OF ALL AGES. INDUSTRIAL ILLUSIONS DUEL TRAIN WELCOMES YOU TO THE FIRST DUEL IN CAR SIXTEEN'S MAIN DUEL ROOM." The man's voice echoed and those watching from the second floor cheered. Tea quickly kissed Naruto's cheek. "Good luck." She said and hurried over to the viewing balcony where she spotted Rin.


The bad haircut glasses wearing duelist stepped up sneering. There were some cheers for the former champion…you could count them on one hand and there was a scattering of polite applause.


There were a lot of cheers, none louder than from Rin and Tea. Weevil looked unhappy and he covered it up with a sneer and a taunt, "So you're the one that got Muto's sloppy seconds. Maybe after I crush you she might be worth a quick romp."

Naruto's eyes hardened and any goodwill he was going to wish his opponent vanished in a blaze. "I'm going to crush you for that insult to Tea-chan."

"Tch." Weevil responded as he stepped onto the platform and the duel console rose up before him as he inserted his cards and badge.

"Lets get this over with, I have better things to do than fight nobodies."

Naruto took his place and inserted his own deck and badge while overhead a display showed the watchers his and Weevil's life points.

"This won't be like our last meeting." Weevil's annoying voice reached Naruto.

"You're right, it won't be." Naruto agreed as the holographic wheel spun to determine who would go first. Their tag duel had been seen by a few, but Weevil's promoter had claimed it never happened.


The Insect Duelist sneered as he drew his cards. "I'll go first."

Naruto nodded. "Let's duel." He said as he drew his cards.



Rin bit her lip in concern.

"It will be okay." Tea said. "Naruto's beaten Weevil before and since the little bastard can't cheat. How he got an invite to this I don't know as he has been banned from nearly every tournament."

Rin's eyes scanned the room picking out the ninja, even those that were cloaked. Either their being lazy or the standards of being a ninja have dropped significantly since I've been gone. She thought. She looked back as Weevil finished his turn. She saw a facedown monster and two cards in the backfield indicating spells or traps.

Come on Naruto beat this little fucker. Rin thought none too kindly of the little piss-ant that had insulted Tea.



"And I'll end my turn." Weevil sneered.

Naruto drew his fresh card and looked at those in his hand. "Being cautious this time Weevil, guess you did learn from the defeat last time."

"IT NEVER HAPPENED!" Weevil screeched.

"Sure, whatever." Naruto said as he placed a monster card on the board. The hologram shimmered to life.

"I summon Three-Tailed Gravity Fox (4/900/2100) in defense mode" the gun metal gray three tailed fox appeared and gave an impressive growl as it appeared and crouched in a defensive stance. The harness it wore was covered in chains while its three tails were moving wildly.

"And I place three cards to end my turn."

Weevil's LP: 8000

Naruto's LP: 8000

Weevil's Monsters: 1 facedown

Naruto's Monsters: Three-Tailed Gravity Fox DEF/2100

Weevil's Spells/Traps: 2 cards facedown

Naruto's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown

Muttering could be heard around the second floor, as those watching were a bit disappointed in how cautious both duelers were being.

The ninja from Konoha tensed and Rin smirked as she wondered how they would deal with seeing Kyuubi and found she bet there would be a need to change pants.

Weevil drew his card and Naruto could see the frown and as Weevil began a coughing attack Naruto spotted him pulling a card from his sleeve and so did the officials who had been ordered to watch for things.

The duel was stopped as Weevil was strip-searched and several other cards were found he was left standing in his pants and a t-shirt, barefoot and his glasses.

An official approached Naruto who offered to be searched but the man shook his head no. "We were warned to watch him. The question is do you wish to take the win via disqualification or continue?"

"Continue please." Naruto said. "I want to win this on my own merits."

The official nodded as if he expected Naruto to say that.


Weevil put a monster card face down and he ended his turn sullenly as he had been caught.

Naruto shook his head at the insect duelist and drew his card.

"I play…Winged Vixen (4/1300/1400) in attack." The winged fox appeared but Naruto was far from finished.

"I use the spell card Kitsune Coin Toss (spell) if I call the flip correctly I will be able to summon two four star monsters to the field. If I guess wrong then you get to summon two of your own four star monsters." Naruto said activating the card and a holographic coin flipped in the air.

"I chose…Tails!" Naruto called out and the coin landed on the field and showed that it was indeed tails.

Naruto entered his deck and pulled out two monsters and to Weevil's annoyance placed them facedown on the field upside down in defense.

"And I end my turn. Your turn bug eyes."

Weevil drew a card and put a monster facedown and a card in the backfield.

Weevil's LP: 8000

Naruto's LP: 8000

Weevil's Monsters: 2 cards facedown

Naruto's Monsters: Three-Tailed Gravity Fox DEF/2100, 2 cards facedown

Weevil's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown

Naruto's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown

The crowd was getting bored and muttering. Naruto took a moment before drawing a card. He placed the monster facedown.

"It seems we're both being cautious." Naruto said. "Time to test you out. Three Tailed Gravity Fox attack his facedown monster!"

the fox monster roared and lunged at which time Weevil cackled. "Fool!"

Naruto's fox was destroyed as was Weevils monster.

"Man-Eater Bug when flipped destroys one monster." Weevil's voice screeched.

"Hm. I forgot about your annoying insects." Naruto said as his Gravity Fox was destroyed along with the Man-Eater while Weevil continued to cackle. "Very well Weevil its your turn."

The insect user sneered as he drew a card and announced, "I sacrifice my facedown monster and summon my Empress Mantis (6/2200/1400) in attack position." Weevil cackled and ended his turn.

Weevil's LP: 8000

Naruto's LP: 8000

Weevil's Monsters: Empress Mantis ATK/2200

Naruto's Monsters: 3 cards facedown

Weevil's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown

Naruto's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown


Rin watched not understanding. "Naruto's got three facedown monsters, I wonder what he's doing."

Tea sat watching, her gaze on Naruto but answered, "Knowing Naruto he's building up for an all out assault. That or he's laying a trap that will destroy Weevil or let him destroy himself.


Naruto drew his card and looked at it. "The time is now." He intoned. "I play the card I just drew, Forbidden Summoning (Ritual/Magic) and sacrifice my three facedown monsters." The three cards flashed and were put in the graveyard. The crowd seemed to fall silent in anticipation of what was to come. In the balcony Rin found her eyes searching out the Konoha nin that were acting as security.

"And I summon forth Kyuubi no Yokai (10/3500/2800) in attack position!" Naruto said as the arena seemed to darken and flames rose on the field and they Kyuubi rose up, its roar shook the arena.

Rin saw the Konoha ninja reach for weapons and saw one speaking in a headset. She barely managed to avoid laughing.

On the duel platform Weevil was physically shaking. "The Kyuubi Effect is now active which is his version of Swords of Revealing Light and for the next three turns your monsters won't be able to attack. Now, Kyuubi ROAR FOR ME!"

The giant fox let loose a massive roar that drowned out the whimper from Weevil.

"Destroy his Mantis!" Naruto ordered and the Kyuubi did just that ad Weevil's life points took a hit at the difference.

"I end my turn." Naruto announced.

Weevil's LP: 6700

Naruto's LP: 8000

Weevil's Monsters: 2 cards facedown

Naruto's Monsters: Kyuubi no Yokai ATK/3500 (Kyuubi Effect (0/3 Turns)

Weevil's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown

Naruto's Spells/Traps: 3 cards facedown


Secure Location

Pegasus Crawford watched the monitor as Naruto summoned Kyuubi. His eye went to another screen where Yugi crushed his opponent in three turns.

Where did the young man go that used to cheer for everyone and was a good sport? Pegasus thought as he studied the brackets.

"Antonio." He called.

"Yes Mr. Crawford" one of his employees asked.

"See that Joey Wheeler and Haku are dueling in different cars. The last thing we want to do is break up a team."

"Right away sir. Should I move their rooms as well?"

"No. they can stay where they are. But I want to see them continue on and not force Naruto boy to loose his comrades so early in the ride."

Antonio nodded as he spoke into a cell phone.

Pegasus's eyes turned back to watch the duels, frown on his face when spotted some of the ninja glaring at Naruto.


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